Diversity Being Noticed in Fashion Journalism at Academy of Art University

One thing that a fashion journalist has stated is that she is happy that there is more diversity in fashion. One thing that she believes is that this will have a huge influence on the standards and the culture. This is an interesting thing to say about fashion because different cultures have a different type of fashion in some cases. Both men and women have different forms types of fashion in different cultures. Academy of Art University has tons of classes on fashion. It is very likely that they would have classes on fashion and different cultures. This could influence fashion in the best way.

One of the best things about diversity in fashion is that this gives people to look at the different types of clothing that are typically worn throughout different cultures. This can also expand the horizons when it comes to men’s fashion. In some cultures, there are tons of limits placed in men’s fashion. Western men’s fashion has a ton of limits. However, going into the east brings forth a lot of variety in men’s fashion. One good thing is that men’s fashion in the west might be able to take some notes from the eastern cultures.

One of the reasons that Academy of Art University offers fashion journalism is so that it can not only report on fashion but also actually influence it for the better. With there being more diversity and people being encouraged to try new things, fashion might actually be a lot stronger than it is. However, it is up to the next generation of designers from Academy of Art University and other schools. One thing that is certain is that Academy of Art University is leading the way in the fashion industry as well as other industries in the world of art.


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