How Is Using Facebook Affecting My Work?

Do you use Facebook at work every once in awhile? Are you active on Facebook and post quite often about your work life and your daily life? It may seem harmless right now, but there will come a point in your life when you realize that Facebook is fun and enjoyable but can be very bad for your online presence. It can affect you badly if you don’t know what you are doing to maintain your reputation online. A good understanding of your reputation and the affects of social media can help you prevent further problems.

How Is Using Facebook Affecting My Work?

First of all, people see your posts. People you are friends with at work and those at home will see your posts. There are going to be time when you don’t want for the propel at work to know about your family get togethers and the other secret things they shouldn’t even know. Understand that your work environment and the things you experience could also be private and isn’t needed to be shared all over the web.

Create more than one account for yourself if needed. Create a a countless that you would add acquaintances into if you’re not ready to make them a part of your personal and private account. That same account could be used for your work as well. They can help create a divider between your two accounts and the things you do. Both should be private accounts. You may need to hire Status Labs if your account deals with future scandals that can cause your company future growth online.

Comments, posts, and anything posted that is political or a strong opinion of some sort should be avoided at all costs online. As a businessman, it’s best if you just keep yourself away from discussions and anger happening between everybody online.

Many executives, employees, and even CEOs have lost their success because of things the posted on social media. They ended up needing the help of Status Labs to help protect their brand as much as possible. Status Labs is a PR firm that can help protect your company for the long haul and maintain your online presence.