Tips To Clean Up Your Google Name Results

When you are applying to jobs you want to make sure that your online presence is what you want to show other people. You may have old social media posts or pictures that would not make you look very good to potential employers. Here are some ways to clean up the Google results when you Google your name.

One way to clean up your Google name results is to Google yourself. You want to make sure that you log out of any accounts. This is so that you will see what the average person sees when they Google your name.

If you find anything that you do not like or things that are negative about you then try to remove them. Some things you cannot control like bad press. However, old pictures on social media can be deleted. You can also increase the security on your social media accounts so they cannot be seen when people Google your name.

Another way to clean up your name on Google results is to make your own website or content. You can make a page about yourself. This will ensure that people read what you want them to read about you. You can buy your own domain name to create a biography of yourself online. Since Google’s algorithm puts the most relevant content first then this domain name should be in one of the first results that appear when someone Googles your name.

If you are looking for someone to help your online presence then Darius Fisher is a great person that can help you out. He was born in New York and has a lot of expertise in helping people. He started a company called Status Labs. This is an online reputation management company. With this company he helps clients clean up their status online. He even helps people facing reputation crisis’s.

His company has over 1,500 thousand clients. He does business in over thirty five different countries. His business just keeps growing.

If you are looking to clean up your online reputation especially on Google then you should follow these tips. You should go through all the content on Google about yourself and remove anything that would come off as negative to potential employers, or if you have a company, potential clients. By following these tips and hiring a company like Status Labs you will have a great online presence.