George Soros Promises to Never Stop Fighting Republicans

George Soros is a billionaire philanthropist who is dedicated his life to spreading the liberal ideals of Democratic Party. It is his belief that every government in the world should be a democracy and he has tried to do his best to ensure that will happen. This passionate backing of the liberal message has made George Soros and ardent enemy of the GOP. Whenever they are trying to pass legislation, he is there to block them. Whenever they think a new policy will take off, he is there to stop it. This hostility toward the Right’s message has gained him the name bogeyman of the right.

George Soros has often used his nonprofit organization, the Open Society Foundations, to spread the Democrat message both globally and nationally. Concerning the democracies around the globe, George Soros has used the Open Society Foundations to give hundreds of billions of dollars to fledgling governments so that they can gain a foothold in their own country. Once these democracies are established, the Open Society Foundations ensures that the government officials will stay accountable to the people.

When it comes to looking locally, George Soros is busy trying to influence the political campaigns of each presidential election. He began his career in politics, if you will, by donating to the 2004 presidential run of John Kerry.

As far as George Soros was concerned, 2004 was a hard time for the United States of America. We had already seen the Twin Towers fall to terrorist attacks, we watched as Congress voted in favor of two wars the Middle East, the one that we fought in Iraq and also the one we are still fighting in Afghanistan, and we watched as the economy was going into a steep recession. George Soros knew we could not tolerate another four years of a President George Bush. To get George Bush out of the White House, George Soros donated $27 million to John Kerry so that he could spread his message. As history would have it, John Kerry did lose the election, but the Democrats gained a foothold.

George Soros would continue influencing politics and reap his rewards from 2004 in the year 2008 when Barack Obama ran for office. George Soros saw in Barack Obama everything he wanted in a president. Obama was charismatic, passionate, intelligent, and had the hearts of the American people. He knew that Obama would have the best chance of spreading the Left’s message in America, which proved to be correct when we see how liberal America became.

George Soros would continue to push an agenda for the left when he back Hillary Clinton in the year 2016. George Soros was passionate the put Hillary Rodham Clinton into the office of the presidency especially since Donald Trump was the alternative. Unfortunately, America proved to still be a white supremacist country and Donald Trump was elected to the office of president and that political season. George Soros has continued the fight in the grassroots.

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