Sheldon Lavin & The OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is a business executive in the food and meat processing industry. While little is known of his educational background, details about his professional career are readily accessible online. He is the president of OSI International Food, Ltd.

OSI/Otto & Sons

Lavin also serves as the chairman and the CEO (chief executive officer) of the OSI Group, LLC. His various job duties keep him sufficiently involved with the company’s many operations. He has been employed by OSI Group since 1970. At that time the business was called Otto & Sons. Today he knows quite a lot about the industry.

OSI Today

Lavin credited for leading the OSI Group from being a small food processing business to an international industry leader. Today OSI has 60 facilities in as many countries. His hard work and achievements led to recognition, too.

Global Visionary Award

In 2016 he was honored with the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy. Lavin told reporters that he felt honored to be given the award. Lavin also stated that he took pride in everything he had accomplished with the OSI Group in making it a truly international power in business today. Lavin is still committed to the OSI Group and all of its employees.

Company Awards

The OSI Group itself has also garnered numerous awards in the areas of the environment and sustainability under Lavin’s supervision. Lavin told the press that he hopes future business leaders will continue to prioritize sustainability environmental issues. He hopes to inspire future corporate leaders to consider not only the growth of their companies but also on expanding their corporations in such a way that will provide opportunities for overall global commerce and their employees too. For more info about us: click here.

More On Lavin

Today Sheldon Lavin remains involved in the community. His actions show everyone that not only can he “talk the talk”, but he can “walk the walk” too. His community service includes his work with charities such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities. In general, he said he always tries to “give something back” to his community whenever that is possible.

Incredible Incredibites from Beneful

When it comes to picking out food for your dog many factors are taken into consideration. Ingredients, age at of your dog, and size are all common concerns when it comes to picking out the right food for your pet. Thankfully, Beneful has made the process much easier with its wide variety of food.

BenefulIncredibites are designed for adult small breed dogs, ages one to seven. It is designed to help your small dogs higher metabolism, includes calcium for healthy teeth, helps maintain strong muscles, and contains small pieces for his mouth and teeth. The ingredients in BenefulIncredibites are beef, as the main ingredient and Whole Grain Corn, Barley, dried carrots, and peas as supporting players. Having beef as the main ingredient means your dog will enjoy their food even more.

Incredibites come in 3.5-pound bags for around $5.50-6.00 or a 15.5-pound bag for $14-17 dollars depending on where it’s bought. Currently, has a coupon for $2.00 off one bag of Incredibites dog food. Checking the store you plan to buy from or the Beneful website might also be beneficial to your coupon search.The beef flavor seems to be the most popular and has a calorie count of 366 calories per cup.


Understanding Online Trade with Netpick

Unemployment is a major phenomenon in our world today and as the population continues to grow, the space for white-collar jobs continues to reduce. However, all is not lost if what Netpick is doing is anything to go by. All you need to have is basic knowledge in computer operations and internet access in your premises to get yourself a job. Netpick will do the rest for you and within minutes you will be a busy investor watching as your bank accounts grow from zero to the limit you so wish. There are plenty of job offers online that can actually keep you busy the entire day and up to 30 days of the month. However, there are limited sources of information that explain such jobs.

Netpicks has been on the forefront in trying to bring such information as close to investors as possible through its online platforms. Helpful info available on video clips from

They started off by trading in forex, stocks and EFT’s before deciding on creating a platform to train other investor on the same. Very few people would find a fortune and bring it to the world to invite others for the benefit. However, the company is built on very strong values and principles to help others. Having been part of the process for over 2 decades, Netpick is a good mentor you can depend on because the company has seen it all. They will help you to make an informed decision in terms of what is viable for your schedule and budget.  Detailed info available on

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The best thing about online business is that it is a very flexible trade. This gives you both financial as well as social freedoms to do your other activities that are unrelated to work.  Learn more tips from this useful link.

The company has highly qualified staff members who are also involved in the online trade, hence, they are people you can trust to guide you from a point of knowledge. In addition, the company has a follow-up policy that ensures that after training you are well guided to make good of your investments. Netpick travels the all way with its clients to offer guidance and assist in every way possible. For more details and info, visit their website, hit on


Matthew Autterson – Financial Businessman

Matthew Autterson is a professional entrepreneur who has dedicated his career and education to the financial industry. He has over 25 years of experience in the financial industry and has served as the president for one of the largest financial companies in the country. The company is called Resources Trust Company, which was an FDIC-insured depository trust company. The company was acquired by Fiserv from AIG in May 2001. Resources Trust was responsible for providing custodial services and depository services to more than 200,000 clients. Resources Trust also held more than $20 billion in assets and over 1 billion in deposits by their 700 employees. It was one of the largest financial firms in the country, and their success fully depended on the advice and expertise of Mr. Autterson.

Mr. Autterson attended college at Michigan State University with his bachelor’s in Finance. He graduated in 1980 and then decided to advance into the tax program offered at the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. He initially began the start of his career at First Trust Corporation. At the time, First Trust Corporation was a subsidiary of Fiserv. His decision to leave the company in 1982 led him to join a small team to initiate a new Colorado State chartered trust business. The new business became a subsidiary of a New York business that was solely focused on financial services. The company was called Integrated Resources and became the start to a very successful career for Autterson. Finally, in 1986, Autterson became the president of Resources Trust Company. The company was owned by Integrated Resources and eventually was acquired by Broad Inc. Several years later the company was acquired by SunAmerica and then by AIG in 1998 for approximately $18 billion.

Mathew Autterson has many years of experience and has taken a solid interest in many foundations. He is currently the member of the Board of Directors of Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB). He is a prominent leader in the business community of Colorado and currently represents many philanthropic interests. He has served in many leadership roles within the Board of the Denver Zoo and the Denver Zoological Foundation. He currently serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of CNS Bioscience, Inc. The company was founded in 2013. His background, education and expertise have made him a very valuable financial businessman with a positive role in many different Colorado programs.


Gregory J Aziz on His Childhood – Recent Interview with James Aziz, aka National Steel Car CEO

When Gregory James Aziz was a boy, from the ages of 7 to 11, he would swim at his local recreation center that was only a block away from the house: He remembers the divine experience as if it happened yesterday – along with his entire youth. The place was called Harvey Park Recreation Center, and it was a property owned by Denver Recreational Parks District, a business that is still in the works today – and no less successful; the franchise now owns more than 70 properties in the state of Colorado and plans to expand even further than that in these next three years. Is it as successful as National Steel Car? We can say, with certainty, that it is not quite at that level. Yet it has molded Greg’s youth tremendously.

Greg’s Pitched Ideas for Swimmers to Blog About: why not to dive alone, best places to get cheap swimming lessons – and how to score a free one every now and then, how to best prepare for an upcoming swim exam, how to get your certification and First Aid licensure to become a lifeguard, many mistakes that first-year lifeguards make and how to avoid them in your first job, top swimming pools and recreation or water parks in the U.S. or even abroad, how to hold your breath underwater

Greg’s Favorite Related Site: seems to offer an appeal to anyone who first visits the site; he knows that he was hooked when he first browsed the site, and that’s only due to the wonderful content written all over the main page. Visual appeal can go a long way for any business.

Imaginary House: Casa Huarabando was the name of the imaginary home that Greg lived in when he was a child, particularly from the ages of seven to twelve. His brother was his only roommate there, and women were not allowed: Boy, has his mindset changed. The house was red.

Greg’s thoughts on beef jerky as a health food

According to Greg, most Americans have simply not considered the many nutritious benefits that come with picking up a fresh pack of Slim Jim beef jerky from the local gas station, especially when in a hurry. This food provides energy for those busy “life moments”.


National Steel Car: Leading Canadian Locomotive Manufacturer

National Steel Car is a Canadian based company that is regarded as the largest manufacturer of train cars in Canada. The company is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, and has always been in the top three train car manufacturers throughout its lifetime. National Steel Car was founded in 1912, and today, the company still dominates the industry, thanks to the efforts of Gregory James Aziz, also known as Greg Aziz, the company’s current chairman and chief executive officer.



Long before the success that the National Steel Car is presently experiencing, the company has undergone several challenges in its lifetime. After it was founded in 1912, its performance was praised and it exceeded the expectation of its investors. The production of rolling stocks became in demand after the establishment of the company, and in 1913, the orders managed to reach an all-time high. One of their biggest clients was the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Canadian Northern Railway, which ordered several units of rolling stocks that were being used for the completion of the Trans-Canadian railway. Business is good for the National Steel Car when it was founded until the beginning of the Great Depression in the 1930s. The company saw a decline in orders, and they resorted into making different products aside from rolling stocks just for them to survive. The business was revitalized during World War II, and they have been in a healthy state ever since. In 1962, the company was purchased by Dofasco, a Canadian steel company, but they decided to leave the company when they noticed that its revenue is declining. National Steel Car went into the hands of Gregory J Aziz in 1994, and he promised to revitalize the business and beat the previous revenue records that they had. Go Here to learn more.



Under the leadership of Gregory J Aziz, the business started to flourish. National Steel Car managed to hire an additional 2,500 employees from the original 500 that remained. The production capacity of the company also rose significantly, growing from only 3,500 train cars up to 12,500 train cars per year. Presently, National Steel Car is manufacturing train cars and supplying them for the Canadian and American market, both for industrial and commercial use. Gregory J Aziz stated that the success of the company under his hands is the result of hard work and perseverance that a company on its knees can still bounce back and become successful.


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Netpicks: Providing Important tools and Knowledge to serious traders:

*An in depth look at Netpicks:

Netpicks has designed helpful investment strategies that can help an investor make sensible investment choices. Netpicks provides a great deal of helpful information on trading system development and how it relates to current market trends.

Netpicks has been in existance for over two decades. It has helped countless individuals become successful traders which ultimately changed their lives for the better. Specific trading system tools are quite useful, these tools will help you gain knowledge and skills needed to become a real market professional.

Trading Systems Tools include:

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*Unique Options Trading System.

Future Trading System is probably the most widely used by investors as well as ametueres. This system is constructed in easy to understand format. In addition, it will give you the basic mechanics needed to trade as well as understand the constantly changing market.

Stock Market Trading is a bit more complex and it comes with risk. Stock Trading is said to be risky for the simple reason that it deals with stocks and the market. This type of trading attempts to educate the person on market volatility as well as the best time to sell stocks and bonds.

*Forex Trading Examined:

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Finally, Netpicks can give traders an advantage if the system is used properly. The positive aspect of Netpicks is that it gives you sufficient time to learn everything you need to know about trading, stocks, bonds as well as making sound financial decisions. It is important to keep in mind, no matter how much knowledge you have as an adviser, planner, trader, the market has no guarantees. Important details available here

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Eric Pulier Turns Focus On New Apps

Eric Pulier has been cited as one of the IT world’s best innovators throughout his 20 year plus career programming computer systems and being a part of technological philanthropy. He’s now investing in tech startups and running a new company known as vAtomic Systems, Inc. Pulier has moved from enterprise cloud computing and the Cloud Enterprise Leadership Coucil to exploring gaming apps and how they can be used for real world solutions. He told Ideamensch that he’s especially excited about blockchain technology and how it could change the world economy as we know it. Pulier has always been a man who has looked to the future since he began Pulier professional career.

Eric Pulier may have been considered a child prodigy in technology when he began in the 4th grade. He did even more in high school and earned acceptance into Harvard and MIT due to Eric Pulier academic excellence. He graduated in 1988 with a bachelor’s degree in literature and then moved out to Los Angeles. He met up with other IT graduates and businessmen to form a group known as People Doing Things, and in three years that group became known as Digital Evolution. Digital Evolution focused on interactive video and special graphics enhancements on web design for many clients including Microsoft, Warner Brothers and Toyota. In 1998 Digital Evolution was merged with US Interactive, LLC and Pulier became Chairman of the new company. Pulier oversaw the development of three SOA companies known as Akana, Desktone and ServiceMesh.

Eric Pulier served as a technological advisor to the government and also hosted the Presidential Technology Exhibition during the celebration of former President Bill Clinton’s reelection in 1997. He also worked with several children’s hospitals in collaboration with Starbright World, a social media and virtual reality system designed to help chronically ill children. Pulier was honored as a top IT executive by VAR Business magazine and was also named in AdWeekly. Aside from currently investing and seed funding disruptive app technology, Pulier is also on the Board of Innovation at XPrize, a science and robotics foundation for your programmers as well as the technology board at the Painted Turtle.

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Jose Borghi’s company driving Brazilian’s advertising sector high

Advertising is a significant part of business. It ensures that you stay relevant and reach the right audience to help you generate revenue for your business.

Ever since, businesses allocate huge junk of money to advertising to ensure its continuity. Even though this industry has faced a lot of changes recently, its contribution is still paramount and cannot be ignored.

Brazilian Advertising industry boasts as the most creative in the whole world. This is because of notable players such as José Henrique Borghi.

Jose is the founder of Mullen Lowe Ad agency based in Brazil. His creativity is the talk of the town all over Brazil. Through his Ad agency, José Henrique Borghi has produced ultra-successful campaigns that resonated with millions of Brazilians and beyond.

His success has won him international brands such as Honda, JetBlue, Royal Caribbean, Hyatt, Mitsubishi, and Unilever to mention a few.

José Henrique Borghi started his Advertising career back in 1989 when he was appointed as the president of Leo Burnett Advertising agency and climbed the ranks to be the president of the company eleven years later.

Passion is what made José Henrique Borghi venture into advertising industry in the first place. After high school, he wasn’t sure what career journey to take, but on coming in contact with advertising world, he immediately knew what wanted.

Passion, when coupled with hard work, generates unstoppable force that propels one to prosperity. After some time working with various advertising companies, Jose decided to test the waters. He started his own company Creative Intelligence Agency with his friend Erh Ray.

They later merged with Lowe Advertising Agency to form Mullen Lowe Brasil in 2006. And success continued to pour in which contributed to later mergers that resulted into present day Mullen Lowe Advertising Agency in Brazil. To know more click here.

Mullen Lowe is among the pioneers of Brazilian advertising industry. Its success is attributed to the values instilled by its founder, Jose Borghi. Jose Borghi on Facebook.

Goettl Finally Announces the Acquisition of HVAC Company

Not long ago, Goettl Air Conditioning hit the headlines with news of acquiring HVAC Company Walton’s Heating and Air. The announcement got many by a surprise who viewed HVAC as a crushing company hence the move unnecessary. From a professional’s perspective, the move is meant to promote Goettl’s growth strategy since it has never been in California. After all, Ken Goodrich is prominent for his skills of reviving falling companies hence the HVAC Company situation didn’t pose any new challenge to his long and fruitful career.

Goettl Company has stable stations in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Tucson. Acquiring HVAC Company, a family-owned business opened more platforms for Goettl Company which is seeking expansion to different cities. According to Todd Longbrake, the state of HVAC Company was slowly deteriorating to closure. However, Longbrake insists that being the leader, he had dedicated his duties to bring the company back to life without success. When Goodrich and his company approached Longbrake with a proposal to acquire HVAC Company, Longbrake was first reluctant, but after evaluating, he decided to give the deal a chance.

The grand deal was settled in 2015. Today, Longbrake never regrets having joined the agreement as HVAC Company has continued to thrive to greater profits. The deal saw Longbrake get a role as a sales manager and field supervisor, a profession that he is experienced. According to Goodrich, this acquisition was unique because the likes of Longbrake took the least time possible to adapt to the new system hence success. Although Goettl acquired HVAC Company in 2015, the deal was made official about a month which brought the question as to why that late. According to Ken Goodrich, the report was made that late to ensure that everything had fallen into place.

About Goettl Company

Goettl Air Conditioning has a history that runs from 1939. The company was founded by Adam and Gust Goettl. Originally, the company was renowned for its unique brand of air conditioning equipment that would handle the Southwest climate efficiently. However, with time, the company’s services have continued to evolve.

Today, Goettl is known for offering the best AC and heating equipment. Besides, the company also offers a successful range of maintenance, repair and replacement services. The company has stations in Las Vegas, Tucson, Phoenix, and now California. The company is headquartered in Nevada and operates as a private entity.

In 2008, the family-owned business was acquired by the American Residential Services (ARS) who later sold it to Phoenix Peach after facing various legal suits. Today, Goettl has over 306 employees. However, due to the new acquisition, the company project to have more than 200 job openings in Tucson and Phoenix.