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The week began on a rather cautious note for Wall Street as the technology industry came under new pressure as the energy stock prices declined even as oil prices gained a firm position after an unpredictable start. Also, the US economic data had a small impact on the dollar and the treasuries while gold prices hit an all-time low since mid-May; not to mention the gains in the energy and industrial organizations failing to offset the losses that spread to other areas. The Dow Jones fell 0.2 % to 21,235.6 points, the tech-savvy Nasdaq fell 0.5% to 6175.4 points, and the wider S&P 500 index reduced 0.1% to 2429.3. The performance only means that the once believed inexorable market can indeed come to a halt. Useful link here

The change in sentiments among investors results in an unpredictable market during the upcoming summer months. Interestingly, the tendency is no new convention during the typical low-volume summer months, but the already glum sentiments will heighten the market’s fickleness. It does not mean that investors can’t make money; in fact, the smart ones may cash in more than they ever did. They just need to know how to take advantage of the market using the proactive strategy “Lock and Walk.” It is designed to reverse support and resistance levels in the Nasdaq 100 NDX when -1.83%, trade ProSharesUltraShort QQQ QLD -3.63% and ProSharesUltraShort QQQ QID +3.71% when the levels are tested and broken. However, if the strategy attains 67 basis points, Lock and Wall approach shuts down and waits for the next trading session to begin.  For additional tips, click on

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The online trading platform was launched in 1996 to provide trading education in stocks, futures, forex, options, EFTs, and signals in day and swing trading. The headquarters of Netpicksare located in Irving Texas where Mark Soberman, the founder and trained staff in trading provide training. Netpicks has more than twenty-five years of experience in personal trading and 17 years in trading education experience, thus can help any investor achieve his trading goals. They are real traders who know the highs and lows of the market. The company’s trading system is designed to provide for those looking for full-time careers in online trading, part-time income earners, and those who want to trade in minutes. For updates on NetPicks timeline activities, click on

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