Real Estate in NYC is Still on an Upward Trend

NYC continues to grow and build even where there seems to be no more available space to use. The top ten projects coming to the city in 2016 already have building permits filed and are well into the planning stages. Most of the new properties to be seen are commercial spaces that will attract businesses to neighborhoods looking to attract more retail and business space. Another trend that is noticeable is adding more commercial and retail space to areas that were once solely residential buildings. Towers and high rises continue to be the building of choice as the only place to build is up.

TOWN RealEstate is an NYC real estate agency in Manhattan, one of the most competitive zip codes for agents in the country. The agency mainly deals in luxury listings, and dedicates a huge amount of staff and resources to each and every listing that it takes on. Even though TOWN is a relatively young firm, the men and women that make up the agency are all veterans within the industry and came together in order to form an elite real estate firm that would see to the sale of the best and most coveted properties in the city.

TOWN is comfortable in selling and managing properties that are both commercial, residential, and retail, giving its clients an entirely hands on experience when it comes to their properties. Agents work closely with their clients in order to provide them with every opportunity to make the most from the properties that they own. At TOWN clients get more than someone that is well versed in real estate sales, but an entire marketing and ad team that will all work together to present a complete approach to handling each and every property.

How To Choose A Reliable Reputation Management Firm

When Status Labs suffered its own online reputation damage the executives and teams at the company realized the impact negative press can have. Although it was something that one of the former executives did that caused the problem, the team at Status Labs took action to restore the company’s image and protect their brand.

They realized that they could have been more engaged with their local community. That would have made it easier to regain public support and build their confidence. They utilized their expertise and restored everything back to normal and now their community and clients are raving about how great the company is.

Online reputation management is an essential service that every business person should consider. Without a good reputation, you will have a hard time running a successful business or retaining customers.This is because people rely on information they find online, to make buying decisions. If the information is negative, it can have a severe impact on how people see your business. If it is favorable, then you won’t have to worry because people will definitely come to you.

Reputation management companies provide this essential service effectively, saving you time and frustration. All you need to do is find a reputable company and subscribe to their service. Their professionals will monitor your online reputation and handle problems the right way. They will let you know what’s going on and how they intend to resolve the issue.

Status Labs has been providing top quality online public relations for clients around the world and is highly regarded in the industry. The company has a efficient systems that enable their reputation management team detect threats and immediately take action to prevent any damage. If damage has already been done, these professionals have the expertise to repair it and prevent further negative results.

When you contact Status Labs, their professionals will schedule a consultation to go over your situation and develop a personalized online reputation management plan to help you reach your goals. With their expert service, you can run your business without having to worry about what people are reading about you or your company.

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Bury Bad Articles and Increase Business Reputation

This is a common scenario. One person is enjoying a lot of success in his business and then his sales suddenly go down. There may be other cases that he is noticing like is followers or subscribers are decreasing on social media. This can be a confusing thing for many people. All he would have to do is search his keyword and see if there is in fact a bad article about him or his company. If there is, then there is one thing that he could do. He could look for ways to get rid of the bad article. One of the best ways is to provide new content that is optimized for search engines.

It is very possible for one to provide his own optimized content. However, it could take a lot of time to do that. For one thing, one has to know where to go in order to provide content that will reach the front page of the search results. Fortunately, there are a bunch of agents that have a lot of skill in the search engine optimization department. They could provide the needed content in order to bury the bad articles in the search results.

One firm that handles this very specific responsibility is Bury Bad Articles. This firm is a newcomer in the online reputation management industry. However, it is filled with plenty of skilled people in the department of providing optimized content. When one signs up with the agency, they will put together a campaign that takes on a variety of issues with the reputation of the client. The client will soon experience a return to grace with the content that is released. For one thing, he will no longer see that bad article about his company on the front page of search results.

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Coriant Welcomes Some Exciting New Leadership

Anyone who keeps tabs on the tech world is aware of just how important a strong CEO can be. The same goes for having a CEO with an impressive history. Or one who brings an especially large scope of technical knowledge to the table. These types of people are always the superstars of the tech world. It’s usually fairly certain the the combination will make for some very impressive results. That’s also why so many eyes are turned to Coriant right now.

Coriant is best known for services and products related to telecommunications. However, this designation can be somewhat misleading. The field of telecommunications is itself a very diverse field which is filled with a variety of powerful technologies. Coriant puts a heavy focus on their work with voice transmission, data and similar mobile technologies. This is also why Coriant’s new CEO is a perfect match for the position. The new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir, has an extensive history with all of these technologies.

In fact, one of Kheradpir’s strongest assets is his experience within the tech industry. He’s had over 28 years of executive experience within the tech sector. This has been long enough to see the very earliest seeds of some of today’s most important devices. His work with Verizon is obviously quite applicable to his new role at Coriant. It’s really the combination of that with his other experiences at GTE, Barclays and many other companies which create a high level of distinction from other executives. To go back to the example of phones, a modern smartphone is a combination of many seemingly different components. It never would have occurred if someone with a solid understanding of all of them hadn’t seen the potential which lay in combining them. This is exactly the role that a strong CEO such as Kheradpir plays in a company.

Additionally, Kheradpir has already proven himself to be a good match for Coriant’s executive environment. During his time working as Operating Executive to Marlin Equity Partners he was able to strike up a solid working relationship with Coriant’s senior management team. And this is one of the factors which really shows that he’ll be able to have a positive influence on Coriant. Kheradpir isn’t simply bringing in his wealth of experience. He’s also demonstrated a talent for effectively communicating with executives and passing on that experience. With this in mind it’s easy to see that Coriant has a bright future ahead of it.

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Mike Baur, the co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur, a co-founder and managing partner of the Zurich Swiss Startup Factory, comes from Fribourg Switzerland. As a teenager, he always dreamt of working as a Banking Financer. Today he is a proud banker helping fellow Swiss citizens to achieve their goals too.
Mike is a graduate of the Rochester University with an MBA as well as an Executive MBA from the Bern University. He spent the 1st 20 years of his career in Swiss Private Banking. Mike was able to move up the ladder to secure a seat on the Executive Board of the Swiss Private bank. He is among the few people in the world that were able to achieve their dreams.
In the year 2014, Mr. Baur and two other partners co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory. The Factory is currently the best private and independent finance ICT Accelerator in their home country. The young entrepreneurs take him as a mentor.
Now as the managing director of the Zurich Startup Factory, he is working hard to ensure that fellow countrymen achieve their dreams too. The Company has a vision to be able to serve young and talented entrepreneurs in the Swiss Nation. He wants to provide the entrepreneurs with a professional implementation platform that takes them through business-driven, dedicated program with ambitious markers.

The Swiss startup lab
The company now offers many young entrepreneurs office equipment, office space, courses in accounting, networking platforms, connections with successful investors, employee benefits and business management. Mike has so far increased the enrollment and his factory’s staff. He wants to help the youth reach greater heights within the short period possible. He has used his long experience and connections in the banking industry to help him achieve this. “You cannot solely rely on perspiration, knowledge and inspiration will take your new business a notch higher than the rest.”
This dream has attracted many successful individuals around him. For example Michael Hartweg, Michael left his company Leonteq. He is already an investor in the Swiss Startup Factory. He will be coaching founders and future founders and corporations in the fintech industry.
For those looking forward to benefiting from the works of Mike Baur, you can take advantage of the three-month accelerator program which can be found on the company’s official website. You will get to present to some of the world’s most prominent entrepreneurs and much more. You can see the requirements of this accelerator program in the same site.

Coworking Spaces Bring Workers Together


Shared office space is becoming more popular among co-workers and the trend seems to be contributing to a thriving work environment. Coworking spaces are comprised of freelancers, remote workers, and other entrepreneurs. Start-up companies are becoming more and more popular in a world full of talented innovators. More and more these talented professionals are moving into unconventional work spaces. The spaces are obtained by membership and are far less traditional than your average cubical. So why are co-working spaces creating so much worker success?
Professionals working within coworking spaces tend to be excited about the work that they are doing. They possess original ideas, that are fresh and quite often groundbreaking. Freelancers choose the projects that they work on and this tends to lead to very meaningful work. Also, their peers are not competitors but often collaborators that inspire one another. Since everyone has a different project going on, there is no overshadowing among workers. No one person is outshining the next, instead everyone is helping each other prosper as a result of the environment.
Coworking spaces also place emphasis on community and development. The coworking movement is modeled around this goal. Coworking spaces allow workers to unify and contribute to a movement larger than their individual selves. There is a definite opportunity for social and professional networking, as well. In contrast, there is also an opportunity to work autonomously and to pick one’s own hours. This can be convenient for times when a worker needs to put in extra hours or work at an unconventional time.
Overall, worker success seems to be attributed to a well-curated work environment and experience. Therefore, if you are considering a coworking space you’ll want to choose wisely. For New Yorkers, WorkVille NYC coworking space can provide a luxurious space and a friendly atmosphere. The space incorporates a café, lounge area, and three outdoor terraces into the work space. They also provide a mail service, fast internet, printers, and private phones. In addition, they are centrally located off of Broadway in the city. These features continue to keep incredible people returning to WorkVille NYC, a coworking space a number of successful start-ups call home.

How To Choose A Reputable Investment Banking Firm

Are looking for information on investment banking, money management or other financial service? Do you want to find a reputable investment banking advisor or financial services firm? Maybe you have heard or read about Martin Lustgarten and the vast range of high quality financial services and investment solutions he and his team provides.

If you need the services of a financial advisor or investment firm, it is extremely important to do your research before making a choice. You are putting your life’s work into the hands of the investment banking professional or firm you select. The investment banking professional must trust that clients will be open and honest about their goals, their company and its operations. The client must be able to trust the banking firm to wisely manage and protect their interest and to provide reliable guidance and advice.

With so many firms out there offering a variety of investment solutions and money management services, it can be a daunting task knowing which one provides top quality service. That is why it is advisable to go with a firm or professional that has an established history of providing excellent service to clients.

When it comes to rendering outstanding investment services to clients, look no further than Martin Lustgarten.

As founder of Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm, Martin Lustgarten is a renowned professional whose expertise in investment banking has helped many companies and business owners achieve tremendous growth and success with their investment. He has a thorough understanding of the industry and has access to top quality resources, which enable him and his team to meet the needs of his clients.

Martin Lustgarten is reputable, highly competent and an expert in investment banking. Martin takes the time to find out his clients’ situation and expectation and then designs a suitable program. He has provided services to numerous clients around the world, including institutions, corporations, big companies and entrepreneurs. Martin makes sure his clients feel comfortable dealing with him and he assures them that he will provide them with the highest quality service.

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How Michael Zomber Has Crafted His Career

Michael Zomber is one of the top arms historians in the country and makes it his pride and joy to specialize in the care, education and sale of many of the finest Japanese swords found on the market. Michael Zomber has had a passion for Japanese culture for his entire life and has made it his passion in life to provide people with the knowledge and education they need when it comes to choosing quality swords for their own collections. Michael Zomber has been featured on a variety of television shows as well as local press releases because of his experience in this particular field.

What sets Michael Zomber apart from so many of the other men and women who are choosing to make this their own career choice is because of the fact that he has puts years of education and dedication into the craft. He specializes in the care and sale of all Japanese swords for those who are either collecting themselves or for those who simply want to invest into a historical time piece while knowing that they are getting a product of high quality that is sure to last for many years without any problems.

The thing about Michael Zomber that many people enjoy is his knowledge of swords and arms in general. He is incredibly knowledgeable about a variety of different sword types and has taken it into his own hands to continually educate himself on the different products out there so that he is able to provide a better service to many people who might be in need of it for themselves. The fact that Michael Zomber has a lot of experience behind him and has been a great person to work with for those who might be collecting these things, it is no wonder that a lot of people have been successful with working with him directly. There are a lot of people who are buying their arms from Michael Zomber with wonderful results and it is why so many choose this individual when they are going to be adding to their own collection. Be sure to check Michael out on Facebook.

White Shark Media offers free tools to increase your earning potential!!

White Shark Media is a digital market agencies that can help increase traffic to websites using AdWords. The agencies incredibly successful has recorded on their website to have almost $36 million ad spend in the past year. One of their clients even reached 1.5 million in sales while using White Shark Media`s services.

White Shark Media has made getting an AdWords evaluation basically effortless and it is free! Once you have requested your free evaluation a trained specialists will demonstrate to you how to increase website traffic using AdWords.

The Specialist will provide you access to to view their screen as they provide a thoroughly explained walk through of their evaluation. After completing the evaluation, you can choose to hire White Shark Media or use all the information your learned and apply it yourself.

Regardless of what you choose when you have a free AdWords evaluation, you gain valuable knowledge that will benefit your website.

To access a free AdWord evaluation, just complete the form on the website here, press submit and a certified specialist will get in touch with you soon. You can also call 305-728-4828 to be connected with your free Adword evaluation.

Using AdWords isn’t the only services that White Shark Media Review has to offer. The agency also offers search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Both of which can increase your search ranking and get more people to your website.

White Shark Media is an impressive agency that has come up to be one of the top agencies in the digital marketing industries in only 5 years. During that 5 years White Shark Media has worked hard to improve their services to be the best. White Shark Media has used the complaints they have received to identify areas to make changes to increase their customer satisfaction.

To improve how their agencies operates, White Shark Media has taken some of the most frequent complaints to made changes. Some of these changes include providing extensive education to ensure that each client understands how to use the services that are available to them.

White Shark Media has also increased communication with clients and created statistic tracking tools to monitor what is happening within your business.  Learn more about White Shark Media Review: and

White Shark Media is an investment into your business. By taking advantage of the services offered, you can see increased traffic to your website and can increase your sales.

George Soros in the News

Billionaire and politician George Soros is making waves in London. In an article published by USA Today on June 21, 2016, Soros and famed soccer star, David Beckham, pledged support for the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union. This effort to prevent the separation is being referred to as the “Remain Campaign”. Soros, a well-known investor and currency trader weighed in on the issue stating “a British vote to leave the 28-nation European Union could severely damage living standards and trigger a plunge in the British pound — more than what happened on Black Wednesday nearly 24 years ago. The pound could fall at least 15% and possibly by more than 20%.”

Considering his reputation and position of power, Soros’ statements are being taken seriously among his peers, politicians, and citizens of the European Union. “My success in the financial markets has given me a greater degree of independence than most other people,” George Soros once wrote. “This allows me to take a stand on controversial issues: In fact, it obliges me to do so because others cannot.” The Financial Times reported that in a survey conducted by the Creative Industries Federation, a lobby group for the arts, 96 percent of its own members are supporters of the Remain Campaign and its efforts. The Financial Times also goes on the say that celebrity endorsements, such as the one made by George Soros are powerful because they can guarantee media coverage and “provide sunny faces for leaflets”.

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Brexit and the Future of Europe

George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

Soros has become a very common character in the news as of late. In another recent article by the New York Times published earlier this month, George Soros is noted for his liberal political standing and his efforts to fund and encourage Latino voters. The paper reports that he will help to bankroll a campaign to mobilize Latinos, along with other immigrants, to the polls for the upcoming American presidential election. It is reported that the campaign will be worth as much as $15 million.

Aside from his political efforts and wildly-successful career in finance, George Soros is also known for his philanthropic efforts. More than 30 years ago, after deciding he had earned enough money for himself, Soros started the Open Society Foundations. The charity works to provide funding to many groups in need, including black students in need of academic funding in South Africa. “Open society is based on the recognition that our understanding of the world is inherently imperfect,” Soros said. “What is imperfect can be improved.”

Due to his immense wealth, propensity to speak up, and philanthropic efforts, it is clear that George Soros will continue to come up in headlines world-wide.

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