Slyce, Inc. Lands A Contract with Shoe Carnival to Launch its Latest Technology Functionality for Visual Search in 3D

Slyce, Inc. announced a service contract to launch the automatic smartphone image recognition functionality in 3D with Shoe Carnival, a footwear retailer headquartered in Indiana, reported by Marketwired on March 22nd, 2016. The company partnered with Shoe Carnival in 2015 for mobile visual search and integration of technology. Since Slyce introduced its visual recognition technology in February of 2013, the company has expanded its customer portfolios of retailers and e-commerce stores. Presently, Shoe Carnival,, Neiman Marcus, Home Depot, Urban Outfitters, and Toy-R-Us have signed contracts with Slyce. Retailers use the product recognition technology to hyperlink their products online for customers to easily find information about pricing and availability.

The 3D visual search functionality technology is integrated with the Snap-to-Buy application, which is free to download for consumers on Slyce website. The app allows customers to take photographs of merchandise and submit to retailers for similar designs and styles. Customers may safely purchase items using the software and redeem coupons.

The chief executive officer of Slyce, Mark Elfenbein said that the automated 3-D visual search technology is “one of the first large-scale deployments in the marketplace.″ He also said that the users of the app on will experience rapid response time immediately after photographing and submitting pictures.

Slyce has signed an agreement with one of largest footwear retail stores in the United States. The retail and online store has approximately 400 stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. According to Marketwired, Slyce will generate revenue through monthly software licensing and service fees while the contractual agreement remains active. The vice president of Shoe Carnival, Kent Zimmerman said he’s overjoyed about the functionality 3-D technology launch for their customers. The integrated functionality with the Snap-to-Buy app will allow consumers to experience shopping conveniently and fast.

During the first month of 2012, two entrepreneurs, Erika Racicot and Cameron Chell formed Slyce, Incorporation. Nearly one year later, the corporation introduced its visual recognition technology to retailers and consumers. Slyce is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario in Canada and provides services, including visual relevancy engine tag and display. Slyce, Inc. has helped transform the way shoppers view and purchase products in the 21st Century. Shoe Carnival and, footwear retailers are using the visual search technology as a marketing strategy to attract consumers and provide a different shopping experience.