Review of the NewsWatch TV Promotional Campaign That Helped Steelseries Reach 95 Million Households

Global electronics and headphone company Steelseries realized big returns when they chose NewsWatch to promote their headphones and game controllers to as large an audience as possible. NewsWatch combined Steelseries’ knowledge of their audience demographic with their own expertise in public relations (PR) to create two cross-platform projects that reached over 95 million households. Tori Pugliese, senior director of marketing at Steelseries says collaborating with NewsWatch is easy and the process seamless from beginning to end. She says, “… it was an excellent experience to be able to work with a team who understands how PR really works.”

NewsWatch TV began in 1989 as a news magazine targeting the general public with interesting stories on a variety of topics. Since then, over 1,000 30-minute shows have aired each week in over 200 US markets and on AMC and ION Network.

NewsWatch TV still appeals to all kinds of people with shows on subjects like fashion, new product releases, health, medicine, consumer and business issues, and travel and tourism. Recent shows have focused on product technology reviews for Fortune 500 companies including Siemens, Sony, and Audi. It’s also the personalities that have made NewsWatch TV Reviews such a success. Guests on the show have included celebrities ranging from Phil Mickelson to Dr. Oz.

The hosts of NewsWatch TV, Chris Vaughn, Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison introduce each of the 1-2-minute stories on the show. They, along with a team of reporters travel around the world interviewing newsmakers and celebrities, many of whom are intimately involved with the issue or topic at hand. Over 700 million people have been reached by NewsWatch TV in the last 25 years and they remain a leader in news magazine shows in the television industry.

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