French Wine Routes Become A Part Of The Tourist Industry For The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides

The Traveling Vineyard wants to educate the public about the best available options in wine tourism in the most impressive wine producing regions of France, including Alsace, Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Champagne. As the demand for wine has rocketed to higher levels in the last few decades these regions have also taken a greater interest in the level of wine tourism taking place in these wine producing regions that has led to the establishment of a series of wine routes taking tourists through these regions in the most effective and evocative way possible.

For those who wish to take a wine tour close to the heart of Paris there are many routes to take through the northerly wine producing region of Champagne, which is best known for the cold climate production of sparkling wine; those choosing to take one of these wine routes through the region leading to the Atlantic coast makes this a popular destination for wine tasting tourists. Another popular destination for those exploring the Champagne region is to explore the tomb of Dom Perignon, the man responsible for discovering the first varieties of Champagne.

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In contrast to the cold climate production areas of Champagne is the Bordeaux region of Southwest France that has become a popular destination for wine enthusiasts seeking to explore a more rural yet sun kissed part of the wine producing world. The Traveling Vineyard recommends doing a little research before setting out to explore the Bordeaux region where the majority of vineyards and wineries offer tours on specific days of each week.

The Traveling Vineyard is popular with both customers and Wine Guides alike for the impressive range of wines on offer from this party based wine merchant; wine guides are invited to provide a wine tasting guided by Wine Guides who are given all the knowledge and research needed to complete their work in an impressive and interesting way. The benefits of The Traveling Vineyard include learning more about different wines available from The Traveling Vineyard that have been handpicked by the experts at the company for their individuality and high quality.

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