Biotechnology CEO Clay Siegall’s Blog Moving At Light Speed

Clay Siegall, a lifelong scientist and businessman, has had enormous success with his personal blog. Siegall uses his blog as a space to spread information pertaining to topics that interest him, be it serious topics like scientific breakthroughs, or more lighthearted areas such as Football news. Nothing is off limits for Siegall, as he has branded his page to appeal to the niche of individuals who share his interests. This focus has yielded enormous results, as the blog has cultivated an impressive following for what is essential a side-project for Siegall.

An example of the type of article that can find itself on the official blog of Clay Siegal is as such: “Emmit Smith says 2018 will be Jason Garrett’s last year with Cowboys “‘if he doesn’t get it right'” (ESPN)”. With Super Bowl LII just on the horizon, it’s clear to see what is on Siegall’s mind as of late. American Football has been the dominating topic of conversation on the blog recently, which may be a sign of things to come for the direction of the page in the long term. The page isn’t limited to this, however. Just this past week, Siegall shared a release from NPR that details how sea grass can save shellfish from climate change. Whether or not this signposts a potential second blog one can only guess. What is clear from the blogs constant updates, however, is that it is moving along at an extremely strong pace.

But who is Clay Siegall, this mystery man who started the eponymous blog? As it turns out, our mystery man is no mystery at all; Clay Siegall is the world-renown CEO of the Seattle based biotechnology company Seattle Genetics. Siegall is both the CEO and founder, having created the company back in 1998. Since inception, Seattle Genetics has released a wide assortment of groundbreaking studies in several different medical fields. Siegall’s success in the field is a small wonder to those who know his background, having received high-level degrees from both the University of Maryland as well as George Washington University. As time moves forward, so does Clay Siegall, as both his blog and business have great things on the horizon.

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