Richard Dwayne Blair and the Pillars of Finance

Richard Dwayne Blair is a man of few hats. He is not a ‘jack of all trades,’ but is instead, truly the master of one field — finance. Richard relates that he was always drawn to finance and that as soon as he finished college, he started his investment firm.

A firm believer in life-long learning, Richard Dwayne Blair is certified in many areas of finance. Those below represent less than half of his certifications.

  • Certified Estate and Trust Specialist® (CES®)
  • Certified Tax Specialist® (CTS®)
  • Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®)

To learn more about Richard’s qualifications, hop on over to his website, WEALTH SOLUTIONS.

I recently had the chance to read a fascinating blog by Richard Dwayne Blair concerning what he calls, “The Three Pillars of Finance.” The goal of his three pillars approach is a holistic plan for ongoing financial needs, and ultimately for retirement.

The first pillar is learning who his client is. Is the client timid or bold, i.e., just how risk-averse is he or she. What kind of growth does the client seek? And most of all, the first pillar is about Richard getting to know the client, and vice-a-versa.

The second pillar is about designing a long-term financial strategy, while remaining flexible. Richard will actively manage and reallocate a client’s assets to maximize performance when the market is on the upswing and to minimize the damage of a market that’s trending downward.

The third and final pillar involves making sure that the client understands everything that has been done to this point — the big picture and the details. If the client fully grasps the strategy, Richard will proceed with the implementation of client’s financial plan. Once implemented, Richard will monitor the strategy with the tools at his disposal, analyzing the resulting data with an insight born of a lifelong love of the concepts of sound finance.

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