Makeup Options That Give Women Bold Choices


Are you tired of wrestling with your dull boring makeup options and applying several reapplications throughout the day? Galore magazine did an in depth article about Lime Crime and its Founder and CEO, Doe Deere. She got her start at the young age of 13 selling products to her friends in Russia, but not before popularizing the products herself. Deere began selling temporary tattoos to her friends and classmates and making a profit. Best of all, she was glad to have a product that made her friends happy. She learned that art of being an entrepreneur at that moment and never looked back.

How Lime Crime Was Born


She was tired of the traditional neutral colors that makeup was providing and it wasn’t long before she decided to invent her own colors. Her makeup choices would offer bold colors and provide a rich velvetines matte formula, like those in the products on here. Her colors go on smooth, but dry to fit the contours of your eyelids and lips. Lime Crime offers a unique assortment of eye shadow’s and lipsticks that are individually wrapped and packaged in their own signature wrapping. You will be able to easily distinguish Lime Crime products from other products.


In fact, Lime Crime offers great Youtube tutorials from actual users that will give you ideas on how to mix, match, blend, wear, and remove their products. They also offer great tutorials that will show you which styles work well with Lime Crime products. Their sister company Dolls Kill offers you a wide variety of accessories, shoes, and clothing items that go uniquely well with Lime Crime. You have the option of being bold with your makeup choices and they give you creative ways to blend Lime Crime to meet the demands of your busy day. Best of all, Lime Crime is waterproof as evidenced by Tumblr, but easy to remove for women to transition from their day to night look.

You’re invited to visit the Lime Crime website to learn more about promotional offers and free shipping on orders over a certain amount. Make Lime Crime your go-to makeup product, and join the legion of Facebook followers that have done the same.

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