Jorge Moll: The Correlation between Giving and Morality

This holiday season, people will be attending parties and will be involved in gift giving activities. People would be sharing their food and drinks with one another, giving them the gift that they have wished for. Jorge Moll, a Brazilian neuroscientist, stated that people should practice the act of giving religiously, and they should also try to give to someone who needs assistance, especially if it is financial. According to his research, giving is good for the mind and body. Jorge Moll is also studying about morality, and the experiment he conducted in 2006 along with his colleagues opened a new opportunity for scientists to learn about the importance of choosing what is right and wrong ( According to their experiment, giving would allow the brain to activate a small, primitive area, releasing hormones that make someone feel good. This feeling can be compared to the pleasures of having sex or eating someone’s favorite food, but it is not understood.


According to Jorge Moll, giving can make someone happy, and the feeling can be described as being contended. The experiments performed by neuroscientists revealed that when money is spent on other people, the giver would feel good, but if it is spent on their selves, the feeling is bland (ResearchGate). The phenomenon of feeling good after doing something good is called “helper’s high,” and people are experiencing it after they have given money or donations to charity, or if they managed to help someone who is really in need.


Morality and giving are two different things, but the latter affects the former. When giving to someone or donating something, the activation of the first area in our brain is evidence that morality, or the act of doing something right, is affected by the complicated processes in the human brain that people have the difficulty of understanding. Science is still doing their best to learn more about the process, but it will take years because of the mystery surrounding morality. For thousands of years, morality has baffled the human race, but it is seen by many scientists to remain as a mystery for years to come.



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