Streamlined And Glossier: Using WEN

Wouldn’t you love to have a little more time in your morning routine to sip on a latte or perfect your red lip? Wouldn’t you love to do these things with a glossy and manageable head of hair?
Even though this sounds too good to be true, it is not! It is all possible, and the only needed change is to switch from a normal hair care routine to Wen hair by Chaz Dean. WEN hair by Chaz Dean according to its QVC infomercial simplifies the hair cleansing process by combining the hair washing, conditioning, and prep for styling process into just one step. The cleansing conditioner is just one step, giving you more time in your routine to do the things you love.

Beauty writer Emily McClure took a closer look at WEN Hair and tried it for a week so we could see how it worked. . Emily gave us the play by play on how the WEN changed her hair and even backed it up with pictures. After hearing that the WEN streamlined her hair care roster into just one one product we were already excited.

From what we can see, the sephora endorsed brand drastically improved Emily’s hair in just a week. Her day one picture showed frizzy and dry hair, and by the first day her hair appeared more hydrated and glossy. By the end of the week she said that her hair felt softer, easier to manage, and even her friends were complimenting the mega watt shine. Visit Guthy-Renker to know more about Wen.

If we can get all that from a hair product that saves us more time in the morning to perfect our makeup or even get an extra 15 minutes of sleep, we’re sold.

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