Is George Soros Doing Everything Possible to Transform Society?

One thing which is common among the wealthiest people in the country is their level of involvement with charities and other initiatives whose hope is to create a better society. George Soros has a net worth of $25 billion and is one of the wealthiest men on the planet. In addition to his success in entrepreneurship, he has been involved in a large number of philanthropic missions, all in the hope of leaving the world a better place than it was when he started out. Soros is the founder and the financier of the Soros Foundation, which has donated more than $6 billion since it was started.

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. One of the events that characterized his childhood was the fact that he was forced to flee his country as a result of the Nazi occupation and the Holocaust. He studied at the London School of Economics and attained his Ph.D. there. He started the Soros Fund with a capital of $13 million and has been able to create wealth in the billions of dollars from it. George established the Soros Foundation in the 90’s when he realized that he needed to get involved in the creation of a better society.

Soros has been involved in the politics of the country for more than two decades now. He has always leaned towards the liberal side, mainly because he believes in their values and policies. George supported the candidature of John Kerry when he was running against Bush in 2002. When he lost the bid for the white house, Soros disappeared from politics for a while. Last year but one, he had re-emerged in a major way in the Democratic Party Politics. He was passionately supporting Hillary and her campaign. He asserted that the politics which were being played by Trump were too divisive.

Most of the fears that Soros had about the conservatives are slowly morphing into reality. One of the first things that Trump did when he ascended into power was to change the laws on immigration to try and lock out people from Muslim countries. Soros does not support this as it amounts to racial segregation. He was against the idea of building a wall between the US and Mexico, and also the White Supremacists Movements which seem to have come out of the woodwork to haunt the country that had made so much progress on the social front. Soros believes that at this point, the best thing that the American people can do is stay vigilant. This will help them resist all policies and laws which undermine the liberty, freedom of expression and equality for all that this great nation was built on. Soros is a real inspiration.

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