Clay Siegall develops miracle cancer drugs that have virtually no side effects

One of the most serious problems in treating cancer with the traditional means of chemotherapy has been the inability to administer large amounts at any given time due to the extreme side effects associated with its use. In theory, a given amount of chemotherapy could destroy virtually any malignant tissue, no matter how extensive or how large. However, this simply cannot be carried out on almost any patient. This is because of the fact that the side effects of chemotherapy, which include death, are so severe that the amount that can be given at any one time is severely limited.

One solution that has been devised over the years to this problem of what doctors referr to as a small therapeutic window for chemotherapeutic agents has been the development of a new type of drugs called targeted cancer therapies. Rather than being released systemically, into the patient’s bloodstream, targeted cancer therapies are directly aimed at the tumor itself, avoiding large-scale release of chemotherapeutic agents and other highly lethal cytotoxins into the patient’s body.

One subtype of these targeted cancer therapies has been the development of a class of drugs known as antibody drug conjugates. No one has been more instrumental in development of this class of highly innovative drugs than Clay Siegall. After a distinguished career as a medical researcher for more than 15 years, with firms from the National Cancer Institute to Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dr. Siegall broke off on his own in 1998, forming his own biotech start-up, Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics’ sole purpose was to develop new forms of antibody drug conjugates, eventually leading to a widespread acceptance of the new kind of drug.

Under Dr. Siegall’s sagacious leadership, Seattle Genetics developed a large portfolio of drugs and intellectual processes throughout the 2000’s. By 2011, the firm had already seen its first antibody drug conjugate approved by the FDA for use in refractory non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This marked a major milestone for antibody drug conjugates in general, as this was the first drug of its kind to be approved by the FDA for public use.

Today, that drug, ADCetris, has been responsible for saving thousands of lives. Dr. Siegall continues leading his company to develop more of these innovative drugs.

Goettl Embarks Upon A Nationwide Expansion Program Starting In Southern California

The Goettl brand of HVAC maintenance and repair specialists has been working towards rebuilding the reputation of the company established in the 1930s under owner Ken Goodrich. The latest move announced by Goettl is the acquisition of another family owned plumbing and HVAC system in the shape of the Southern California based Walton’s; although the deal was initially finalized in 2015 the announcement of the merger was put off until 2017 to ensure all the timing was correct for both parties involved.

Ken Goodrich believes the family owned nature and values of Walton’s fit in perfectly with the business culture Goettl has established over the last few years since the arrival of Ken Goodrich as owner. By acquiring Walton’s, Ken Goodrich and Goettl will move further to Southern California from their main market base in Arizona and Nevada; bringing Walton’s brand into the Goettl family adds a number of new employees and will act as a base from which the historic HVAC company will look to further expand into new areas of the Southwest.

The ultimate aim of the Goettl Company ( is to take the regional brand well known in Arizona and Nevada across the U.S. and challenge the giants of HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation for dominance, according to the Phoenix Business Journal. Goettl is not limiting its expansion plans to a few markets in Southern California, but is instead already seeking growth opportunities in Northern California and Texas as the company branches out to the east and west of its traditional markets.

Ken Goodrich has taken the Goettl brand back to a position of respect and power within Nevada and Arizona as he has also sought to expand the reach of the historic brand across the nation. Goettl is named for brothers Adam and Gust Goettl who formed their company in the 1930s after moving from the frigid region of Ohio to Arizona. The brothers had already found fame in Ohio with heating appliances and new ways of defrosting frozen pipes before moving to Arizona and finding new ways of cooling buildings in the extreme temperatures of the state.

Goettl has been at the heart of the development of many different forms of HVAC technology over the years and is well known as one of the most important companies in the development of the modern HVAC industry. Visit the company profile on

Greg Aziz Is taking National Steel Car Into A Higher Level

National Steel Car is currently one of the most popular companies in the world. The institution specializes in the manufacture of railroad freight cars, and it is based in North America. The modern company is considered to be a leader in the industry because it has done so well in the recent times. Unlike most of its competitors, National Steel Car has a lot of expertise, having been in the industry for more than a century. Although the institution started enjoying an international reputation in the 1990’s, it has a lot of clients from all over the world.

The reputation of the prestigious company started rising several years ago when Gregory James Aziz acquired it from Dofasco. When purchasing the institution, Greg Aziz wanted to make it one of the best in Northern America. Through a lot of dedication and hard work, the businessman has been able to achieve this, and the company is now a leader in several platforms. The company has also won the hearts of very many people who are based in the United States and other parts of the world.


When Greg J Aziz decided to acquire the international company in the 1990’s experts, say that it was only producing three thousand five hundred cars annually. In less than ten years after the acquisition, the firm transformed significantly, increasing its annual productions to twelve thousand. The number of the professionals working in the private company is believed to have quadrupled during these years. The team work of these professionals has been influential in the success of the company. Clients from all over the world say that they got the best cars from the company due to the professionalism of the employees in the company. See More Information.


Apart from offering high-quality services and products to its clients, NSC is famed for remaining top of its competitors in the international competitors. The private firm has won many prestigious awards in the past due to its quality services. The leadership of the organization has been instrumental in the success of the private firm. Gregory Aziz makes sure that everything in the institution runs smoothly. The businessman has also ensured that there is a great consistency over the years. Greg has a lot of expertise in the business world. His biggest dream is to work hard and make sure that the company grows and remains on top, regardless of the economic climate. The company has branches in different parts of the world.


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