The Best Weight Loss Program Ever?

According to News4SanAntonio, the number of overweight and obese people has been rising in the recent years. More and more Americans are suffering from obesity, which has links to other various illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, liver problems, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular diseases.
Well, guess what? There is a program that will help Americans get in shape and make this country healthier. This program is called NutriMost.

Started by Dr. Mitch Gordon, DC, a licensed chiropractic physician for over 20 years, NutriMost is the most comprehensive weight loss program available.

Everyone knows that each body is different. That means, everyone gains and loses weight at different rates. Recognizing those differences, NutriMost will customize a weight loss program that will fit your body, not anyone else’s. Using revolutionary technology, NutriMost will come up with best plan for you to shed that weight.

Nutrimost does not use drugs, hormones, exercise plans, pre-packaged foods, shakes, or anything like that to assist in losing weight. It is easier than ever to lose weight.

Many participants of the NutriMost program ( have testified that this is one of the best things that has happened to their lives. People reported that they have successfully lost over 20 pounds within the first 40 days of the program.

You do not have to suffer from being overweight or obese any longer. Change your life today by checking out It can literally save your life.

Sanjay Shah Takes Autism Rocks Further Towards It Goal

Speaking to EPN about his noble initiative “Autism Rocks”, Sanjay Shah reveals some amazing information about his philanthropic project and also, the success he has enjoyed as an entrepreneur.

Sanjay Shah has done many a great things when it comes to Solo Capital and his professional career can serve as a talisman for budding entrepreneurs hoping to make it in the industry. His role in Solo Capital has allowed many a young entrepreneurs to try their luck at running a business and Sanjay Shah has always been a stellar role model.
However, his biggest achievement is “Autism Rocks” which was founded by Shah after Nikhil, his son, was diagnosed with the neuro disorder. Before this initiative, he was working in his company Solo Capital in London where the head office of the brokerage firm is based.

In his interview with EPN, Sanjay Shah says that there are two main things people should know and remember before they start their own business. The first and most important thing is to never underestimate the amount of money it takes to run and kickstart a successful business. The other is micromanaging and its importance – people can’t do everything on their own and budding entrepreneurs shouldn’t try to.

In order to fund research for Autism, Sanjay Shah has combined his twin passions – his family and music. In 2016, Autism Rocks would be funding the Autism Rocks Fest where Tyga, Flo Rida, and several other well known names are going to perform. The show would help brings families together and will also raise some valuable awareness about autism.

Sanjay Shah has previously done some great work with Solo Capital and his brokerage firm has been quite successful because of his leadership skills. He has ensured that the focus is always on customer education and satisfaction, even with his company and that is the reason why Solo Capital has helped to reevaluate benchmarks in the industry.

There is no doubt that he will make Autism Rocks a success in the same way as Solo Capital and will not only help to generate awareness about Autism but will also give a healthy outlet to people and families who are struggling with the disorder.

Martin Lustgarten is Named the Managing Director of Henlux Inc.

Martin Lustgarten became the Managing Director of Henlux Inc. in Panama in 2010. Prior to Henlux Inc., Lustgarten was the Cash & Investments Manager of Cisneros Group of Companies. The Venezuelan citizen attended the Universidad Metropolitana and earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering. With nearly eight years of investment banking experience, Mr. Lustgarten has built a reputation in South America and Asia as a successful venture capitalist and investment banker. He has formed and managed corporations and companies in Hong Kong, Singapore, Venezuela, and Panama. The businesses Lustgarten ( had an interest in were Denton Business Incorporation, ANL Services, A&L Services, and ESL Services.


Henlux Inc. is controlled by investors of the Henlux Group in Panama. The investment firm also manages other affiliates, including Henlux PTE in Singapore and Henlux Ltd. in Hong Kong. As Managing Director of Henlux Inc., Martin Lustgarten is responsible for managing and directing the company’s daily operations. Henlux specialties comprise of financing, procurement, and ventured investments. The corporation employs lawyers and compliance experts to perform due diligence on all procurement of products.

The Henlux Group is marketing in countries of Asia and South America. Martin Lustgarten and investment partners provide capital to startup companies and small businesses to expand products and services in Venezuela, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Panama. They help entities by offering seed, growth, and/or product & services expansion funds. Hong Kong Henlux affiliate employs procurement agents who outsource variety of services; including payment management, logistics, manufacturing inspections, quality control performance, and new product search.


Martin Lustgarten, also known as Martin Lustgarten Acherman has citizenships in Austria and Venezuela. He is a philanthropist, engineer, investor, entrepreneur, Board member, and executive. Mr. Lustgarten is currently living in his home in the South Florida region. He also has residency in Panama and Venezuela, where he owns businesses.

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion

It has been said that a picture is worth 1,000 words. If this is so, then the new offer from Internet marketing specialists Talk Fusion is going to have people speaking volumes. As the name suggests, this company takes conversation and fuses it with the power of digital imagery. They’ve established themselves as one of the web’s most effective marketing agencies, and now they’re offering a 30 day free trial to new customers. Unlike other free trial offers this promotion doesn’t require new subscribers to submit their credit card info. This is exciting news for anyone who’s trying t grow an online company because Talk Fusion offers a litany of impressive services.

What is Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is an innovative video marketing services that combines well-written scripts with eye-catching video presentations. The videos are usually animated, and they help to make points that can’t be expressed solely by words. CEO Bob Reina was blatantly honest when he talked about the value that his company can add. Bob says no other company can compare to what Talk Fusion offers. In a recent interview with Forbes, David Kale (CEO of Kale Designs) wet in-depth about his fondness for Talk Fusion. It seems as though Bob Reina wasn’t over exaggerating when he praised his company. Talk Fusion has been in business for nearly a decade, and they offer video messaging, video email, signup forms and everything else that a business needs to succeed. All one has to do is take a close look at Talk Fusion’s success to see how much Bob knows about growing a company.


George Soros: An Influential Figure

In the year 1930 in Budapest, Hungary, a man by the name of George Schwartz was born. He was born to a non-observant Jewish family. His mother’s name was Elizabeth and his father’s name was Tivadar. Elizabeth came from a family who owned a silk shop, while his father was a lawyer. Tivadar escaped from Russia during World War I and reunited with his family back in Budapest. Elizabeth and Tivadar married in 1924 and six years later George was born. In 1936 Tivadar changed their last name of “Shwartz” to “Soros” in order to not show their Jewish background. George Soros is known for his brilliant economic and financial insights and investments. However, his generosity and involvement in philanthropy is what he strives to be known for and is most proud of.

George Soros survived the occupation of the Nazi’s during World War II and he fled Hungary in 1947 to go to England. While in England, George became a student at The London School of Economics. He earned a Bachelors Degree in Science and graduated in 1951. After graduation, George worked at a few brokerage firms in New York City. In 1973 on, George decided to set up his own hedge fund named, “The Soros Fund.” The value of the fund grew up to a whopping 12 million dollars in which George had begun to reinvest his returns. Soon, in 1981, the fund had grown to 400 million dollars.

George Soros is highly known for his philanthropic involvement. In 1984 George started the Open Society Foundations. This was a fund that served the purpose to advance business development, independent media, education, justice, and public health. Some of the causes that this fund benefits is aiding regions that are struck with natural disasters, lending the Russian University System financial assistance on, fighting disease in Eastern Europe, establishing after-school programs in New York City, and funding the arts. George has made it known that his philanthropic involvement has made him happy and that he does not hesitate to advocate policies that may be in conflict with his own business interests. He believes that his financial success allows him to take a stand on controversial issues and to be able to make some sort of a difference. George feels that philanthropy is supposed to be devoted to help and benefit others, even though some philanthropists do not use their power and success to do this. George has a high sense of moral duty and does not use his philanthropic activities for praise or to impose his vision on the rest of the world.

Whether George Soros on politico is beloved or hated, through his countless organizations, George has helped many. He has invested seven billion dollars into his foundations and for projects around the world in the past thirty years. With his vast humanitarian projects, the twelve books he has written, and his worth of 24.9 billion dollars, George Soros is surely an influential figure when it comes to the realm of both the financial world and philanthropy. Visit the site to know more about George Soros.

Slyce, Inc. Lands A Contract with Shoe Carnival to Launch its Latest Technology Functionality for Visual Search in 3D

Slyce, Inc. announced a service contract to launch the automatic smartphone image recognition functionality in 3D with Shoe Carnival, a footwear retailer headquartered in Indiana, reported by Marketwired on March 22nd, 2016. The company partnered with Shoe Carnival in 2015 for mobile visual search and integration of technology. Since Slyce introduced its visual recognition technology in February of 2013, the company has expanded its customer portfolios of retailers and e-commerce stores. Presently, Shoe Carnival,, Neiman Marcus, Home Depot, Urban Outfitters, and Toy-R-Us have signed contracts with Slyce. Retailers use the product recognition technology to hyperlink their products online for customers to easily find information about pricing and availability.

The 3D visual search functionality technology is integrated with the Snap-to-Buy application, which is free to download for consumers on Slyce website. The app allows customers to take photographs of merchandise and submit to retailers for similar designs and styles. Customers may safely purchase items using the software and redeem coupons.

The chief executive officer of Slyce, Mark Elfenbein said that the automated 3-D visual search technology is “one of the first large-scale deployments in the marketplace.″ He also said that the users of the app on will experience rapid response time immediately after photographing and submitting pictures.

Slyce has signed an agreement with one of largest footwear retail stores in the United States. The retail and online store has approximately 400 stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. According to Marketwired, Slyce will generate revenue through monthly software licensing and service fees while the contractual agreement remains active. The vice president of Shoe Carnival, Kent Zimmerman said he’s overjoyed about the functionality 3-D technology launch for their customers. The integrated functionality with the Snap-to-Buy app will allow consumers to experience shopping conveniently and fast.

During the first month of 2012, two entrepreneurs, Erika Racicot and Cameron Chell formed Slyce, Incorporation. Nearly one year later, the corporation introduced its visual recognition technology to retailers and consumers. Slyce is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario in Canada and provides services, including visual relevancy engine tag and display. Slyce, Inc. has helped transform the way shoppers view and purchase products in the 21st Century. Shoe Carnival and, footwear retailers are using the visual search technology as a marketing strategy to attract consumers and provide a different shopping experience.

Emily McClure Experiments WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner

Hair care products have the ability to nourish hair and prevent damage caused by dryness, pollution, and other factors. The market is populated with thousands of product, which might create confusion rather than choice. Emily Mcclure tried out the WEN by Chaz Dean conditioner to confirm whether it was effective.

Trial 1

After a busy day, Emily decided to start her Wen conditioner experiment. She used the recommended amount and followed the instructions during the massaging process. She noticed the volume of her hair was increasing as she was massaging it. Her hair was intact, and nothing fell off even after rinsing.

Trial 2

She skipped the morning shower, despite noticing her hair was greasy and flat. Later in the evening, she applied the conditioner, and her hair regained its natural appearance.

Trial 3

She noticed her hair was not greasy as it was the previous day. She carefully applied the Wen conditioner and even used other styling products like the texturizing paste and heat protectant. She was impressed with the result since her hair remained shiny at the end of the day.

Trial 4

She decided to treat her in the salon. She used shampoos and other cleansing agents, and the result was not appealing.

Trial 5

She applied the product, and her hair was amazing. Additionally, she felt confident throughout the day

Trial 6

Treating her hair using WEN product was now routine. She got positive comments from her friends.

Trial 7

She continued with her routine. She discovered that WEN products could produce positive results when used with consistence. This article was originally published on;

Details on WEN by Chaz

WEN by Chaz is a hair care line that produces fantastic products that cleanse hair. All the products are eco-friendly and free from harsh sulfates that are present in ordinary shampoos. The products have the ability to maintain hair strong and healthy. WEN by Chaz has an ebay website that avails an opportunity for clients to purchase products via the online platform.




Lawyer, Animal Lover: Ross Abelow

Most people are aware of the overwhelming number of animals occupying space within animal shelters across the country. However, many don’t realize there are just as many homeless animals who lack even the basic comfort of a shelter. These animals rely on their own instinct and skill, fighting for their food, their space to sleep, and their very survival. The sad truth is that there is no sustainable way for the country to offer care for all of these animals, but there are people who try.
Ross Abelow is one of those people.
A lawyer in New York City, Ross Abelow is already a community oriented individual, and now he is reaching out on the behalf of the residents without a voice. Abelow has announced the launch of a Go Fund Me campaign in order to raise money for homeless animal support. Even for people who don’t live in New York City, or the state of New York, this is a great opportunity for animal lovers across the nation. The goal is to raise $5000 to fund shelters. As New York City is one of the most densely populated cities worldwide, it is little surprise that there is a high density of animals as well. With so many dogs, cats, and more to care for, shelters lack the space to care for the growing number of animals in need. They lack blankets , food, vaccines, and vital medical equipment for the pets living in the shelter, much less those on the streets. Funds raised by this campaign will be used to relieve the suffering of the innocent, vulnerable animals on the street.
This year, record cold temperatures have buffeted New York, becoming commonplace in New York City. Now, the homeless animals are at serious risk from the freezing weather, suffering hypothermia and frostbite, many of them dying. While Abelow is a lawyer specializing in family law, entertainment law, and commercial litigation, he has dedicated his time and resources to a campaign to help prevent animal deaths on the streets, and help animal shelters funded so that they may care for the animals who would otherwise be out of luck. This gesture of compassion says a lot for the character of the man.
Animal lovers around the country have a great chance to provide support for these often forgotten animals, with Abelow leading the charge.

Check out Ross Abelow on Twitter