How End Citizens United Is Eradicating Corruption In The American Political Landscape

The 2018 mid-term elections might be held in November 6. These elections will be conducted in President Donald Trump’s ruling term. The 435 political seats will be contested by senates. With about three months to these elections, an organization called End Citizens is still endorsing some of the candidates who have solely demonstrated their commitment to chair campaign finance reforms.

Established in 2015, End Citizens United has been responding to the 2010 catastrophic decision by the Supreme Court. Today, the organization has launched various campaigns to support significant finance reform efforts via a broad spectrum of activities. Simply put, End Citizens throws its supportive weight behind these political leaders who have decided to take a stand against dirty political money with unclear sources.

Background Data
End Citizens United was developed to end the selfish circulation of money in the political landscape. Today, the organization is working with different supporters to put an end to this vice. Of late, it has been electing different political candidates for the 2018 mid-term elections. Instead of supporting wealthy individuals and their need for money from corporations, the group has decided to launch its agenda by making it clear that it only supports those who intend to build their constituencies by supporting citizens.

There has been an avalanche of dirty money that flows in the political landscape with candidates taking advantage of people who are not interested in receiving money from big money corporations. End Citizens United is seeking to level this playing field by raising funds via grassroots donors while using them to reform their candidates.

In the few years the organization has been working, it has come out as a strong player in politics. Most of the candidates who have been endorsed are allowed to access help from the grassroots and districts. Through these donations, politicians have been able to propel their projects towards success. Aside from that, End Citizens United boasts of having experienced leaders who are keen on helping citizens to make the best out of every situation. It is the hope of many of its endorsed candidates to make a difference in the country.

Charlamagne Tha God: Host and Author

Lenard Larry McKelvey, also known as Charlamagne Tha God, was born on June 29, 1978, in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. As a teenager, he got caught doing the wrong things which ended up with him spending some time in county jail.

After being released, he decided to get his act together and go to night school. This, in turn, landed him a radio intern. Soon after his intern, he became the second mic to the radio host, Wendy Williams. This is what started his career in the spotlight. Today he is known as an American radio presenter and a television personality.

In the year 2010, Charlamagne Tha God began to host The Breakfast Club. He did this with DJ Envy and Angela Yee in New York City. He is also the star in other shows such as Guy Code, Guy Court, and Girl Code. In the year 2015, he began hosting a show on MTV2 called Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne.

His Second Book

On August 16, 2018, Charlamagne did an interview with Bill Rhoden on HBCU 468 podcast. This interview was done to discuss his second book titled, Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me. The book goes into detail about the vulnerable side of Charlamagne. He does go into detail about his struggles with PTSD and anxiety as well as why he choose to go to therapy when he did.

He gives credit to Mobb Deep’s song “Shook Ones” and Geto Boys’ song “Mind Play Tricks on Me” for the title of his book. The lyrics of these two songs are what the book is all about.

He also mentions the MeToo movement which is a movement that enlightens the relationships men have with women. He knew that one day the day would come that men would have to straighten up their act and he is one man that is learning from his past mistakes.

Overall, not everyone may agree with the way Charlamagne Tha God presents things on his radio or television shows or even in his books but know that he has come a very long way from the way he was as a teenager. He has shown the world that anyone can rise above the challenges.

Shafik Sachedina: Meeting The Needs Of The Patients

When Sussex Healthcare came into existence, the number one goal was to meet all challenges head-on. Shafik Sachedina is known for rising to the occasion to help create an innovative solution to challenges that come about. Fixing them for Sussex Healthcare is no exception.

Shafik Sachedina is one of the chairmen for Sussex Healthcare. He is also a dentist. So when it comes to the pitfalls of patient care he knows what to do to keep these issues from rising again. To deal with patients that have Alzheimer’s and dementia, compassion must be shown. They can receive best treatment if they are treated with respect and sensitivity. Sussex understands its clients thanks to the staff that is very trained. Exceptional care is given for every patient who gets to have one on one care. No one is excluded. With 20 homes in its network, Sussex Healthcare is maintaining all the care needed to treat for patients with disabilities neurological problems. With their results, you do see some improvement in their overall health as a result.

Shafik Sachedina is responsible for how patients receive that treatment. With him understanding patient’s needs, any challenge that comes up is taken care of. This definitely where Sussex excels. They provide support for life’s essentials and believe in treating entire person. Many treatments given aids in overcoming some diseases. Patients began to show much improvement as they are going through the therapies, exercising in the new gym, and participating in socialization activity. Shafik Sachedina makes sure that most of the 20 facilities have 24-hour nursing care any resident that may need it.

Because of the quality of care that patients receive, Sussex Healthcare stands out above other nursing care facilities. They are number one because of the caring and dedicated staff that works around the clock to provide for the needs of these patients. This business does such a wonderful job. When it comes to patient care no one can beat them. Sussex Healthcare has their professionalism intact. Why not put your loved one in a caring place?

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Upwork  Stay Organized With The To-Do List As A Freelancer

For many people who are surviving as a freelancer these days, Upwork is a website that has become a go-to place to find work. Upwork was found after two significant freelancers platform named Odesk and Elance merged and has now become a global platform for freelancers and clients to come together. There are tons of jobs that are posted daily on Upwork that are taken up by Freelancers. The site is user-friendly and helps the freelancers find work. There are freelancers with different skill sets available for clients who are looking to get a specific job done by a professional without having to spend a fortune to hire a company or a full-time professional. Often, even companies have to hire freelancers to get any job done that requires a professional with specific skill-set. It is Upwork where the companies can hire freelancers with different skill sets without having to spend a lot of money. It helps in getting the work done quickly and saves a lot of money as well.

Upwork has nearly twenty-five million users with over five million clients and twelve million freelancers, and the numbers are increasing every passing day. In the blog of the Upwork, an article was recently posted about the importance of keeping a to-do list and how to maintain it properly. One of the tips was to ensure that you write all the tasks in one place and keep it organized while assigning a deadline, timeline, and priorities to it. It helps the freelancers to stay in the know of the amount of work that is left to be done. One other tip the article mentioned was to ensure that you keep revisiting the to-do list from time to time to ensure that you do not miss any deadline or an important task.

One of the essential tips to stay ahead of time as a freelancer is to ensure that your to-do list, no matter how large, is broken down into smaller tasks. It helps the freelancers to feel a sense of completion with every work that is completed and doesn’t feel bothering or burdening. There are tons of to-do list apps as well that you can use to stay organized.

Western Union Expands with PSI Pay and Offers More Options to Move Currency

Western Union has become the standard over the years for helping people get money to family and friends quickly. It has always been known as the company that people go to when someone is in urgent need of money right away. The recent connection to PSI pay is going to make Western Union even better when it comes to quick money transfers from one party to another. This is a further expansion of the e-wallet concept, and now that Western Union is connecting with PSI pay, a United Kingdom base currency company, it appears that even more possibilities for a faster transaction will exist.


With PSI pay there is a change in the way that business is done. This is an exchange company where money is handled from one party to another on a global level. This is what makes this e-money concept so important. There are different currency exchange rates that have to be taken into consideration, but with PSI pay all of this is automatically done behind the scenes. People are gaining confidence in a company such as this because it speaks to this new generation that typically does not even use money in a physical form.


So many people have credit cards, and now Bitcoins are becoming prevalent. PayPal and a plethora of other services have also presented ways for money to be transferred from one party to another. All of this makes it easy for anyone that may have been trying to create an atmosphere where getting money from one person to another was not so complicated. This is what Western Union has always been about, and now this Global Connection is expanding possibilities for Western Union to gain even more customers.


In this age of change, it is all about staying current when it comes to processing payments. It can be rather difficult for any organization to stay relevant if the company is not changing with the times. Executives that are in place for Western Union realized just how important a change in the way that business was done could be for improving the business model.

Surf Air Celebrates Its Members Along With 5th Year Anniversary

Surf Air is a travel club that offers innovative all you can fly benefits to its members. The company recently celebrated its fifth year in business and chose to honor the occasion by unveiling a trio of enhanced benefits it will now provide to members through partnerships with other companies.

The first added benefit to Surf Air members began in July and is a result of a partnership with the luxury travel company All Roads North. The agreement will provide Surf Air members with exclusive offers from the company that has made its mark by tailoring unique travel experiences designed by industry specialists that are armed with inside knowledge of the top hotels, ranches, and lodges in America.

The second partnership that Surf Air will engage for the benefit of its members is with The Private Suite LAX. This membership perk will provide members with access to a newly built private terminal when flying in or out of Los Angeles International Airport. Members will be able to avoid many of the frustrations and inconveniences of travel by air due to the private TSA screenings and Customs inspections that will allow them to avoid waits and delays.

The third offer that is sure to add to the summer excitement for Surf Air members comes from Founders Card. This agreement will allow Surf Air members to enjoy perks like VIP travel benefits and preferred rates while enjoying elite hotels and resorts.

About Surf Air

The private travel club, Surf Air, is the first in the industry to offer monthly membership plans that include unlimited monthly flights. The company provides members with flights on executive quality jets that fly from a variety of private airports throughout the United States, as well as, parts of Europe. Surf Air also offers a global charter service that it refers to as the Surf Anywhere program.

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Bruno Fagali- Prominent Brazilian Lawyer

Bruno Fagali is a renowned name in the law department. He is a highly recognized and honored Brazilian lawyer and is based in Sao Paulo. He is a specialist in the fields of urban, electoral, administrative, ethics, regulatory, and compliance law. He has an incredible experience that has earned him a big name in the Brazilian Legal System. Since 2006, he has served in various law ranks. He is the behind the establishment of Fagali Law Firm where he works independently. He was recently nominated as the Corporate Integrity Manager of Nova/SB. Read more articles about Bruno Fagali at

Bruno Fagali has an incredible experience in the field of law which is very critical towards his career. Mr. Fagali joined the Pontifical Catholic University that is based in Sao Paulo after he was over with his undergraduate degree in law. He specialized in Administrative law during his undergraduate studies. He then proceeded with further education at the University of Sao Paulo and attained a master’s degree in State Law.

Bruno started his practices as a lawyer as an intern in 2006 after which he moved on to Manesco, and Ramires and finally to Perez, Azevedo law firm. He has also served as a lawyer Radio call and as an advocate Associate advocacy for a period of two tears. He moved to the University of Sao Paulo after he qualified for a scholarship.

Bruno Fagali is conversant with various languages such as English, Spanish, Italian and French. He also has a personal website where he shares about different law branches as well as legal systems. He has a great passion towards law and spends his leisure time writing various publications and research papers. He has usually been active in The Leniency and Cooperation Agreement seminar, The Brazilian Congress of Government Procurement as well as The Third Sector in Health Area. He also operates as a member of the banking judgment committee.

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