Leading Television Show- NewsWatch

Ockel Sirius B pocket PC is the latest product by Avanca. In the recent past Avanca organized a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for their new product. The organization had a goal to raise $10000 for 30 days. For their campaign to reach the target, Avanca had to hire the services of NewsWatch or else no money will be received by the firm. Avanca gave NewsWatch a responsibility to air their advertisement on their Television channel as well as the online channel on a segment which will only go for one minute.

The Avanca Indiegogo campaign was a success and even exceeded their goal. With the help of NewsWatch, they were able to raise $456551 which is equal to 293970% within the 30 days. The amount was 29 more times than the amount they had planned to raise. NewsWatch helped to promote the campaign through their channels which are estimated to be watched by more than 96 million households, and in over 20 markets in the United States of America. Nathalie Van Wijkvlit is the Marketing Director at Avanca, and he said that the campaign was a success because they worked together with NewsWatch and the experience was right, and he would recommend other organizations to also work with NewsWatch.

NewsWatch was established in 1990, and it can be described as an award-winning television show. The media company was founded with a central purpose of delivering and airing news among them celebrity news, breaking news on medical and government issues, news on technology, consumer, entertainment, editorial and sponsored consumer electronics reviews, mobile app reviews, and public service announcement. Being an award-winning media station, NewsWatch has received several recognitions among them the Silver Telly Award which they won in 2016, Marcom Award for their 30 minutes countrywide Television show which they received a God and Platinum award in 2017, and a Videographer Award for their 30 minutes entertainment television show.

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