Vinod Gupta- Life Of A Successful Entrepreneur


Vinod Gupta is a successful businessman in the United States. He was born in India before moving to the United States to pursue higher education. After completing his formal education, he started working here. Gupta was born in a humble background in India. He went through many challenges as he was growing up, but all these did not make him in any way to change his mind. Vinod Gupta kept his mind on success. He worked hard in his studies and joined Indian Institutes of Technology. Gupta was later admitted to the University of Nebraska. He graduated with masters in Agricultural Engineering.

Vinod Gupta created a database company in the 1970s. He had been employed by a company known as Commodore Corporation when he was given a task that brought a life-changing opportunity to him. Gupta was asked to create a list of companies that would be interested in the mobile homes they were manufacturing. He found out that there was no reliable business data available.

He decided to compile his list that marked the beginning of his successful journey. Vinod Gupta borrowed $100 for direct mail marketing. He started receiving requests from many companies that were also interested in the list. Just like that, he formed a database company that grew into one of the most successful ventures in the country. He sold the company in 2010 as InfoGroup, earning $680 million.

Vinod Gupta is also a philanthropist. With all the money he has created through the businesses, he has decided that he will do something amazing for others. He considers education as the tool that helped him to succeed. He is now ready to support the education of people who would otherwise struggle to get a good education. He has built a girls’ school in his village and two schools in his Alma mater. See This Page to learn more.


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Clay Hutson, the Musical Guru

Clay Hutson is a man whose life is the envy of many. Thanks to being the owner of a company that manages, produces and designs concerts, Clay has dined and rubbed shoulders with some of the world’s favorite musicians such as Pink, Kid Rock, Guns n Roses, and many others. In other words, Mr. Hutson is living a life that most people would trade the world to have. He earns some good cash but also has a lot of fun while working. But how did he get there? Well, like many success stories, Clay Hutson’s journey to the apex did not happen overnight; instead, it has taken him years of smart work, persistence, and consistency.

After completing his studies on theater design, Clay Hutson was not handed his business on a silver platter. Instead, he began carving his career as an employee in different live music companies. During this period, he served different roles such as sound engineer, project manager, and many others. This period in his life contributed significantly to his success later, as it helped him familiarize with different aspects of the music industry, hence polishing his skills for a greater course as a business owner. After a few years of being employed, Clay took a solo path and established a live entertainment company, after the firm he was working, went down due to the great financial recession that took place a few years ago. Since then, he hasn’t looked back, and today, his company has grown heaps and bounds.

Clay Hutson On Stage Management

In a recent interview, Clay Hutson revealed that the idea for establishing his own live entertainment company came from the experience he had gathered while working for different companies. And since his company is mostly involved in stage management, Clay Hutson likes arriving in the venue before anyone else. It is in respect to this that he wakes up as early as 6.30 A.M so he can be the first person to arrive at the venue.

Once there, he goes through the set schedule, lays out a storage plan, and sets a to-do list for his team. Doing so helps keep each member of his crew aware of what is expected. To maximize the productivity of his crew as well as his, Clay Hutson ensures that everything is set, a day before the show as it helps ensure that nothing goes south when the show starts. He believes in planning early, and that’s why despite setting the stage a day before, he still ensures that he briefs his crew on what is needed to break down the venue even before the show is over. That ensures that everything sails smoothly from the minute the event begins to the end.

Robert Deignan: The Up & Coming Tech Wizard

Robert Deignan is a name known to a few but is a legend in the making. Deignan holds the joint role of CEO and co-founder at ATS DS. The firm is an advanced support organization that aids customers everywhere throughout the world with their technological apprehensions. Regardless of whether its availability concerns or troubleshooting, ATS helps with a wide assortment of concerns distantly.

Robert Deignan was raised in FL, Florida and attained a football scholarship to study at Purdue University. Deignan aimed to be an entrepreneur so along these lines he bit off more than one can chew to get some true understanding to round out his five star trainings. He spent two brief stints at Miami Dolphins and the NY Jets for two years before launching his first entrepreneurial venture, Fanlink. Three years down the line, Deignan left Fanlink to join iS3, a software firm in a decision-making role. These avenues drove Deignan to his present role at ATS DS. With an abundance of experience from his role as VP, and also as of now having helped to establish one organization, Deignan put his aptitude into laying the foundation for ATS in August 2011.

Robert Deignan has always been an utmost believer of providing widespread and consumer-fixated acquiescence to the customers. He found from the get-go that on the off chance if he invested his energy taking a shot at how to make the client’s life less demanding, business would dependably stay great. Over time added to his repertoire, Robert Deignan has assembled a group of employees who match incredible specialized knowledge with matchless customer service. He remains a big follower of certifications and continues to pursue them as they aid in attaining client satisfaction.

Deignan is of the view that his biggest asset lies in the ability to analyze the figures. It is then one can put time, which is the most treasured resource into a venture. He has admitted in the past that it is by going offline and enjoying nature, the new ideas for business growth are born in the mind.

Who are Chainsmokers?

Alex Pall and Andre Taggart are renowned for being the members of Chainsmokers group. Although today they are famous and known in many parts of the world, the success did not come overnight. Before they met, each one of them had a dream to excel, and they were focused on achieving great things in life. But they never knew if they work together they would top the charts and attract a massive following from fans around the world one day. All they wanted is to work hard and achieve their dreams in life, but this led to several awards like the MTV music awards, Billboard Music awards, iHeart Radio awards and Grammy awards among others. Their great songs have also been dominating the charts others coming close to number one. Fans have been happy with their style of music and dancing which translates into enjoyment.

Their successful journey started in 2012 when Alex pall and Andrew Taggart met and discovered that they were each talented and they could work together. They started attending shows, and by 2014 they had made a breakthrough in the music industry. Later, they launched several albums, and they are always cooking something to keep the fans happy and waiting for more. Today they are proud of creating music that has changed the world in various aspects. They create music that fans can enjoy and relate because the music is based on their experiences in life. Also, they are always striving to add something to their new music because they do not want to keep their music the same as the old ones. That is how they have managed to maintain their fans and even attract more.

Before they came together to form the successful group, Alex Pall lived in New York, and he was undertaking a professional job and at the same time being a part-time DJ in the city because he was interested in music. When they formed the group, he quit the professional job because he wanted to concentrate fully into his music. When they started, the journey seemed difficult at first, but they were focused and knew they would finally achieve their goals.

Wes Edens Has Been Diversifying His Business Interests:

Wes Edens is one of the world’s most well known financial industry professionals and also the owner of several major professional sports franchises. He is also the creative mind behind the newest innovation in public transportation that is taking off in the United States. Before he got into the business of public transport and pro sports, Wes Edens first became famous in the financial industry due to his role founding Fortress Investment Group. He co-founded the alternative asset manager in 1998. The other co-founders of the outfit are Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman. Fortress went public in 2007 and then went on the recently become a part of SoftBank. These accomplishments are impressive enough, but Wes Edens has recently added some other impressive details to his legacy.

2014 saw Wes Edens realize his dream of becoming a major professional sports team owner. This was when he first became the co-owner of the Bucks basketball team based out of the Wisconsin city of Milwaukee. Becoming the owner of the Bucks was a huge accomplishment for Wes, but he has recently shown that he isn’t stopping there. Wes has also recently become a co-owner with Aston Villa, a famous soccer club based out of the U.K. The new ownership that includes Wes is determined to return this team to its past level of performance.

Wes Edens has also added another exciting venture to his already busy schedule. This is the newest public transportation craze in South Florida. The Brightline Train is Wes’s solution for commuters that go between Miami and Fort Lauderdale on a daily basis during the work week. This commute is notoriously problematic by car and the Brightline has made it much easier for many residents. All signs point to quick expansion of this company as other U.S. city combo’s with heavy commuter traffic is also interested in acquiring their own Brightline.

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Betsy DeVos and an Educational World

Betsy DeVos is an authentic All-American charmer. Her husband has the exact same reputation. They deserve these reputations 100 percent, however. People know that they’re among the most sincere human beings around. They mean the things they say. They back the things they say on a daily basis as well. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has served as proof of the couple’s commitment to giving back to the United States and planet for many years. It’s been serving the nation since the late eighties.


Mrs. DeVos works right next to President Donald Trump. That’s part of the reason that so many people all around the nation and planet are well-versed in her actions. She’s a Secretary of Education who gives everything she has to the administration. She believes in the immense power of the United States and its citizens. She believes that the American people can change the face of the planet for good. She wants to be among the individuals who guides the way for positive advancements as well.


The young people of today matter. They’re going to matter more and more as time goes on, too. Since DeVos is a loving mother, she knows that with every single fiber of her being. She adores her adult children. That’s the reason she sees eye to eye with other parents who have intense emotions towards their kids. She’s had so many engaging conversations with American parents who want only the best for their children. She’s dealt with many parents who have lots of disappointments as well. There are parents who feel powerless regarding education and their children. Educational choice is something that DeVos endorses all of the time. She doesn’t agree with the concept of attending schools randomly. Many children reside in communities that determine their futures. That’s because these communities are associated with school districts and schools that have absolutely nothing to do with their aims and educational aspirations.


Charter schools mean a lot to Dick and Betsy. Dick cares so much about charter schools that he actually put in the effort to make one he could label his own. This educational institution is referred to as the West Michigan Aviation Academy. As its name suggests, it’s located in DeVos’ native state of Michigan in lovely Grand Rapids. It’s actually part of the city’s airport. Since it focuses on aviation matters, that location decision makes full sense. The high school students who go to this school want nothing more than to shine in the aviation field.


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Richard Liu- Founder, The Visionary CEO, And Chairman Of


Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China. Since its establishment, the e-commerce retailer has seen an impressive growth. The growth has attracted notable partners into the creative and lucrative business idea.


For instance, in March 2014, Tencent, the WeChat owner acquired a 15 percent stake in for $215 million, and as part of the agreement, WeChat promoted on its social network. Two months into the deal, went public as one of the biggest NASDAQ floats of the year, with a net worth of almost $60 billion.


Richard Liu started in 2004, after a SARS outbreak, that rendered his physical shops almost useless. Before that, the sociology graduate from the Renmin University of China has spent some time growing his computer skills. After graduation, Richard Liu worked for Japan Life as a Director of Computers and Director of business. He attempted to venture into the restaurant business but failed, and in 1998, he opened a computer shop.


The business experienced a robust and swift growth. Liu operated a total of 12 stores before the SARS epidemic broke out and rendered his business redundant. The outbreak forced Richard Liu to rethink his business strategy, and between 2004 until 2005, Richard Liu transformed the business to an online platform. Initially, the business only sold computer parts, before moving to digital products, and eventually, almost everything.


According to Mr. Qiangdong, the success of his business can partly be attributed to his desire to provide quality services for his consumers. He chose not to sell counterfeit products, and instead, go a step ahead to produce genuine receipts for the clients. Operating online was also cheaper and efficient for customers compared to physical stores. See This Article to learn more about Richard Liu.


Today, is one of the largest employers. It provides employment for over 167,000 people, and is one of the biggest publicly traded internet-based companies. Currently, delivers its products globally. In China, 57percent of the deliveries are done in 6 hours, and 90 percent in 10hours. Notable investments by include the 2017 $397 million investment in Farfetch, a luxury online retail platform, which operates over 700 boutiques and brands across the world.


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Charlamagne Tha God Reminds People To Vote & Be Wary Of False Claims


Charlamagne Tha God is best known for being a TV personality for Viacom and cohosting the iHeartRadio program called The Breakfast Club. He shares his views and insights as a social media influencer, co hosting Brilliant Idiots, and running his production company CThaGod World LLC.

He spent the majority of his youth in rural South Carolina but it didn’t take long for his large personality to shine through as a provocative media personality. Charlamagne focuses on hard-to-discuss issues regarding race, politics, hip hop culture, and society in America. He’s also the author of two books “Black Privilege, Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It” and “Shook One” which both made the list of New York Times bestsellers.

With the recent outrage against Kavanaugh and the sexual assault accusations Charlamagne Tha God has shared his related experiences by encouraging Americans to vote and share their views that way. America’s youth is slowly coming to the realization of how important it is to register to vote and use your right to create change. He has reminded his followers and all Americans to register and prepare for voting day, November 6th. Unfortunately for a chunk of states the last day to register was October 9th, but many states still are open to receive registrations. Go Here for additional information.

Donald Trump shared some insight regarding the fear many men in America are feeling after the outpouring of the #METOO movement and the lash-out against the now Senator Kavanaugh. A false sexual misconduct claim can cause taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, undue stress, and in some cases severe damage to the individuals mental health after undergoing the entire process from A to B. In many cases even if the male is freed of any claims that persons reputation can be contaminated from the experience. Charlamagne Tha God has had his own share of false sexual misconduct claims and is being included in a huge historical shift within the American people and how the Judiciary system enforces laws.


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Anthony Constantinou A Veteran In Artificila Intelligence


In 1981, a veteran in Artificial Intelligent and the founder of CWM Group, Anthony Constantinou was born. From the year 2000 to 2003, Anthony managed to pursue his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He is the youngest in their family, and he is most recognized with his company CWM FX which operates from Heron Towers, and deals with Foreign Exchange issues. In addition to dealing with Artificial Intelligent, Anthony also deals with Industrial and academic practices in the world forum. He mostly researches about finance, economics, medicine and gaming.

The great man detests dawdling with enthusiasm. At the point when a thought comes into his mind, he executes it right away to ensure it bears fruits to its full achievement. The advancement and inventiveness of Anthony Constantinou are very astounding since the issues dealing with AI require a lot of arithmetic, and material science application. AI courses empower learners to become more equipped in the realm of information innovation to change the world positively. Anthony has a helpful and kind character since he also offers scholarships to the people who are interested in furthering their learning in AI, and whom he supports to the level of Doctorate.

Anthony Constantinou loves and adores greatness in research because it always leads to a substantial conclusion. He despises doing any exploration with compromise, as he understands that can only lead to poor results hence becoming unessential to the contemporary world. Besides, Anthony Constantinou is a lover of practical experiments which can be utilized in the actual world to tackle issues or advance the sector of Artificial Intelligence. Go To This Page for more information.

Apart from being an efficient leader who inspires and mentors potential individuals, he is also devoted to training AI enthusiasts to become gurus in the same field. Of late, Anthony Constantinou is celebrated to have left a remarkable improvement in the sector, not to forget that he is a great motivation to the younger generation.



Felipe Montoro Jens Suggestions For Improving Brazil’s Infrastructure

Infrastructure is far from a newfangled concept, yet countries still struggle with navigating these affairs. Brazil is one such nation. As reported by the National Confederation of Industry, Brazil deserted nearly 3,000 jobs in 2017 alone. Of those 3,000 projects, 19 percent were infrastructure works. By putting these projects on an indefinite hiatus, Brazil’s economy has grown stagnant. As such, they’re grappling with the hardships of economic turmoil. What’s more, Brazil’s lost $10 billion as a result of their negligence. Though these numbers would galvanize most countries into action, Brazil seems unfazed by the imminent demise of their economy – enter industry specialists. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens, a noted finance industry expert, hopes to be the wake-up call Brazil so desperately needs. Jens’ deep-seated concern for the future of Brazil is in large part why he’s devised solutions to their problems. Among some of his most viable options include reworking micro-planning methods, instituting a “balanced contract system,” training employees, and executing modality. Brazil needs to act fast if they wish to make it out of this fiasco unscathed. Unfortunately, they aren’t showing much initiative. According to the National Confederation of Industry, Brazil often displays these patterns of carelessness, in turn allowing history to repeat itself.

The most concerning aspect of Brazil’s withering economy is that the public sector is wholly responsible for its decline. José Augusto Fernandes, another seasoned industry analyst, claims that Brazil continues to sit idly by as the “losses and failures” of their current operations materialize. No doubt disheartening, Brazil seems to be blatantly dropping the ball. Fortunately, there are many individuals of considerable clout advocating for change. Above all else, Brazil needs to get a handle on their infrastructure before their troubles run amok and wreak havoc on the entire country.