Dr. Sergio Cortes – The Man who Lives for Medicine

Dr. Sergio Cortes is a Brazilian doctor who specializes in orthopedic surgery, and has over the years engraved indelibly, an impressive mark in the books of medicine. Dr. Cortes who is a qualified Hip Surgeon, is currently the Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director at Rede D’Or Sao Luiz. His expansive experience, passion and dedication earned him an appointment as the State Health Secretary in January 2007, a position he was in until December 2013.
During his tenure as State Health Secretary, Dr. Cortes, was actively involved in helping the community when disaster struck as evidenced during his visit to Xerem after floodswrecked havoc as published by Extra. His compassionate side, urged for donation of bottled water which he asked the locals to use for drinking and cooking as well for hygiene purposes with the aimof keepingwater infections at bay.
Dr. Cortes who is also surprisingly a tennis player, in 1993 participated in the Grand Slam,Event in the US Open. In the same year, he recorded his best win after defeating Magnus Larsson, world number one at the time.
Dr. Cortes who is quite passionate about helping the community at large has a well thought, informative website thatvery clearly gives medical expert advice in detail on most of the health concerns that affect a huge number of the population. In these articles, he talks about but not limited to the importance of physical exercises while giving examples, the myths and facts about diabetes prevention of osteoporosis. He goes on to talk about causes, symptoms and prevention of other medical conditions as well. All information is well put and very easy for anyone to read through and understand, enough for them to seek medical help where needed.

Dr. Cortes wide knowledge in medicine spans back to 1990 according to crunchbase where he worked as Doctor of the Brazilian Volley Male Adult for 10 years,while at the same time serving as OrthopedicDoctor-HipSurgeonfor 23 years, and thereafter serving as the General Director of National Institute of Traumatologyand Orthopedics where he served for over four years, before being appointed as the State Health Secretary.
You can follow Dr. Cortes on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

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