Stream Energy is Expands into the State of Illinois

Stream Energy is a Texas-based private energy profit that offers electricity to consumers at a reduced cost. This company has been around since 2005 and it is headquartered in Dallas. Many people might not be familiar with Stream Energy. While it has been around for nearly 13 years, this organization is constantly expanding and growing. The state of Illinois is the company’s latest location where services will be provided.


Stream Energy is often referred to simply as Stream ( The company started to expand its operations five years after it was established. The first state outside of Texas where this company pushed into was Pennsylvania. This happened in 2010. The following year, Maryland was targeted and then New York followed in 2012. Washington D.C. was also included within the same year. Other states such as Georgia were also included by Stream.


The expansion project by Stream is important. It clearly reveals how Stream Energy is impacting the nation in terms of electricity production and growth. Consumers are tired of paying a high amount of money for their utility bill (TechNewsSpy). So, Stream helps to reduce that cost. This organization provides great energy savings that people need to ensure that their bills are manageable.


The push into Illinois only makes sense for Stream Energy. The company uses a multi-marketing scheme to acquire new clients. When they push into an area they have plenty of people prepared to take this service out to consumers. Many of these people are already Stream Energy customers. Also, the state of Illinois just makes sense because of the many great energy programs that are already taking place within this state.


Stream Energy plans on furthering its advances into different locations throughout the U.S. This organization knows the kind of energy savings that consumers need, and they work hard to provide them. The local residents of Illinois who have signed up for this plan are happy with the savings and benefits that they receive.

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