Aloha Construction Company Review

Aloha Construction is a very popular option among consumers. The company has done amazing things during their work hours and afterwards as well. The company was founded nine years ago by a man named Dave Farbaky. Dave has done so much for Aloha Construction and has accomplished a lot. He goes above and beyond his duties at work. Dave implemented a system into his business that seeks very high standards. His workers are not only well trained for their labor but they also know how to act towards their customers. They are very polite and stride to help others in any way possible. They make sure that their customers are satisfied with the job that is done and if they are not then workers go out of their way to change that. In an effort to help others, Dave created a foundation which he calls the Dave Farbaky Foundation. The foundation works to assist others through volunteer and charitable services. One of the notable services that they performed was a free toy giveaway. The event was thought up by Dave and his associates and was designed for adolescents in financially struggling or low income families. They gave away gifts to these children which allowed them to have toys they normally would not. The fact that Aloha Construction performs generous acts like this is why they are so much different than others. On top of their contributions to those in need, Aloha Construction provides high quality services projects. They are officially located in Illinois so they do most of their jobs there. However, the company has expanded their range of jobs and also serves those in Southern Wisconsin. The company specializes in the areas of roofing, siding, gutter work, and door/window jobs. The company thoroughly trains their workers. Each associate is highly experienced and prepared to perform their job. Roofers inspect each roof prior to working on it and get the job done well. Siders make sure your home is protected and that it looks amazing. Gutter workers will allow for proper runoff. Contact Aloha Construction for an estimate today.

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