FreedomPop Uses WhatsApp Wisely In Spain

FreedomPop has its designs set on Spain. Considering the huge customer potential in Spain, the country makes a fine “next stop” on the company’s global expansion plans. The way in which FreedomPop wants to garner attention and sales in Spain is going to be quite intriguing. Zero-rated access to Facebook’s WhatsApp messenger is going to be provided. Venture Beat has the whole story on the strategy, and it is a great strategy.

How does this work? Essentially, even when the monthly data allotment on a FreedomPop phone reaches zero, users can still sign onto WhatsApp. In Spain, WhatsApp is enormously popular with millions of mobile users. Making sure these users always have access to their favorite app absolutely should help this MVNO succeed in a new territory.

FreedomPop emerged on the budget mobile scene with a very simple concept. Refurbished phones would sell at massively discounted prices. A basic monthly subscription would come with a small amount of 100% free phone minutes, text messages, and data MBs. Customers who were pleased with the service could upgrade to a paid subscription. Over 40% of the customers in the United States and the United Kingdom took FreedomPop up on its offer. The company is doing remarkably well as a result.

FreedomPop has major plans for future market expansions in the international arena. The 25-country global hotspot is one. The brilliant offer of free WhatsApp use in Spain reveals another. To learn more about the company’s global strategies, read the full Venture Beat article.

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