Alex Pall Is Not Just A DJ, He Is A Songwriter

The Chainsmokers broke out into the mainstream with hit single, “#Selfie” back in 2014. Since then they have enjoyed success with singles placing on Billboards Top 100 list, and a Grammy win for Best Dance Recording. Their recent release, “Closer”, a track featuring up-and-comer Halsey. As is common with most in the DJ spectrum, vocalists are used to accompany electronic background by the artists. However, “Closer” also features vocals by Andrew Taggert, one half of The Chainsmokers. This added element is just one more example of the band’s personalization of their music. A music that has quite a following.


Singing with their own music is not the only difference the pair brings to their chosen genre. Their performances are more like performances, instead of just standing unseen behind a table. They don’t hide their faces like Deadmou5 and actually attempt to have a little showmanship. For Alex Pall, the other half of The Chainsmokers, success is the result of hard work. He and Taggart push themselves to excel, their partnership fueled by a combination of the same core values. In an interview, he explained the modification to a more forefront style of performance an attempt to stay relevant. As they have become quite a sensation the duo feels as though it is easy to lose relevance. According to Taggart, the music business moves fast. “You want to keep trying new things” Pall said. In an industry filled with millions of artists whose music can sound very similar, it takes great pains to stand out. Pall attributes that trait must be paired with the ability to engage the audience.


Another thing Alex Pall believes sets his music apart is the fact that it is his music. Many DJ’s use other people’s music, leaving the songwriting to others while they own craft the electronic artwork behind it. They either write the whole thing or form a guiding hand. Starting out the duo did their own share of remixing, but Pall believes the fact that they write their own songs is the defining point that keeps them on top. Read This Article for additional information.


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