Glen Wakeman, Mentoring for Successful Leadership

Leadership doesn’t come easy, and yet, without the necessary leadership, a company will not be productive. Creating an organization that will turn an entrepreneur’s dream into a viable business requires solid leadership, strong planning, and good organizational development.


An enthusiastic leader who stresses the importance of direction, planning and development for a successful venture, GE Capital powerhouse Glen Wakeman, co-founder, and CEO of Launchpad Holdings LLC, is there to aid and mentor business leaders and developers in successful and profitable enterprises.


Mr. Wakeman first and a foremost lesson for leaders is the need a solid plan to launch ideas. By encouraging leaders to take the time and care to develop in enough knowledge to make thorough decisions about markets, potential setbacks, and alternative plans, Glen Wakeman mentors leaders through this important stage of business development..


Delegation and employee empowerment is another trait Glen Wakeman believes is crucial to the productivity and success of a business ( Leaders need to lead, not do and by aiding the development of a strong staff, with clearly defined responsibilities and roles, executives will increase the productivity and well-being their entire employee base, in addition to keeping staff engaged within their roles.


Glen Wakeman also insists that active community service plans are fundamental for a company’s success, as it instills goodwill, employee pride and by leveraging the publicity of such events, community service can dramatically increase a company’s presence (ThePerfectReporter).


Finally what teacher doesn’t have a book to recommend. Glen Wakeman’s favorite is Sun Tzu’s Art of War, one he finds wisdom in every time he reads it. Comparing the strategies of the generals to the planning of a CEO, The Art of War is a comprehensive book on planning and leadership.


The importance of strong corporate leadership cannot be understated, without solid leaders, companies falter and don’t adhere to goals and performance. Mentoring systems for this leaders are therefore critical continued corporate growth.

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Information and Recap on Dr. Mark Holterman

This article will display information about Dr. Mark Holterman. The doctor works non-stop to perform surgeries, research new therapies, use lectures and articles to teach others. He also is a professor who teaches at the University of Illinois and guides surgical residents and medical students.


Dr. Holterman has a full roster of obligations and duties. Even though that may be so, he also helps many charities who are health-related. An example is the IPSAC-VN or the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the children of Vietnams. What the group does is work at hospitals and medical schools in Vietnam. This is to bring the newest surgical advances to sock kids. It’s also to those who have interest in the group. They can volunteer in the services and donate money as well.


There is a great need to pediatric surgery around the world (TheNewsVersion). Charitable organizations like IPSAC-VN- and CSI, encourage donations of skills and time and money to train medical students and perform surgeries. This is for advanced medical students. Some of the common types of surgeries performed are organ transplants, tumor removal, and repair of congenital heart disorders.


Dr. Holterman is considered to be a “Renaissance Man” in the possibility of today’s highly specialized education specialties. He has worked tirelessly as a full-time philanthropist, practicing surgeon, researcher, professor, and entrepreneur. Instead of just donating his money he gives his time (


Now some general information about Dr. Holterman. He has been an advocate for a long time in stem cell therapy, and regenerative medicine. He serves at the University of Illinois as the pediatrics professor. He has been through decades of research employing fetal stem cells that have been ethically sourced. He is seeking to promote the educational study of efficacy and safety of innovative treatment modalities. Most of the vital work he does is in the area of philanthropic.


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The Fact About Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is the founder of The Custom Companies, Inc. He has an experience that is quite admirable in the transportation industry. His newly founded company is located in Illinois (Chicago.CBSLocal). He also offers his support to the Illinois State Crime Commission firm which granted him the Bishop Sheil Award and the Citizen of the Year in two consecutive years of 2010 and 2011 respectively.

As a nonprofit organization, it has collaborated with Police Athletic League with one common objective of reducing the level of crime and felony of the juvenile. Furthermore, ISCC promotes the excellent coexistence of the members and the law enforcement. In areas such as Chicago, the firm has played a critical role in training the other agencies that deals with the law enforcement with the locals.

Ever since the inception of the organization, it has carried out different seminars which entail various topics such as the violence of the gang that has taken the better part of the Chicago. The other programs that are offered by the organization are on the matters that are related to the firearms and event security. The effort that the body is putting aims at creating sanity to the society which has been marred by the issues of crime.

ISCC has also boosted the level of skills of the Chicago police on how to counter the cases that are related to the crime. It has expanded the confidence of the police by strengthening the already existing law with the aim of putting off crime. Additionally, the organization has stretched its limits to combat the cases of the underage indulgence to drugs and sex offenders. Since it started its mission, it has achieved a lot in the city of Chicago through the efforts that they are putting with the police to restore the lost glory in the city.

The Custom Companies, Inc that is being led by Perry has implemented some range of technologies while serving their clients from various part of the United States. These include the Cheetah dispatch, Warehouse Management System, and the Dock Management System. These have helped the company in handling a large number of their clients within a short period.

Perry Mandera is a skilled leader who has achieved a lot in running The Custom Companies, Inc.

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Stream Energy is Expands into the State of Illinois

Stream Energy is a Texas-based private energy profit that offers electricity to consumers at a reduced cost. This company has been around since 2005 and it is headquartered in Dallas. Many people might not be familiar with Stream Energy. While it has been around for nearly 13 years, this organization is constantly expanding and growing. The state of Illinois is the company’s latest location where services will be provided.


Stream Energy is often referred to simply as Stream ( The company started to expand its operations five years after it was established. The first state outside of Texas where this company pushed into was Pennsylvania. This happened in 2010. The following year, Maryland was targeted and then New York followed in 2012. Washington D.C. was also included within the same year. Other states such as Georgia were also included by Stream.


The expansion project by Stream is important. It clearly reveals how Stream Energy is impacting the nation in terms of electricity production and growth. Consumers are tired of paying a high amount of money for their utility bill (TechNewsSpy). So, Stream helps to reduce that cost. This organization provides great energy savings that people need to ensure that their bills are manageable.


The push into Illinois only makes sense for Stream Energy. The company uses a multi-marketing scheme to acquire new clients. When they push into an area they have plenty of people prepared to take this service out to consumers. Many of these people are already Stream Energy customers. Also, the state of Illinois just makes sense because of the many great energy programs that are already taking place within this state.


Stream Energy plans on furthering its advances into different locations throughout the U.S. This organization knows the kind of energy savings that consumers need, and they work hard to provide them. The local residents of Illinois who have signed up for this plan are happy with the savings and benefits that they receive.

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Jorge Moll: The Correlation between Giving and Morality

This holiday season, people will be attending parties and will be involved in gift giving activities. People would be sharing their food and drinks with one another, giving them the gift that they have wished for. Jorge Moll, a Brazilian neuroscientist, stated that people should practice the act of giving religiously, and they should also try to give to someone who needs assistance, especially if it is financial. According to his research, giving is good for the mind and body. Jorge Moll is also studying about morality, and the experiment he conducted in 2006 along with his colleagues opened a new opportunity for scientists to learn about the importance of choosing what is right and wrong ( According to their experiment, giving would allow the brain to activate a small, primitive area, releasing hormones that make someone feel good. This feeling can be compared to the pleasures of having sex or eating someone’s favorite food, but it is not understood.


According to Jorge Moll, giving can make someone happy, and the feeling can be described as being contended. The experiments performed by neuroscientists revealed that when money is spent on other people, the giver would feel good, but if it is spent on their selves, the feeling is bland (ResearchGate). The phenomenon of feeling good after doing something good is called “helper’s high,” and people are experiencing it after they have given money or donations to charity, or if they managed to help someone who is really in need.


Morality and giving are two different things, but the latter affects the former. When giving to someone or donating something, the activation of the first area in our brain is evidence that morality, or the act of doing something right, is affected by the complicated processes in the human brain that people have the difficulty of understanding. Science is still doing their best to learn more about the process, but it will take years because of the mystery surrounding morality. For thousands of years, morality has baffled the human race, but it is seen by many scientists to remain as a mystery for years to come.



George Soros Promises to Never Stop Fighting Republicans

George Soros is a billionaire philanthropist who is dedicated his life to spreading the liberal ideals of Democratic Party. It is his belief that every government in the world should be a democracy and he has tried to do his best to ensure that will happen. This passionate backing of the liberal message has made George Soros and ardent enemy of the GOP. Whenever they are trying to pass legislation, he is there to block them. Whenever they think a new policy will take off, he is there to stop it. This hostility toward the Right’s message has gained him the name bogeyman of the right.

George Soros has often used his nonprofit organization, the Open Society Foundations, to spread the Democrat message both globally and nationally. Concerning the democracies around the globe, George Soros has used the Open Society Foundations to give hundreds of billions of dollars to fledgling governments so that they can gain a foothold in their own country. Once these democracies are established, the Open Society Foundations ensures that the government officials will stay accountable to the people.

When it comes to looking locally, George Soros is busy trying to influence the political campaigns of each presidential election. He began his career in politics, if you will, by donating to the 2004 presidential run of John Kerry.

As far as George Soros was concerned, 2004 was a hard time for the United States of America. We had already seen the Twin Towers fall to terrorist attacks, we watched as Congress voted in favor of two wars the Middle East, the one that we fought in Iraq and also the one we are still fighting in Afghanistan, and we watched as the economy was going into a steep recession. George Soros knew we could not tolerate another four years of a President George Bush. To get George Bush out of the White House, George Soros donated $27 million to John Kerry so that he could spread his message. As history would have it, John Kerry did lose the election, but the Democrats gained a foothold.

George Soros would continue influencing politics and reap his rewards from 2004 in the year 2008 when Barack Obama ran for office. George Soros saw in Barack Obama everything he wanted in a president. Obama was charismatic, passionate, intelligent, and had the hearts of the American people. He knew that Obama would have the best chance of spreading the Left’s message in America, which proved to be correct when we see how liberal America became.

George Soros would continue to push an agenda for the left when he back Hillary Clinton in the year 2016. George Soros was passionate the put Hillary Rodham Clinton into the office of the presidency especially since Donald Trump was the alternative. Unfortunately, America proved to still be a white supremacist country and Donald Trump was elected to the office of president and that political season. George Soros has continued the fight in the grassroots.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America And National Football League Alumni Association Work Together for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a major problem. It has been such a huge concern that the National Football League has teamed up with Cancer Treatment Centers of America in order to bring about more opportunities for screenings. This opportunity has started up in September and has gone until Oct 15. One of the issues with prostate cancer is that it affects one in seven men. Therefore, it is an huge issue, especially for men past the age of 40. There are other risk factors to look out for with prostate cancer. It is up to each individual to make sure that he is getting the regular checks so that he can avoid prostate cancer.

CTCA is one of the best facilities for getting cancer treatment. There is a ton of information available at the center that can provide people with insight on what cancer is and what they can do to maximize the effectiveness of treatment. For one thing, the current form of treatment which is chemotherapy comes with plenty of side effects since it is an antibiotic. Among the side effects are hair loss, disruptions of cognitive abilities and other side effects that could interfere with their daily lives.

One of the best things about CTCA is that they take the time to provide information on what can be done about the side effects so that people can recover better from cancer. One of the best things about getting information about cancer is that this equips people to make sure that they are able to recover in the best way. Also, the partnership of CTCA with the NFL is very helpful in that it spreads awareness of prostate cancer through one of the most enjoyed sport in America. Tons of football fans are aware of the disease and are willing to help sufferers.

Matthew Autterson and the Bioscience Industry

If you’re unfamiliar with Matthew Autterson, he is the President and CEO of CNS Biosciences, a company predicated on the development of pharmacotherapies aimed at treating neuropathic pain. Prior to his role with CNS Biosciences, Autterson spent a great deal of time in the financial sector, including 19-years with the Resources Trust Company. During his time with the company, Autterson oversaw the depository and custodial services of more than 200,000 clients and managed a team of roughly 15,000 registered financial advisors. As the company’s President, Autterson was also heavily involved in a series of acquisitions that beset the Company, including its acquisition by AIG in 1998, and the subsequent acquisition by Fiserv in 2001.


Matthew Autterson is a Michigan State University alumnus, who earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance in 1979, before going on to attend the Graduate Tax Program at the University of Denver. After completing his studies, and beginning his career with the Resources Trust Company, Autterson later joined GL3B Partners Limited in 2001, a business consulting firm specializing in investment partnerships, privately-held companies, and real estate. Although his latest role with CNS Biosciences represents a considerable shift in his career trajectory, it is one that Autterson is more than capable of excelling at. See More Info Here.


Autterson has been a member of the board of directors for Falci Adaptive Systems since 2013, and as a result, has gained a great deal of insight into the bioscience world. According to the company’s Linkedin bio, Falci Adaptive Systems is a non-profit company predicated on providing assistance to those who suffer from neuromotor disabilities. Matthew Autterson is also a member of the board of directors for Webb-Waring Foundation, a staunch supporter of biomedical research in Colorado. Additionally, Autterson serves as the Chairman of the board of directors for the Denver Hospice.


Matthew Autterson prides himself on continuously expanding his knowledge base when it comes to business, which explains his role as the former member and finance chairman for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of YPO. If you’re unfamiliar with YPO, it is an international platform comprised of more than 24,000 members who routinely come together to exchange ideas, inspire business, and most importantly, impact their respective communities. If Autterson’s past success is indicative of future results, it’ probably safe to say that we will be hearing more about him, and his latest role with CNS Biosciences, in the near future.


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A Look at Rodrigo Terpin; a Zealous Rally Driver

Rodrigo Terpins is among the top-ranked with particular skills in the rally driving career in Brazil. Rodrigo career is an inspiration from the background history of his family of sports professional. In a recent interview, Rodrigo says his immense passion for cars started way back as a young boy. Rodrigo is a high skilled achiever in rally sport; he completed five consecutive Sertoes Rally editions in a row at the age of forty-four. Additionally, Rodrigo is a member of The Bull Sertoes Rally Team. This team is fully sponsored by Bull Sertoes, Xarla together with MEM team support. The rally driver currently resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In addition to his career history, Rodrigo holds T5 company senior director position. Under Rodrigo leadership, the T5 Company has recorded huge developments and growth; as a result, the company has successfully planned and hosted some of the most prominent competitions ever in Brazil. Additionally, Rodrigo education background started at Saint Hilaire where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in management and corporate governance. Check out odiario to know more.

Rodrigo Terpins began his executive career journey at Lojas Marisa Company where he served as the company’s president. However, his immense passion for rallying has enabled him to move skillfully through rough rallying areas during competitions, allowing him to win various awards. The Brazilian champion also introduced his brother Michel Terpin in the rally industry and acted as his navigator throughout the transition. Recently, the equally competitive and talented brothers have participated in a four in row season hosted by T-Rex. T-Rex is an association with the primary focus of creating a friendly rallying environment among the brothers by the MEM Motorsport industry.

Rodrigo precisely stated that his breakthrough and success is as a result of his exceptional determination, and passion for his career. Additionally, his success is also as a result of the immense support offered by his co-driver and partner together with his fans. Meanwhile, the rally driver takes a moment to balance fame in his celebrity status career and his family lifestyle. In addition to his achievements, Rodrigo Terpins has won the T1 Prototypes competition. Meanwhile, Rodrigo Terpins is expected to rank among other rally drivers Brazilian legends.

Brazilian lawyer Ricardo Tosto- Helping clients in business litigation

Brazil has a very complex legal system that needs to be looked at with keen eye. A client who would like to be represented in a court of law needs to come up with a way of picking the best lawyers in the country. Especially for clients who may be having high profile cases that need serious lawyers, it is not proper to trust just any other lawyer. In Brazil, there are many lawyers who are qualified to offer law but not all of them should be hired to represent clients. A good lawyer must have more than just academic qualification. Experience and willingness to help clients also come into play when looking for a good lawyer.

In Brazil, a good lawyer is one Riccardo Tosto. A Lawyer who has first of all been approved to offer legal; services in the country. He is one lawyer who is performing very well in the industry. He is able to attract the best clients in the industry due to his understanding of law which makes him exceptional. He is a qualified lawyer who has been approved by the relevant legal bodies. However, he does not just offer the qualifications he has, he goes a further step of showing his clients why it is necessary to hire him. The passion and dedication he has for his job make him attractive to many clients. He has a way of representing his clients such that the case is completed in a short time. Many are times when court cases will last for years in courts denying victims justice. However, with Ricardo Tosto, this is never the case. He will make sure that he offers the best legal advice there is and will expedite court cases. To watch video click here.

Ricardo Tosto has been being a graduate of Mackenzie University. He also has a qualification in business administration. This has made it possible for him to litigate cases of business with ease. He is a darling of the financial institutions due to his knowledge of the law and financial matters. Ricardo Tosto is also an author. He writes for various magazines and newspapers in Brazil. He has been appointed as the best commercial lawyer in the country by the Who’s Who.

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