Doe Deere Shows Off Makeup Color Use

Color is something I love. I really love seeing bright pinks and feeling instantly happy. I also love an intense cobalt blue, a deep purple that calls to mind the ballgown a princess might wear and many other colors such as emerald greens, dramatic blacks and shades of vivid red. It was with great joy that I found someone who also shares my love color. That person is makeup expert Doe Deere. Deere is someone I know loves color and wants to bring it to her products. When I found her company, Lime Crime, I was pleased as I had ever been in my life. I want to use color as much as possible in all areas of my life including the makeup that go buy each month. Deere shows people like me how we can bring color into our lives and put in on our lips, cheeks and eyes.

Fabulous Shades Of All Kinds

In my life, I look for colors because I know that I can feel so much happier when I’m draped in a shade of ruby or sapphire so I can feel relaxed and immersed in a world that is full of color in every possible way. Deere just loves color in the same way that I do. This is the total philosophy of color that she brings to all the products that you can buy on her site. Her makeup is always made from shades of color that unique and amazing. I know that she is always searching for new colors of all kinds that she can use in the makeup that she sells on Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a site that I am always checking at least once a week because I want to see what new and amazing color she has come up with to share with all of us.

Her Own Makeup Choices

Deere isn’t just someone who sells makeup to people. She’s also someone who really loves color and uses it personally in her own life. She loves makeup. You just know that any item that she has placed on the site is makeup that she has used in her own life. I know that all of her products are products that she has vetted. You can see this on her site where she brings in colors of all kinds to demonstrate to her fans how they can also use such colors at home. You can log on to the site and see how she has personally used such colors in her own life. This is one of many reasons why I have been such a fan of her work. She’s not only businesswoman. She’s also a true makeup artist.

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