Tips To Clean Up Your Google Name Results

When you are applying to jobs you want to make sure that your online presence is what you want to show other people. You may have old social media posts or pictures that would not make you look very good to potential employers. Here are some ways to clean up the Google results when you Google your name.

One way to clean up your Google name results is to Google yourself. You want to make sure that you log out of any accounts. This is so that you will see what the average person sees when they Google your name.

If you find anything that you do not like or things that are negative about you then try to remove them. Some things you cannot control like bad press. However, old pictures on social media can be deleted. You can also increase the security on your social media accounts so they cannot be seen when people Google your name.

Another way to clean up your name on Google results is to make your own website or content. You can make a page about yourself. This will ensure that people read what you want them to read about you. You can buy your own domain name to create a biography of yourself online. Since Google’s algorithm puts the most relevant content first then this domain name should be in one of the first results that appear when someone Googles your name.

If you are looking for someone to help your online presence then Darius Fisher is a great person that can help you out. He was born in New York and has a lot of expertise in helping people. He started a company called Status Labs. This is an online reputation management company. With this company he helps clients clean up their status online. He even helps people facing reputation crisis’s.

His company has over 1,500 thousand clients. He does business in over thirty five different countries. His business just keeps growing.

If you are looking to clean up your online reputation especially on Google then you should follow these tips. You should go through all the content on Google about yourself and remove anything that would come off as negative to potential employers, or if you have a company, potential clients. By following these tips and hiring a company like Status Labs you will have a great online presence.

How Has Jaime Garcia Dias Changed Literary Landscape In Brazil?

The literary landscape of Brazil changed forever when Jaime Garcia Dias published his first book. The country has been proud of its native son for year on end, and the myriad books Jaime has published have become instant classic across South America and Europe. His native language of Portuguese helps take his books to Europe, and his heart for education has helped him manage a successful literary school. This article explores the relationship between Jaime, his homeland and his students.

#1: The Literary Academy

Carioca Literature Academy is the school that Jaime runs every day, and it’s listed on his LinkedIn. His commitment to education began early on when he was offered the position of president. His standing as a prominent author in Brazil allowed him access to the school, and he was able to recruit the brightest students in the land to work at the school. The school puts out some of the finest writers in South America, and he is training the scholars of tomorrow in the fine art of creative writing.

Writing is the foundation of all academia, and Jaime is creating a young group of scholars who can complete college programs with these skills, skills he even shares on his YouTube Channel for free. The genius of Jaime’s educational plan is in how it prepares for the future of Brazil. The middle class cannot emerge until it is educated, and Jaime is educating the middle class in writing far better than many schools in Brazil can.

#2: Jaime’s Many Published Books

Jaime has published over 20 books in Brazil, and each book has looked deeper into the human condition in Brazil. His publications are sagas about what it is like to grow up in Brazil, and he has lived many of these experiences himself. This sort of storytelling is not unique in South America, but offers insight into the culture of a nation that many people around the world do not understand.

#3: Brazil’s Continued Growth

Jaime is a large contributor to the growth of Brazil overall. His books and even blog talk about how the country has grown over the years, and the avid reader can see the difference between his early books and his later books. The early books speak of a Brazil that no longer exists, but the later books clearly talk about a Brazil that is coming alive today. Jaime is the storyteller for a whole country, and he takes his job quite seriously.

The emergence of Brazil is a common theme in the books of Jaime Garcia Dias, and his books have brought to life a country that was in desperate need of assistance. He teaches children how to write every day, and he creates a world where every Brazilian student can pursue their dreams with a world class education.

2016 Nashville To See New Industrial Park

In the next few years the Nashville area can look forward to a new warehouse park that is being built to be called Skyline Distribution Park. It will have great direct Interstate access to Nashville as well as visibility from the busy highways 24, 40 and 65 using Briley Parkway. Panattoni Development Company whom purchased the land feels that completion should be around the fall of 2016.

The needed industrial park which is to be built along Brick Church Pike and Southerland Drive will provide 600,000 square feet of free space within three separate buildings. In recent years the amount of available industry space in the downtown Nashville area had been declining since about 2007, primarily due to construction unable to meet the demands. Since this area of Nashville has fortunately witnessed quite a bit of redevelopment recently, this will fill a need of commercial and business work space in this busy downtown location.

One individual who is quite familiar with handling various building and real estate development deals in the Nashville area is Scott Lumley. As part of the successful Resolve Financial, responsible for construction, developments and leases, Scott also knows what goes into handling new developments, such as seeking out available space for various tenants. Educated at the University of Tennessee, Scott knows the wonderful potential existing for older commercial style buildings. He has had years of experience in purchasing and remodeling commercial buildings in various conditions. Considering the function and purpose for a building, he gives them a new, simple and contemporary look.

With a business belief that customer satisfaction is a priority, Scott Lumley as you can see has quite an innovative resume. He has had success as an e-commerce and retail businessman and he is one of the biggest sellers of electronic wholesale products on eBay, with yearly sales of more than $1 million. Customers who have dealt with him on eBay have provided him with superior ratings that are above and beyond.

Scott also has created various websites such as which was designed to be an auction website, selling various types of merchandise. Another business of Scott’s is e-depotonline which offers outstanding deals on desired electronics. Items range from hot game systems, televisions, cameras and more. A few years back, he was the President of business Nashville Broncs Inc.

Mentorship in Real Estate

The mentorship culture in real estate is gaining relevance. Corporations hope to instill some form of corporate culture around the office quarters. The most effective means to achieve this objective is by training and mentoring your employees. Mentorship and training involve the utilization of strategic communication tools dedicated to a selected cluster of workers. These workers receive advice and important training from other experienced members of that organization.


Organizations in all sectors realize the need to identify and nurture talent. The real estate industry can be quite challenging for newcomers. Having a tutor allows the newcomers to find their feet, gain confidence and work on their strengths. The real estate coach possesses many years of expertise and knowledge of the industry. They train officers on the importance to work from their areas of strength to boost productivity. Therefore, the entire process brings about productivity and specialization. The agents identify and focus on specific sectoral areas. By so doing, career progression and success in doing business become guarantees.


Mentorship contributes to the growth of the mentor as well as the mentee. The realtors learn in teams of twelve members. The tutor and mentor determine the training method and exchange of concepts. As time move on, powerful bonds of teamwork and communication form between the agents. The collaboration has been observed to aid problem-solving the success of realtors. The mentees appreciate the fact that by transacting more business their career and welfare standards elevate. Therefore, some healthy competition is good for business. Under the mentorship program, the agents learn to set targets and strategies of realizing their goals. They then assist one another in the field. All stakeholders in this Learning process remain productive and happy.


Their levels of information and skill elevate with every interaction. As a real estate coach, mentorship provides a platform to take your career to the next level. It’s the perfect opportunity to nurture talent and impart knowledge. Your career experiences become pert of the body of knowledge in the sector.


The Real Estate Mavericks program presents one of the most effective mentorship programs in the industry at the moment. They facilitate the nurturing of experienced realtors around the North American region. Under the good wings of professionals, newcomers learn the challenges and skills one should undergo to succeed. On this platform, mentors like Greg have contributed to the success of over 10,000 realtors. His career profile speaks for itself. He commands great respect from all quotas. Through the mavericks program, agents from around the country benefit from the immense body of information created by a network of successful realtors.


In groups of seventy, the newcomers receive motivation from guest speakers. This program has provided the basis for other real estate companies to follow suit. It acts as a school where promising realtors can sharpen and polish their skills for better chances of success. The Real Estate Mavericks challenge these agents to innovate and provide revenue increasing mechanisms.


Veteran Official Shaygan Kheradpir Brings Profound Industry Experience and Mastery as Organization Positions for Future Development

Shaygan is a demonstrated pioneer with broad industry, operational and business experience. As reported by fiercetelecom, his expertise and leadership will play the primary duty for the organization as interest for information concentrated end-client applications drives extended business sector opportunities. These include 100G to multi-terabit cognizant metro and whole deal transport arrangements, hyper-scale information center & cloud base form outs, and portable backhaul overhauls underlying the development to 4G and 5G.

Coriant, a demonstrated supplier of imaginative systems administration solutions for driving system administrators in more than 100 nations, today declared Shaygan Kheradpir to have been named CEO and Board Chairman. Shaygan joins Coriant subsequent to having worked intimately with the senior administration group following the beginning of this year at Marlin Equity Partners (Marlin) as operating partner.

Utilizing his dynamic inclusion in the organization’s key operations and strategic planning, Shaygan took the new responsibility to lead Coriant’s development strategy and to reinforce on resolutions that matter most to its clients in todays exceptionally dynamic and focused end-client markets. He succeeds President and Chief Executive Officer Pat DiPietro, who will move to the position of Coriant’s Vice Chairman, and also come back to his part as Operating Partner at Marlin after effectively managing the organization through reconciliation and portfolio improvement activities.

Shaygan Kheradpir is known to be a business and innovation official. He is right now the CEO of Coriant. Kheradpir holds 3 degrees of bachelors, master’s and doctorate in electrical designing from Cornell University. Before being named to his present position, he held official positions at GTE, Juniper Networks, Verizon, and Barclays, where he has added to different item improvement and price-reduction practices. Coriant has tapped previous Juniper Chief Executive Officer and Verizon veteran Shaygan Kheradpir being the new CEO and board director, succeeding Pat DiPietro, who will end up being the organization’s executive.

It is in January 2011 that Kheradpir joined Barclays as the CEO of the Global Retail and Business Bank. He added to the improvement of customer products such as the Pingit portable installments software. Within March 2013, Kheradpir was elevated to Chief Operations & Technology Officer, answering to Antony Jenkins and it was the initial time for an innovation official to sit on the official group at Barclays.

Kevin Seawright Transforms East Coast Economic Development

To be successful in the ever changing world of city economic development, a leader must be able to employ a diverse skill set to attract, retain and grow businesses as well as foster new real estate development. Possessing business acumen alone is not enough, a prudent financial change agent must be able work with people as well as numbers.

Kevin Seawright, the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark’s Economic Development Corporation, uses his years of innovative financial management experience, plus his interpersonal and teambuilding skills to facilitate Newark’s growth while keeping a keen eye on the bottom line.

Kevin Seawright has been successful in the fields of finance and operations management for over 13 years. His career has been focused on transforming organizations through strategic planning with the future in mind.

A key element of Mr. Seawright’s success is his ability to cultivate relationships with other leaders and organizations. Not one to watch from the sidelines, he actively oversees union and vendor negotiations while keeping the trust of constituents.

In his former positions as Managing Fiscal Officer of the Baltimore Commission on Aging and Retirement, Kevin Seawright devised a new accounting system that saved the community over 100,000 dollars. He went on to work as Payroll Director of the Housing Authority of Baltimore, later becoming Financial Director of the Homeless Affairs Division and CFO of the Baltimore Department of Parks and Recreation. Mr. Seawright also gained valuable experience in private sector real estate development and construction as a partner in Tito Construction in Washington, DC. He has also worked for Baltimore as Deputy Of Chief Operations in the educational sector.

Kevin Seawright’s professional memberships include The National Forum for Black Administrators, The National Association of Black Accountants as well as the American Society of Public Administration.

The Newark Economic Development Corporation has gained a valuable leader whose well- rounded community service experience is moving Newark forward in its economic and job development, as well as promoting minority business growth.

Kevin Seawright’s reputation for innovation and responsible fiscal decisions make him the perfect choice to help Newark thrive in the 21st century.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is The Best Female Plastic Surgeon Out There

About five years ago, I had broken my nose, and the doctor said that it might not heal the right way. I had always been pretty, and if my nose didn’t heal the right way that would mess up my beautiful face. However, my doctor did tell me that it might be possible to get a nose job to fix the damage. He referred me to a plastic surgeon whose name is Dr. Jennifer Walden. I didn’t know much about her, and I had never gotten plastic surgery before. I was quite worried and scared as well.

I knew I would go through with the surgery, but I didn’t know what to expect before I went to see her. What did I find out? Well, upon first notice, Dr. Jennifer Walden was very nice, and she talked to me about my options. I listened to her, and I even asked her about the experience. She seemed very qualified, and she sounded like she knew what she was talking about and what she was doing. I was still nervous, but I agreed to have the procedure done. She assured me that she could fix my nose if not even making it look better than before. I trusted her, and we continued the process.

When all was said and done, she showed me my nose. I was so impressed that I nearly fainted. I loved the result, and she was right, my nose did look even better than before. The procedure didn’t take long and wasn’t even painful afterwards either. Before the procedure, I wasn’t sure if things would work out for the best, but I was wrong. Dr. Jennifer Walden has what it takes to be the best beauty surgeon out there. She treats her patients with respect and the utmost care. I am impressed with her work and her personality as well.

If I ever have to get plastic surgery again, I will certainly go to Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is at the top of her field, and I would recommend her to everyone. After my procedure, there were a few times when someone asked me who did my nose, and I instantly told them all about my amazing experience with Dr. Jennifer Walden. Everyone who has talked to me about my nose procedure has told me how great it looks. I have to thank Dr. Jennifer Walden for fixing my nose for me.

Bernardo Chua expands the Reach of OrganoGold

Every morning the majority of people reach for a cup of coffee to start out their day in the perfect way, but how many people actually seek out the healthiest option for their early morning wakeup beverage. The arrival of Bernardo Chua’s OrganoGold brand of healthy coffee items has now made it simple for people around the world to enjoy the benefits of the ganoderma extract included in every packet of coffee produced. OrganoGold offers its customers the chance to sell the product and pass on their own passion for the brand to those around them. The latest territory identified by Bernardo Chua for his coffee and luxury goods brand to move into is Turkey, which is often seen as the home of the coffeehouse.

Bernardo Chua has a long history of being involved in the direct selling industry and bringing success to the companies he has been involved in, particularly within the continent of Asia. OrganoGold has seen a large shift in the way the way Chua has conducted his business, highlighted by his decision to headquarter the product in British Columbia, Canada. The identifying of the country of Turkey as being strategically important for OrganoGold is not surprising, particularly as the country is located in an area that allows access to Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Turkey is often seen as one of the most historically important places in the history of coffee, which is usually regarded as the home of the first coffee house in the world. Bernardo Chua has also been vocal on Facebook in explaining his decision to take his company to Turkey as being driven by the lifestyle of the population, who are seen as active and healthy in the lifestyle commonly led. The inclusion of ganoderma as a major ingredient in the coffee products of OrganoGold sees the product used as an antioxidant and can provide assistance with battling allergies and other health problems. By including ganoderma in the coffee products of his company, Bernardo Chua has continued his long term aim of aiding people from around the world in leading healthier lifestyles.