Betsy DeVos and an Educational World

Betsy DeVos is an authentic All-American charmer. Her husband has the exact same reputation. They deserve these reputations 100 percent, however. People know that they’re among the most sincere human beings around. They mean the things they say. They back the things they say on a daily basis as well. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has served as proof of the couple’s commitment to giving back to the United States and planet for many years. It’s been serving the nation since the late eighties.


Mrs. DeVos works right next to President Donald Trump. That’s part of the reason that so many people all around the nation and planet are well-versed in her actions. She’s a Secretary of Education who gives everything she has to the administration. She believes in the immense power of the United States and its citizens. She believes that the American people can change the face of the planet for good. She wants to be among the individuals who guides the way for positive advancements as well.


The young people of today matter. They’re going to matter more and more as time goes on, too. Since DeVos is a loving mother, she knows that with every single fiber of her being. She adores her adult children. That’s the reason she sees eye to eye with other parents who have intense emotions towards their kids. She’s had so many engaging conversations with American parents who want only the best for their children. She’s dealt with many parents who have lots of disappointments as well. There are parents who feel powerless regarding education and their children. Educational choice is something that DeVos endorses all of the time. She doesn’t agree with the concept of attending schools randomly. Many children reside in communities that determine their futures. That’s because these communities are associated with school districts and schools that have absolutely nothing to do with their aims and educational aspirations.


Charter schools mean a lot to Dick and Betsy. Dick cares so much about charter schools that he actually put in the effort to make one he could label his own. This educational institution is referred to as the West Michigan Aviation Academy. As its name suggests, it’s located in DeVos’ native state of Michigan in lovely Grand Rapids. It’s actually part of the city’s airport. Since it focuses on aviation matters, that location decision makes full sense. The high school students who go to this school want nothing more than to shine in the aviation field.


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Felipe Montoro Jens Suggestions For Improving Brazil’s Infrastructure

Infrastructure is far from a newfangled concept, yet countries still struggle with navigating these affairs. Brazil is one such nation. As reported by the National Confederation of Industry, Brazil deserted nearly 3,000 jobs in 2017 alone. Of those 3,000 projects, 19 percent were infrastructure works. By putting these projects on an indefinite hiatus, Brazil’s economy has grown stagnant. As such, they’re grappling with the hardships of economic turmoil. What’s more, Brazil’s lost $10 billion as a result of their negligence. Though these numbers would galvanize most countries into action, Brazil seems unfazed by the imminent demise of their economy – enter industry specialists. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens, a noted finance industry expert, hopes to be the wake-up call Brazil so desperately needs. Jens’ deep-seated concern for the future of Brazil is in large part why he’s devised solutions to their problems. Among some of his most viable options include reworking micro-planning methods, instituting a “balanced contract system,” training employees, and executing modality. Brazil needs to act fast if they wish to make it out of this fiasco unscathed. Unfortunately, they aren’t showing much initiative. According to the National Confederation of Industry, Brazil often displays these patterns of carelessness, in turn allowing history to repeat itself.

The most concerning aspect of Brazil’s withering economy is that the public sector is wholly responsible for its decline. José Augusto Fernandes, another seasoned industry analyst, claims that Brazil continues to sit idly by as the “losses and failures” of their current operations materialize. No doubt disheartening, Brazil seems to be blatantly dropping the ball. Fortunately, there are many individuals of considerable clout advocating for change. Above all else, Brazil needs to get a handle on their infrastructure before their troubles run amok and wreak havoc on the entire country.



Guilherme Paulus Brazilian Tourism Entrepreneur

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian Business Man. He is the president of a company called GJP Group. The Magazine IstoE Dinheiro has honored him as “Entrepreneur of the Year.” They did this because he is highly regarded in the field of tourism in Brazil. He has also started a company named CVC. It is a tourist agency. He is able to make himself productive in many ways. One way he does this is he always tries to be an optimistic person. Every day he goes over his weekly schedule. He is an advent user of modern communications and technology. He uses it to get access to the information he needs and to help to satisfy his customers needs in an efficient and speedy way. Visit the website to learn more about Guilherme Paulus.

Guilherme Paulus likes to personally travel to the hotels he runs. This gets him up close to the daily happenings at his business. He likes to have personal conversations with employees and customers. He doesn’t let the day to day business just take care of itself. Guilherme Paulus believes that to become a success one has to love what they are doing. One should pay close attention to the customers needs and stay close to the business and don’t just leave it to others to run. He likes to function in more than one business environment. At one time during the 1980’s and 1990’s he focused on increasing charter flights in Brazil. This helped Brazilians get around easier when it came to domestic air travel. He also at one time tried to open up a travel business in France but unfortunately it had only limited success. He believes that investing money is the best way to spend money.

When Guilherme Paulus first got involved in the tourism industry in Brazil it was very limited at the time. His visions helped to bring the present day tourism industry to Brazil. There was international tourism going on at the time but there wasn’t much of a domestic market. Because of his efforts people in Brazil today can explore their country in such a manner that wasn’t possible before Guilherme Paulus. Read Guilherme’s profile at Forbes.