Lime Crime Continues To Offer an Incredibly Engaging Color Palette

If you’re looking for makeup that shows off your bold personality, Lime Crime could have just what you’re looking for. The company was founded by Doe Deere, who is a makeup artist and musician. Lime Crime was named for Deere’s favorite color, lime green, and started in 2004 as an Ebay store. Lime Crime products are also all-natural and made from vegan ingredients, which is something Deere is committed to maintaining.

One of the most popular products that Lime Crime sells was a bold blue lipstick with a velvet finish. That’s why Lime Crime has recently introduced Teddy Bear, a velvetine shade that has a matte finish, and was inspired by a Melanie Martinez song. The lipstick has a lilac undertone to it, which means that it pops well on all skin tones. Doe also recommends Venus, an eye shadow palette from Lime Crime, that goes great with Teddy Bear lipstick. You can see several pictures of models wearing Venus eye shadow and Teddy Bear lipstick to give you a great idea of how the makeup products will look on you.

Lime Crime also has the True Love gift box. Deere says that this box includes makeup shades that inspire self love, and there’s a Limited Edition Trio available that includes shades of pink. This makes a great gift for a makeup lover, especially for Valentine’s Day.

Perlees are also a great product from Lime Crime. The cases the lipstick comes in are pretty and decorated with flowers, and the colors have a pearly shimmer to them that will make lips sparkle.

Lime Crime features a Tumblr blog with fashion ideas and tips for wearing Lime Crime makeup. Doe Deere also inspires her readers and customers to wear the makeup, clothing and hairstyles that make them feel beautiful. The Pinterest crowd has really picked up on that, which is why Lime Crime has a huge following there.

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