Gregory J Aziz on His Childhood – Recent Interview with James Aziz, aka National Steel Car CEO

When Gregory James Aziz was a boy, from the ages of 7 to 11, he would swim at his local recreation center that was only a block away from the house: He remembers the divine experience as if it happened yesterday – along with his entire youth. The place was called Harvey Park Recreation Center, and it was a property owned by Denver Recreational Parks District, a business that is still in the works today – and no less successful; the franchise now owns more than 70 properties in the state of Colorado and plans to expand even further than that in these next three years. Is it as successful as National Steel Car? We can say, with certainty, that it is not quite at that level. Yet it has molded Greg’s youth tremendously.

Greg’s Pitched Ideas for Swimmers to Blog About: why not to dive alone, best places to get cheap swimming lessons – and how to score a free one every now and then, how to best prepare for an upcoming swim exam, how to get your certification and First Aid licensure to become a lifeguard, many mistakes that first-year lifeguards make and how to avoid them in your first job, top swimming pools and recreation or water parks in the U.S. or even abroad, how to hold your breath underwater

Greg’s Favorite Related Site: seems to offer an appeal to anyone who first visits the site; he knows that he was hooked when he first browsed the site, and that’s only due to the wonderful content written all over the main page. Visual appeal can go a long way for any business.

Imaginary House: Casa Huarabando was the name of the imaginary home that Greg lived in when he was a child, particularly from the ages of seven to twelve. His brother was his only roommate there, and women were not allowed: Boy, has his mindset changed. The house was red.

Greg’s thoughts on beef jerky as a health food

According to Greg, most Americans have simply not considered the many nutritious benefits that come with picking up a fresh pack of Slim Jim beef jerky from the local gas station, especially when in a hurry. This food provides energy for those busy “life moments”.


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