Rocketship Education

There is a common change these days where many people are leaning away from traditional public schools. While homeschooling is an option for some, it doesn’t work for everyone. That’s where Rocketship Education comes into play.

Rocketship Education is a Charter school based out of California. Their focus is on individualizing education for each child, and helping them work toward their own passions and talents. This is possible because the classes are much smaller than in normal public schools and parents have more control on the school environment.

The core of Rocketship Education’s mission statement is built around the desire to bring high quality education to children from lower class families, in hopes of helping bring them out of the poverty cycle. Because of this, roughly 85% of their students have been from low income families.

A good education goes beyond teaching math, English, and science. That’s why enrichment classes are included in the curriculum. Gardening, art, dance, nutrition, and others are available throughout our different locations. Each school also employs tutors to assist children who are struggling.

When parents and teachers work together, the student is more likely to excel, so parents are deeply involved with the whole process at Rocketship. Parents even have some influence over which teachers are hired at the schools, and interact with them often throughout the year.

Right now, Rocketship schools are only available in a few states, but there are many different locations in the states they are in. In those states, our students are regularly scoring ahead of their peers that go to traditional public schools.

Traditional public schools work for many families, but for others they just don’t measure up. Classes are overloaded, and teachers are unable to teach to the individual needs of each child. For those who may need a little extra help, or who might find themselves feeling stifled in traditional schools, charter schools are a great option to have around.

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David McDonald has made a name for himself in the world of business and leadership. He has had a successful career spanning over ten years where he has delivered at his very best.

MacDonald was born and raised in the state of Iowa. He was privileged to get a good education that would on prove essential to him attaining a successful career. He achieved his bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from the renowned Iowa State University.

His career journey started immediately he completed school. He kick-started his career by working for the OSI industries based in Chicago.

His first position in the company was that of the Project Manager where he oversaw the company projects. He rose steadily through the managerial ranks up until he was appointed the company’s President.

Besides being the president of the OSI industries, McDonald also holds the position of Chief Operating Officer. He also at one time served as the chairman of North American Meat Institute.He is also a director at the OSI international Foods based in Australia.

One of his career achievements while at the helm of the OSI Industries is that he has ensured that OSI group of companies has set up shop in various countries including Poland and Geneva.

The expansion has helped bring the services much closer to the people. Furthermore, he has ensured that the company’s logistics team works at full capacity so that functions do not stall. With this, the company operates efficiently and effectively on all fronts.

Under his stewardship, the OSI group operations have continued to be scaled up primarily in the Chinese market. The continued growth of the Chinese economy has offered the company a favorable environment to expand even further.

Besides, the company also acquired the Baho industries a Dutch company whose acquisition McDonald says will significantly improve the company’s presence in the European market.

McDonald terms the continued success and growth of the company to various factors principal among them being client’s participation and satisfaction. The company has tried to involve the customers at all stages of the business.

The other factor that he attributes to success of the company is that of engaging with the plant manufacturer to try and develop the best and safe manufacturing process and equipment that guarantee high quality and more reliable products.

Besides his work life, McDonald uses his leadership position to change the face of the Iowa community. He has dedicated his time to help improve and support those students and people interests in agricultural entrepreneurship.

To this extent, he has organized for some of the teams to visit the company’s other facilities outside the US in China and Australia.

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Securus Technologies Undisputed Leader in the Correctional Field

Securus Technologies has transformed the correctional industry in the United States and provides its services to over 3,400 correctional facilities. The company has a special research and development wing that is dedicated to researching new technologies and helping in the development of the correctional sphere. Technology is playing a vital role in the development of just about any industry, and same is the case with the correctional sphere. The inmates depend heavily upon the inmate communication services to connect to their loved ones outside. Without the inmate communication services, it would be difficult for the prisoners to talk to their loved ones on a regular basis. The technology has made many things possible today that were earlier thought to be impossible.


Securus Technologies is developing many new technologies in the correctional world that are highly helpful for the inmates. One of the latest services developed by the Securus Technologies named Video Visitation would help the inmates and their relatives to talk to each other through the video mode using a tablet or any other smart device. It would mean that the inmates’ families would not have to travel all the way to the prison to meet their inmate family member. The inmates can also easily receive money from their family and friends using the money transfer services offered by Securus Technologies. The technology provided by Securus Technologies is regularly updated to ensure that the end users only get the best services at low cost.


Securus Technologies is one of the leading companies in the correctional industry, and its products and services are widely appreciated by the law enforcement agencies and officers. The company even released a press release recently, where it showcased the positive comments it received from the law enforcement personnel. The company’s CEO Rick Smith has put the company on a progressive track and aims to make Securus Technologies, a leader in the correctional field.


Tips on How to Understand and Attend To a Business’ Customers

Talk Fusion is a company in the Video Marketing segment whose activities are directed towards helping businesses increase sales and attend to their clients uniquely. As such, Talk Fusion provides relevant information focusing on comprehending a business’ audience. Additionally, the organization emphasizes on various tips that help a corporation retain its relevance in the market. Recently, Talk Fusion, under the instructions of Bob Reina, published an insightful article that described the significance of promoting a venture with purpose. According to Bob Reina, it is essential to study your relevant customers and understand their needs fully. Talk Fusion postulates that the success of each marketing initiative stems from an action-driven message directed towards the clients. Due to this reason, Talk Fusion provides the relevance of accurately defining your targeted group in a business. As such, the best way to pinpoint your customer is through defining them with a persona of a buyer.


After successfully identifying your targeted audience, it is essential to keep up with the pace of your competitors. Usually, a perfect market structure is characterized by competition. Talk Fusion states that competition is necessary for the creation and maintenance of a company’s brand. Customers and investors are attracted by exclusiveness and outstanding components of an organization. Additionally, Talk Fusion illustrated how a company’s networks market its brand and gather information regarding their customer’s evolving needs. With a clear analysis of your audiences’ social media pages, it is easier to pick up associated expressions an dialect thus establishing your company as well as building a relatable brand.


Talk Fusion postulates that analytics is necessary for the identification of an outstanding strategy concerning customer’s preferences. The secret sauce of a company’s achievements is their clients’ common interests and reaction. In Talk Fusion’s opinion, the number of individuals clicking and forwarding messages illustrate the quality of the content. As an enterprise in the marketing sector, Talk Fusion is concerned with providing dynamic methods to make marketing more effective and engaging as well as memorable. Since its founding, Talk Fusion has secured the partnership with associations in over 140 nations. Its mission directed towards giving back to the community directs its motive of continued success.




Eric Lefkofsky Philanthropy and Healthcare Contributions

It is evident that the cost of healthcare services has risen. For instance, in 2013 Americans have spent an extra $933 billion than what was used in 1996 for healthcare services. The increase has resulted from increased health care services and the introduction of other intense care that are expensive. An increase in the population and aging are other factors that have increased the cost. A decrease in the occurrence of diseases decreased the annual spending.

According to the recent research, different diseases have different factors that increase the costs of healthcare services. For instance, the study found out that diabetes had the highest annual increase in spending worth $64 million. $44 million was spent on pharmaceuticals. All the aspects of diabetes that were looked into by the researchers increased the spending. Low back and neck pain followed diabetes in spending at $57 billion annually. The occurrence of the pain did not change. However, the number of care people receive for the pain led to an increase of 8.5% per year.

Inpatient care increased for $258 billion to $697 billion annually for all diseases. Although the period patient spent in the hospital reduces, the spending cost still increased. This is because the daily cost of medical care has increased. The attempts to reduce the spending rates have not resulted in encouraging outcomes. The spending of money on purchasing drugs have not increased spending.

Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus Company. The company is a leading provider of data-driven precision medicine for cancer. Tempus was founded in 2016 and has its headquarters in Chicago. Tempus analyzes the molecular and clinical data of patients in order to provide cancer care. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky was born and raised in Michigan. He attended the University of Michigan and graduated with high honors. He attended the University of Michigan, School Of Law and obtained a Juris Doctor degree. Lefkofsky taught Applied Technology at DePaul University.

Eric Lefkofsky founded the Lefkofsky Foundation. The foundation supports and funds charities and educational organizations globally. The foundation focuses more on needy children. Since its establishment, the foundation has donated funds to more than 50 organizations worldwide. Eric founded the organization with his wife.

Bruno Fagali’s Journey To A Successful Brazilian State Law Attorney

Bruno Fagali is a very big name in the Brazilian Law industry and happens to be a well-known name. He happens to have been a respected brand in the field and has been able to establish his practice niche very comfortably.

Bruno is based on the famous Sao Paulo and has a specialty in various fields like compliance, electoral laws, regulatory laws, ethics, urban and also administrative laws. He has over ten years of experience in the industry and has been able to impact many potential lawyers in the industry. Bruno Fagali has been on the platform since the year 2006. He is also the famous owner of Fagali Law Firm that has its offices in Sao Paulo. He practices as an independent lawyer since he established his advocacy. Fagali has been a great person in the legal fraternity and has been nominated as Nova’s Corporate Integrity Manager. This has been of great impact to Bruno’s life.

Bruno Fagali’s experience in the legal industry had been awesome. He had a great high school time and is believed to possess natural knowledge and brilliance and after graduating left for the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. He pursued a law undergraduate degree and still while studying at the University specializing in the rare field of administrative law. He then proceeded to the University of Sao Paulo to pursue his master’s degree in law.

Bruno Fagali has been practicing law since the year 2006 where he worked as an intern at Office Model Dom Evaristo Arns. He later left for Manesco then to Ramires and later to Perez. He has been able to gain a lot of experience in the field and has successfully worked towards ensuring that he becomes the best lawyer in Brazil. He was later employed by Radi call and Associates advocacy where he worked for two years before deciding to work on his own. He possesses a lot of experience from various fields and has served in different capacities. His exposure has been awesome and has changed his life completely. He is always committed to nothing but the best in his career as an attorney.

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Gregory Aziz- Chairman And CEO Of National Steel Car

National steel car is a company that deals with the manufacture of railroad freight cars and the manufacture of tank cars. Three company has its headquarters in Hamilton, Canada. National Steel car was started in 1912. This means that this company has been in the industry for over a hundred years. It is among the few companies that have been in the industry for that long. It has managed to survive through the hard-economic times that have been in the world to reach where it is today. The contribution of the management has been crucial for it to reach this level of success.



Gregory James Aziz is the current chief executive officer of the company. He rose into this position in 1994 after he bought the company from Dofasco. This is a company that he bought with the belief that he could change its fortunes by bringing transformations that could shore up the production capacity of this firm. Gregory Aziz has been part of the team that has finally managed to bring back the lost glory of the company. National steel is the biggest engineering and manufacturing company that deals with the production of railroad freight cars. This is a company that has established its name for its quality products that have been able to compete competitively in the engineering field. See More Information Here.



Gregory Aziz is from Ontario, Canada. He was born in 1949. He went to Ridley University and then to the University of Western Ontario. He studied economics at the university. Greg Aziz graduated from the university in 1971. Immediately he joined Affiliated Foods, a family-owned business, to help in the management of the foods business. He applied his entrepreneurial skills in the foods business and within no time, the business was flourishing. He managed to lead the wholesale foods business to become the biggest supplier of goods in Canada and parts of the United States. Affiliated Foods started importing fresh foods from other continents that included South America and Europe.



After the success of Affiliated Foods, he left for New York where he was working with a number of investment banks in the U.S. While working in this industry, that is when he identified the investment opportunity available at national steel car. Gregory J Aziz started a renovation program of the company that resulted in an increase in the production capacity of the company. In just 5 years of his leadership, the company was producing over 12500 cars all the way down from 3500 before he took over.


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Gregory Aziz Steers National Steel Car To Greater Heights

Gregory James Aziz has proved to be among the most successful businessmen in the global business sector. He has served as the Chairman, President and CEO of National Steel Car since January 1994. Under his leadership, the company has grown to become a global leader in railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing. Headquartered in Ontario, National Steel Car has served its customers for over 100 years. Founded in 1912, the company has continued to provide quality deliverables that exceed customer expectation and railroad industry standards.



According to Greg Aziz, the staff has played a significant role towards the success of the company. The CEO is reportedly happy with what his team has been able to achieve. He acknowledges that National Steel Car has transformed into a dynamic, innovative and value-driven organization. The firm continues to capitalize on its strengths while keeping to its value on high quality railcars with maximum performance. Click Here For Related Article.



National Steel Car boasts of being the only ISO certified railcar firm in the entire North America. James Aziz explains that his company’s commitment towards quality customer service hasn’t gone unnoticed. The organization has consistently received the annual TTX SECO award for more than 10 years. He further points out that his firm doesn’t rely on past success records but continues to diligently serve the railcar industry market in its bid to remain one of the world’s railroad industry leaders. Greg Aziz hails the continued support, loyalty and positive relationship between the company and its customers. This, he believes, has played a significant part in driving the organization to its current industry position.



Gregory J Aziz was born in 1949 in London, Ontario. He studied at Ridley College before pursuing a degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario. Greg began his career in 1971 when he joined his family wholesale food business. He moved to New York and worked on several investment banking ventures before acquiring his current business in 1994. With his great enthusiasm in serving the North American Market, Greg Aziz resorted to building a knowledgeable workforce that has currently grown to about 3000 employees.



From a lower production rate of only 3,500 cars per year at the time of purchase, National Steel car was able to produce about 12,000 cars by 1999. The company does not only focus on profit generation but also giving back to the community. The firm has supported several community initiatives including Hamilton Opera, United Way, and Theater Aquarius just to mention a few. Aziz and his wife do sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, the region’s most-famous agricultural show.


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Matt Badiali Simple Secret to Success

     Matt Badiali is an influential investor who is an expert in mining activities. The businessman has done very well in his successful career, especially in matters concerning mining and agriculture. In his successful career, the businessman has learned several strategies that can make a mining expert successful. According to him, the go everywhere, talk to everyone and hand on approach is very effective for the individuals who want to be successful. Due to the nature of his career, the businessman is forced to travel to different parts of the globe such as Hong Kong, Turkey, New Guinea, Papua, and Iraq. Matt has also traveled to Singapore, Swaziland, Turkey, and Haiti when looking for business opportunities. When going to these locations, the businessman wants to locate different miles and oil wells that can give him the commodities that will help human beings on the planet. Matt has also done his best to interview presidents and leaders of several companies in the world so that he can understand how they get their resources in the geological department.

While traveling to meet the demands of consumers on the international platform, the successful investor says that he realized that it is impossible for investors to be successful if they do not go to the site and see whatever is happening. The politics and business industry is not different too. When you use this simple strategy in these departments, then you will be able to make a lot of progress. For an investment to be safe in the competitive market, then it is crucial for the people involved to be close so that they can make any corrections that are needed. Seeing your investment in person will be the best way to ensure that it is completely safe.

Several years ago, when Matt was studying to become a geologist in one of the best learning institutions in the world, he was fortunate to learn about the red flags that are available in the industry. The businessman says that unless the investor is on the ground, it is impossible to notice anything that is happening. Before you can choose to venture into a project, experts say it is paramount to take your time and check if the crew you will be working with is experienced and capable. Choosing the wrong people in the ground will only make things worse at the end of the project. Small firms must select all their professionals correctly.

Cancers Treatment Centers of America- Winning the Cancer Race

More than 161,230 men in 2017 alone were diagnosed with prostate cancer, making the number quite high from the previous years. With this in mind, the LabCorp, National Football League and Cancers Treatment Centers of America combined effort to educate men on the benefits of receiving early screening and treatment. According to campaign speakers getting a Prostate Specific Antigen is mandatory for older men; it’s a test that checks out the normality of your cells regarding cancer risk.

The Prostate Specific Antigen works within a given range, and if your body cells fall outside the given scope it’s considered normal, and this does not mean you have cancer. But if the Prostate Specific Antigen is higher than the recommended range it means you may have a high increased risk of getting prostate cancer, and such individuals are advised to seek physicians help immediately. During the combined campaign period older men will receive free Prostate Specific Antigen test done, and LabCorp will perform the testing’s around the country on their patient’s service locations. For later examination, an individual may book an appointment at a discounted rate of $25. Having a high level of Prostate Specific Antigen doesn’t indicate you have prostate cancer, but quick and further tests are needed to rule out any possibility.

The Cancers Treatment Centers of America has an extensive network of hospitals and workforce that serve various patients who suffer from a different range of cancer. They believe that each patient experiences different symptoms and using a unique form of treatments makes it each to treat the diseases.
The center has been in existence for almost 30 years using numerous cancer-fighting techniques to offer the best treatment with a personalized approach and advanced technology. They deal with ovarian cancer, Gynecological Oncology cancer, Prostate and Pancreatic Cancer, Colorectal and Lung cancer and more. Their website has lots information that is educative and the survivor’s portal where different patients talk about their cancer treatment and recovery journey at the center.