William H. Saito: A Role Model to young Entrepreneurial Start-ups

Mr. William Saito is a celebrated advisor for advanced industrial science and technology in Tokyo Japan. He was born on March 23, 1971, in Los Angeles, California, United States. He is a Japanese American whose parents moved to the US two years before he was born. Saito attended Damien High School before joining the University of California, Riverside in 1988.


At a tender age of 14, he launched his first computer software business that landed him contracts with some powerful companies like Sony, Toshiba, and NEC among others. A fingerprint recognition system used by Sony is one of his early software developments. In the year 2000, Microsoft began a partnership with his I/O software and he later sold the business to them in 2004.


Being entrepreneurial savvy, he relocated back to his parents’ motherland in a quest to embark on bringing the Japanese entrepreneurial spirit to life. His enthusiasm led to the creation of a technology consultancy firm a year after he had moved back to Japan. Saito moved on in investing in several start-ups in his country as a give back to those who had helped him.


In March 2011, Mr. Saito was appointed to give IT and technical support to the National Diet Committee that was investigating the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Two years later he was appointed as a special advisor to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on matters pertaining cybersecurity. His advisory responsibilities did not end there, in the period between 2013 and 2017, he was a cyber-security advisor to the Cabinet Office and to the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.


As a venture capitalist and a businessman, Saito has pointed out some of the things that he thinks affects Japanese start-ups. One major setback is the financial turmoil that Mr. Saito feels has had a huge impact on start-ups. He says that the negative mindset and people being risk averse has led to stagnation. The attitude of people being afraid of failure prevents sprouting of new entrepreneurial ventures. He also feels that companies have become too conservative and inward-looking. Communication barrier or limited communication is on the rise. Risks are no longer being considered a catalyst to stir up real competition in industries. Mr. Saito observes that for many years there has not been any change in leadership in Japan, which is very worrying.


The banking industries have also played a significant role in pulling down start-ups. Mr. Saito says that the bankers are doing very little and at the same time act very cowardly by being conservative. If only they could figure out on how to collateralize any form of bad debts and encourage people to get into entrepreneurial activities, then there could be a friendly environment for start-ups.


Paul Mampilly: Banyan Hill’s Latest Knockout Investor

Investing isn’t easy. There are millions of complex, intricate, and unusual companies and stock options to pick from. From mutual funds to individual stock picks, trying to enter the investment world can feel more like a full-time job than a part-time hobby. Then again, there are some people who are just born naturals. People like Paul Mampilly. Paul Mampilly works for Banyan Hill Publishing. Follow Paul on Facebook.

Banyan Hill Publishing is one of the largest and most profitable underground investment publications in the world. Under their parent company, they reach a huge audience, like Wall Street Journal huge. Banyan Hill has some of the top investment workers in the world working under their wing. Even so, Paul Mampilly is a standout among the crowd of experts.

Paul started his earlier years working on Wall Street — which he worked at in one capacity or another for 20 years — as an administrator. Paul Mampilly had natural born skill and he moved quickly up the ladder. Very quickly. Paul went on to work for large multi-national banking corporations, private Swiss banks, even the Royal Bank of Scotland. He didn’t just work in banking, Paul also worked at an asset management company called Kinetics Asset Management. His work at Kinetics saw him raise their portfolio to a massive $25 billion.

Paul decided to give up the complexities and fast-paced lifestyle of Wall Street. He left to retire with his fortune. Eventually, boredom got to him and took up a little writing. Banyan Hill saw the opportunity to snatch Paul up to give the world investment advice. Since then, Paul Mampilly has been supplying over 90,000 people with his Profits Unlimited newsletter. Profits Unlimited is a subscription-based newsletter where Paul supplies people with his top stock picks. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

Paul Mampilly has shown through as a major export. His portfolio speaks for itself. Paul Mampilly has made some incredible moves over the years. One of these moves was having the strategic insight to invest in Netflix while it was still in its infancy stages. This turned out, of course, to be a brilliant move. Paul saw over 600% gains over the years. Netflix is just one of the many companies that Paul invested in over the years that was still in its infancy stages. Another one was Serepeta Pharmaceuticals a company that saw him increase his initial investment over 2,000%. As anyone can clearly see, Paul Mampilly is a brilliant investor. Banyan Hill Publishing made a real coup in getting Paul. Watch: https://interview.net/paul-mampilly/


Softbank’s Purchase Of Fortress Will Not Affect Randall Nardone’s Status At The Firm

When Fortress Investment Group first considered a major deal that would have a massive impact on their firm, executives like Randall Nardone believed that it would take some time to come together.What Randall Nardone could never have expected was the speed at which SoftBank would move. Masayoshi Son is the owner of this firm and he has rapidly ascended the billionaire ranks by moving quickly and striking while the iron is hot.Son had big plans for the firm and they would need to act quickly. In his mind, Fortress Investment Group has the potential to become a global leader in a number of respects. If Son’s plans come to fruition, Fortress will have the ability to maximize profits in a wide range of sectors. Son is looking to extend Fortress’ reach into the worlds of communications, technology and finance. His level of confidence is what allowed him to justify the $3.3 billion price tag for this purchase.

The bet that is being made here is an interesting one. Son is of the belief that Fortress’ current assets can be used to further his own goals. Fortress has amassed a collection of various subsidiaries that are thought to be useful and these private equity businesses will be used to build SoftBank’s United States support services. Fortress already stands to benefit from this purchase in a variety of ways. They are now able to avoid the sort of scrutiny that takes place in the public marketplace. While the company typically provides assistance when it comes to credit funds, they also serve as a manager for a wide range of private equity pools. This is where Randall Nardone’s expertise comes in handy.Those who are wondering whether SoftBank’s purchase will affect his status at the firm should fear not.

Randall Nardone has already come forward and stated that this purchase is not going to affect the role that he plays. He plans to remain at the firm and the other co-chairmen at Fortress Investment Group have echoed his sentiment. SoftBank has wasted no time establishing a closer relationship with Donald Trump and after a recent meeting at Trump Tower, Son stated that the partnership with Fortress Investment Group would lead to further investments in the nation’s infrastructure. In order to make this vision a reality, Son is going to put up $50 billion and these funds are expected to lead to the creation of tens of thousands of American jobs.

Source of the article : http://www.4-traders.com/business-leaders/Randal-Alan-Nardone-0031P8-E/biography/

Sussex Healthcare Hits 25 Years In Service Delivery

Sussex Healthcare is celebrating 25 years of success in excellent care. The institution offers specialized care to the elderly and other people in need. Sussex Healthcare has various facilities on the England Southern Coast. The institution thrives under the skillful leadership of its two bosses, Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. Boghani has a strong experience in the hotel management industry whereas Sachedina has a rich background as a dental surgeon. As such, their divergent skills serve as a base for a reputable adult care facilitation unit.

Notably, the very first Sussex Healthcare facility started in 1985, with over 20 others later opening up. Currently, the organization also takes pride in a fully furnished fitness center, a day-care facility, and full-care residential places. Besides the in-house care for elders suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia, the facilities also provide care to other people with neurological problems and cognitive disorders. Sussex Healthcare owes its service delivery success to a team of skilled and committed employees who aim at giving the best care to people who depend on the facilities for recovery. The employees are equipped with constant education and training as well as a fulfilling compensation as a way of ensuring they give their best in care.

Sussex Healthcare services seek to give all the individuals in the facility a comfortable stay with leisure and recreational facilities as well as social activities. The residents are continuously encouraged to actively interact with the environment based on their past life interests. Moreover, the institution also ensures that all residents receive nutritious meals as well as meet the needs of individuals with specific dietary conditions.

Nevertheless, all the Sussex Healthcare facilities are committed to ensuring that every person under their care has access to excellent physical, social, spiritual and emotional attention. The institution offers the right atmosphere and support as well as facilities suitable for ensuring that the individuals live a complete life. Besides giving care to the elderly, the facilities also give specialized care to adults with problems in learning and development. Also, they provide short-term respite care that allows home-based caregivers to take breaks from caregiving for a certain period of time. Additionally, the facilities also offer palliative care to chronic and terminal patients. Sussex Healthcare also gives personalized care to individuals with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities.

As part of its growth and development journey, Sussex Healthcare benefits from the services of Amanda Morgan-Taylor as its Chief Executive Officer. Her exceptional experience in the healthcare sector gives her the ability to effectively run and manage the facilities. Amanda also has a deep understanding of the strong bonds between caregivers and the individuals who depend on them; thus able to formulate and implement strategies that are in line with Sussex Healthcare.

Louis Chenevert Financial Advice

Many people struggle with their finances. Few people have a firm plan for the future. With rising levels of consumer debt, most people have to take drastic action to prepare for the future.

Louis Chenevert is someone who has always lived frugally. Despite rising to become the CEO of a major corporation, Louis Chenevert still manages his money wisely. He is an excellent example of how to have financial success. He started from the bottom of a small company, and he quickly advanced to the top.

College and Career

Louis Chenevert attended the University of Montreal. During his time at the school, he made a lot of friends and enjoyed various experiences. He is the type of person who is always looking for ways to make a positive impact on the world. Louis Chenevert graduated with a business degree and started working in the corporate world.

He moved into a small apartment and saved a large percentage of his income. While advancing at General Motors, he continuously earned a higher income each year. However, he still lived a frugal lifestyle and was able to build massive wealth.

A strong financial position allowed him to take various risks throughout his career. Louis Chenevert decided to leave General Motors for Pratt and Whitney in 1993. He had a great time at the company, and it set him up for a great job offer from United Technologies Corporation.

Becoming CEO

Louis Chenevert became a high-level executive at United Technologies Corporation in 2006. After taking the job offer, he became CEO in 2008. Becoming CEO was a significant dream for Louis Chenevert. He made numerous changes at the company, and he also invested in the local community. He firmly believes that successful business leaders should use their wealth to help other people in the city. Louis Chenevert is involved with numerous charities in Canada. His involvement in the community is one of the reasons that so many people enjoy reading about his career.


Jordan Lindsey Provides Services Regarding Forex Trading

If you are in the foreign exchange market, it is imperative that you get to understand the nature of the market more so the trend in forex trading. Various changes are taking place in the forex market, and traders are taking that opportunity to excel in the foreign exchange market. According to most traders is that you can be able to do well in the forex market when you consider trading on long-term goals since that will be easy for you to track and adapt to the trends in the market. Besides, there is another currency known as Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and investors can as well make investments.

Jordan Lindsey founded the JCL Capital and is well known as a key veteran in the financial services and a successful entrepreneur. He has been aspiring to trade in foreign exchange market since it influenced him from the work experience that he gained when working on the algorithm 2Q17. The algorithm is the key determinant in the forex market because it is the most significant market globally.

That idea was successful, and this motivated Jordan Lindsey to create his cryptocurrency. Mr. Lindsey had a passion for becoming a successful entrepreneur and for achieving his dream, he did all he could to come out of his comfort zone. Since he knew that for you to grow and prosper you are supposed to get out of your comfort zone since that creates a limitation towards your growth.

As a founder of the JCL’s Forex Trading Company, Lindsey have enabled a lot of investors to accomplish their goals and getting back their money. The training that is offered by the group has benefited the investors in the forex since they can easily identify the trend in the forex market and adjust to suit the market needs.

Jordan Lindsey has an established platform that works on forex, and it is recorded to be successful, and since its establishment, it has been doing well in the Forex trading to date. From the platform, investors can be able to trace the trend in the market and sharing of results from the forex market can be done easily. It is significant that you join a group that can be able to update you on the current trend in the forex market such as JCL Forex Trading Group.


Waiakea Water: Doing More Than Just Selling Water

Bottled water hasn’t been around that long, although it seems like it has. Bottled water is still relatively new and people are still shocked that it’s an industry. For years, people have been able to get free water from their faucets at home.

Recent changes and lack of regulation has made it difficult for people to get clean water from their faucets. As water health became a greater issue, bottled water appeared and immediately dominated the beverage industry. Now, every beverage company in the world has their own bottled water brand.

Since bottled water is so popular, it’s a miracle that any of those can tell each other apart. Everyone is selling water in a bottle, so all their products look the same. Some set themselves apart with bottle shape, and others use special labeling. Regardless of their tactics, it’s all still just water.

There are a few companies that think they’re smart and try to tell people their water has life-saving minerals in it. Luckily, the bland world of bottled water got a boost of excitement when Waiakea Water appeared. Waiakea Water is a volcanic water brand; that’s right, volcanic water.

The water comes from several volcanoes around the Hawaiian Islands, but mostly the Mauna Loa volcano. It’s the only water brand whose water is naturally filtered and enriched before being packaged. Other companies take out too much of their filtering process and have to add minerals after the filtering process.

Waiakea Water is naturally filtered through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock. No other water in the world can say that it comes through 14,000 feet of anything; let alone volcanic rock. Waiakea Water doesn’t stop at being the coolest origin water ever; it’s also naturally enriched by that porous volcanic rock.

Once the water spurts up out of springs around the volcano, it’s immediately packaged and shipped off. The company doesn’t do anything extra to its water; it just packages and ships to countries all over the world.


Gregory Aziz Helped People Understand The Options They Had

When Gregory James Aziz worked in banking, he was successful at helping people choose all the right options. He knew what they needed, and he wasn’t afraid to push different things to make them get what they wanted. He was the best kind of businessman for people who needed to see action. Greg Aziz always made a point of becoming better and helping people with the options they needed. It was his way of showing them that things would change in different scenarios. By doing all this, Gregory James Aziz homed in on his business skills. He knew what it took and wasn’t afraid to make that happen for everyone in different instances.


There were times when Gregory Aziz felt things would keep getting better for the banking business. Gregory James Aziz had a lot of hope in the business. He knew that banking was what would make people see other options and it was something he was confident in. No matter how hard Gregory Aziz had to work, he felt good about the banking industry. Gregory J Aziz also felt good about the people he was providing with helpful options. He was truly a positive influence on the banking and business world. Visit This Page to learn more.


1Even though Greg Aziz was good at banking and was a great businessman, he knew there were things that would change if he worked on his own business. It was his way of making sure people saw the things that were happening around him and were going to change based on all the options he had. Gregory Aziz liked to give people a chance to see things were getting better and that was how he spent most of his time doing business. There were times when Gregory Aziz knew things would get better no matter how hard he had to work.


For Gregory James Aziz, starting his own business made a lot of sense. He chose National Steel Car. The company was not something he would have to build up from the bottom but was also something that needed a lot of help. Gregory Aziz was good at rehabbing businesses and was used to making sure there were things he could do that would help him get better on his own. There were times when Gregory Aziz felt good about National Steel Car. As the CEO, he knows there is a lot of work he has to do but he also knows things will keep getting better for him.

See Also: https://about.me/greg.aziz


The Strategy Robert Ivy Is Using To Make To Improve Health In The Hospitals

The architectural world is the way it is because some great minds are behind the transformation is has experienced. You cannot mention several prominent architects without including Robert Ivy.

Robert was born in Mississippi in a city called Columbus. He went for his architecture studies at Sewani University and graduated with a bachelor degree in architecture. This wasn’t the end of his architectural career. He further went to Tulane University and earned a master’s degree in architecture. Washington DC is where he lives today.

Robert is among the few who can take pride in the kind of transformation architecture has achieved today. The American Institute of architects knows the roles Robert has played there to see it the way it is today. At McGraw Hill Construction, Robert has served as a director and also a vice president of McGraw Hill. From 1996 to 2010, he was the editor responsible for the architectural record and his work during this time was excellent. Today, Robert is the CEO and executive vice president of this institute of architects. He rose to this position in 1996 and he has shown exceptional leadership, commitment, and diligence in his work as the top leader.

Follow Robert Ivy on Twitter

Robert is known to have noted that the complex health challenges have their solutions in good designs. He claimed that good designs had a way of eliminating the problems people had experienced in the health sector. He, for instance, noted that occupants who looked forward to staying healthy would better use the stairs and not the elevators. He said that people who move regularly on the stairs stayed healthier than those who often use elevators. For this reason, Robert noted that they were involving many public health officials to see how they could make the buildings and environment around healthier for the people. Robert says that Seattle Children’s Hospital is one of the facilities they intend to work on to ensure it contributes to the health of the children there.

As a man who believes in good health, he is ready to bring all his architectural knowledge in this field to see people live better lives. He is working with other architects and health officials on how they could build staircases in the healthcare buildings. He says that walking in such staircases severally a day reduces diabetes rate, heart problems, and it is also a way of doing away with the substandard buildings. He also mentions that the buildings would have better to fresh air, clean water, and adequate sunlight that the patients need for good health.

Find more about Robert Ivy: https://discoverorg.com/directory/person/robert-ivy/7029647

Ian King and Crypto Enthusiasm

Ian King is a revered trader who concentrates on cryptocurrencies. The talented entrepreneur now is part of the Banyan Hill Publishing universe. This is a trusted American investment portal that’s located in Florida in Delray Beach. King also has a lot of experience with the management of hedge funds. Writing is among King’s strongest suits. He provides readers on the Internet with pieces that discuss many topics that catch their attention. He has a lot of information that involves bitcoin, cryptocorns, startup organizations and much more. There are few people who can compete with Ian King in the financial market scene. He has a background evaluating this market. He has a background trading in it as well. He’s been doing these things with great care for 20 years and counting. People have picked up on his knowledge that pertains to the crypto world. That’s the reason he’s been a presence with Seeking Alpha, Zero Hedge, Investopedia and even Fox Business News. This Banyan Hill Publishing senior analyst was the individual who created the debut multimedia offering that represented the crypto investment realm. He did this alongside Investopedia Academy.

Ian King before this was a Salomon Brothers’ desk clerk. His position then was part of the company’s respected mortgage bond trading classification. Once he was done with that position, he transferred to Citigroup’s credit derivatives crew. He worked with Peahi Capital for 10 years on options trading matters. He was the Big Apple hedge fund’s lead trader, too. Visit Ian King on facebook.

Ian King happily partnered up with Banyan Hill Publishing at some point in 2017. His aim in doing so was to assist people who long to stay on top of the up-and-coming crypto scene. King edits Crypto Profit Trader. This is a well-known service that highlights promising crazes in the crypto world. It’s a trustworthy investment advisory that adopts a one-of-a-kind trading method. King writes for Sovereign Investor Daily each week. His aim in doing this is to aid readers who want to find out about all kinds of current and relevant crypto news items.

Ian King helps people who want to get into the crypto scene without stress and discomfort. He provides people with instructional details that can assist them with the defense and handling of their digital coins. His newsletter offers people suggestions that involve crypto trading. He helps people find out about blockchain, bitcoin, banking, contemporary technology and so much more. Read more: https://medium.com/@iankingguru/here-come-the-cryptocorns-aba0fd868f44