Southridge Capital Financial Solution Powerhouse

Southridge Capital is a financial solution company with expertise in the ability to customize and implement client’s financial plans based on their individual needs. Since it was founded in 1996, Southridge has directly invested over an astounding $1.8 billion into growth companies around the world and has financed over 250 public companies.


A large array of financial services that can meet any potential need a client has are offered by Southridge Capital. Some of those offerings include: detailed financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, mergers and acquisitions, credit enhancing, financing solutions, and many others.


In addition to financial solutions, Southridge Capital is a huge advocate for volunteer work and giving back to not just the community but all of society. The company tends to support organizations that offer support and strength to all people but especially those who are marginalized, as well as to a number of non-profit and faith-based organizations. Some of the organizations they have supported include the Ridgefield Community Center, Walnut Community Hill Church, LounBury House, Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Association, and, along with a number of others, the Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund.


Part of what makes Southridge Capital so successful is because of its powerhouse leadership team. Stephen M. Hicks is the founder and CEO of the company. He has many responsibilities, but primarily he is in charge of setting the strategic direction, business development and execution within the company. Narine Persaud is the Chief Financial Officer and has the responsibilities of fund accounting and cash management. The Director of Research, Laurence Ditkoff, is also the CFA and a CPA, he has the important responsibilities that include, but are not limited to evaluating and selecting investments, transaction structuring, and due diligence. The management of client’s portfolios is under the care of Linda Carlsen. Together leadership team, along with the rest of the Southridge team, work together to ensure their clients are receiving the best financial and investment advice. Check out their Twitter account.



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