Cancers Treatment Centers of America- Winning the Cancer Race

More than 161,230 men in 2017 alone were diagnosed with prostate cancer, making the number quite high from the previous years. With this in mind, the LabCorp, National Football League and Cancers Treatment Centers of America combined effort to educate men on the benefits of receiving early screening and treatment. According to campaign speakers getting a Prostate Specific Antigen is mandatory for older men; it’s a test that checks out the normality of your cells regarding cancer risk.

The Prostate Specific Antigen works within a given range, and if your body cells fall outside the given scope it’s considered normal, and this does not mean you have cancer. But if the Prostate Specific Antigen is higher than the recommended range it means you may have a high increased risk of getting prostate cancer, and such individuals are advised to seek physicians help immediately. During the combined campaign period older men will receive free Prostate Specific Antigen test done, and LabCorp will perform the testing’s around the country on their patient’s service locations. For later examination, an individual may book an appointment at a discounted rate of $25. Having a high level of Prostate Specific Antigen doesn’t indicate you have prostate cancer, but quick and further tests are needed to rule out any possibility.

The Cancers Treatment Centers of America has an extensive network of hospitals and workforce that serve various patients who suffer from a different range of cancer. They believe that each patient experiences different symptoms and using a unique form of treatments makes it each to treat the diseases.
The center has been in existence for almost 30 years using numerous cancer-fighting techniques to offer the best treatment with a personalized approach and advanced technology. They deal with ovarian cancer, Gynecological Oncology cancer, Prostate and Pancreatic Cancer, Colorectal and Lung cancer and more. Their website has lots information that is educative and the survivor’s portal where different patients talk about their cancer treatment and recovery journey at the center.


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