Sawyer Howitt and the Rise of Mellinials

     Millenials are taking over the marketplace. According to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce report, Millenials began 160,000 new businesses a month in 2011 alone. Sawyer Howitt, who was recently made project manager of Meriwether Group, is a great example of these promising Millennials.

Howitt is very knowledgeable about starting businesses and seeks to share those ideas. He says that when you start a business you have to consider the city in which it is located: its economy, access to funding, average age of the population, the availability of high-speed broadband, and the potential for networking. In his opinion eight cities in particular meet the qualifications as ideal settings: San Francisco, California; Austin, Texas; Salt Lake City, Utah; Palo Alto, California; Denver, Colorado; Yorba Linda, California; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Santa Monica, California.

Having intimate knowledge of these things is Howitt’s job at The Meriwether Group. His special ability to analyze the marketplace and the business industry is why he was hired in the first place. It also helps that he is the son of its founder and CEO, David Howitt.

His role at The Meriwether Group is to aid businesses and entrepreneurs in their efforts to grow. In addition to his work in the business sector, Howitt is also highly involved in philanthropic giving and work. Specifically, he has sought mentorship for youth, fought for women’s rights, and led an international ethnic study group.

In the area of mentorship for youth he has helped to instigate internship programs. He is also keen to help in works that encourage educational funding. Born in Portland, Oregon in 2000, Sawyer is so young that he just graduated from high school two months ago. This coming fall he will begin attending the University of California, Berkeley, where he intends to join its Entrepreneurial Finance degree program.


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