FreedomPop Expands by Offering Unlimited Use of WhatsApp

A new article by VentureBeat details that FreedomPop has announced a plan to expand free mobile service access to the WhatsApp messaging service. FreedomPop’s plan would expand its services to Spain, its third national market, and give its users unlimited access to WhatsApp’s free messaging service. FreedomPop users would then be able to use the popular messaging service without needing to worry about the data caps and fees associated with traditional mobile carriers.

VentureBeat describes FreedomPop’s tantalizing offer to provide uninhibited access to WhatsApp as a “grand plan” that could “prove a smart way to grow.” The growth potential for FreedomPop is intuitive. FreedomPop’s service provides a free plan of 200 minutes, texts, and megabytes of data. Adding unlimited access to WhatsApp can make this basic plan even more enticing.

The market in Spain for WhatsApp is strong. According to FreedomPop COO Steven Sesar, over 70 percent of the Spanish mobile market use WhatsApp, thus providing unlimited access to the free messenger could spur many of Spain’s cell phone users into switching to FreedomPop as their primary mobile service provider. Once users switch services to FreedomPop they are more likely to purchase additional services and add-ons above the basic plan.

What makes FreedomPop’s plan even more unique is that it is not officially partnering with WhatsApp or Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp. FreedomPop is simply providing its users with free access to WhatsApp as part of its basic service plan. This substantially differs from previous attempts to connect WhatsApp to service providers through official partnerships, which have raised regulatory issues in the past.

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