Bernardo Chua expands the Reach of OrganoGold

Every morning the majority of people reach for a cup of coffee to start out their day in the perfect way, but how many people actually seek out the healthiest option for their early morning wakeup beverage. The arrival of Bernardo Chua’s OrganoGold brand of healthy coffee items has now made it simple for people around the world to enjoy the benefits of the ganoderma extract included in every packet of coffee produced. OrganoGold offers its customers the chance to sell the product and pass on their own passion for the brand to those around them. The latest territory identified by Bernardo Chua for his coffee and luxury goods brand to move into is Turkey, which is often seen as the home of the coffeehouse.

Bernardo Chua has a long history of being involved in the direct selling industry and bringing success to the companies he has been involved in, particularly within the continent of Asia. OrganoGold has seen a large shift in the way the way Chua has conducted his business, highlighted by his decision to headquarter the product in British Columbia, Canada. The identifying of the country of Turkey as being strategically important for OrganoGold is not surprising, particularly as the country is located in an area that allows access to Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Turkey is often seen as one of the most historically important places in the history of coffee, which is usually regarded as the home of the first coffee house in the world. Bernardo Chua has also been vocal on Facebook in explaining his decision to take his company to Turkey as being driven by the lifestyle of the population, who are seen as active and healthy in the lifestyle commonly led. The inclusion of ganoderma as a major ingredient in the coffee products of OrganoGold sees the product used as an antioxidant and can provide assistance with battling allergies and other health problems. By including ganoderma in the coffee products of his company, Bernardo Chua has continued his long term aim of aiding people from around the world in leading healthier lifestyles.

Three Methods of the Most Successful Organo Sales Reps

Distributors who want to make explosive progress in building their downline of Organo gold reps know that using social media and other Internet tools is the fastest way to make progress. A review of some of the most successful Organo Gold entrepreneurs show that they all have three things — or methods — in common.

The first is that they work consistently to create a positive self brand. Your brand is yourself. That means presenting yourself on Facebook, Twitter and other sites in a unwavering positive light. Delete your rants, your negative photos/images and controversial posts. Stay away from politics. You want to brand yourself as a positive, successful person without a particular axe to grind. Present the image of a person always pleasant, happy, helpful and inspirational.

The second method is to employ something called attraction marketing. In short, attraction marketing involves attracting those prospects who already have a demonstrated interest in what you are selling, in this case, organo Gold coffee. Attraction marketing is a highly developed methodology. The most successful money makers with Organo Gold educated themselves in this marketing strategy. It’s not difficult, but you must learn all about it.

The third factor for successful Organo Gold sellers is maintaining an unvarying positive attitude. That includes thinking positively about the people you seek to recruit as a rep working under you. Go in with the attitude that you are offering a sincere way to improve their lives — not just trying to get something for yourself.

HGGC Is Respected by Other Private Equity Firms

Performing a Google search for private equity firms will show a large number of results. Companies in this industry are always coming and going. So what is it about HGGC that has made it such a powerhouse in the industry for over a decade? There are many ways to answer this question. First of all, the firm has a very high standard when it comes to the people they hire. They know that having experienced people making key decisions will allow them to be more successful. Therefore, they carefully scrutinize every person who applies for a job.

Making investments is a very risky business. Even the safest investments go south occasionally. With this in mind, HGGC has a formula that they use when they are trying to determine which industries they will invest in. They are not opposed to investing in just about anything. They are simply looking for the investments that have the most potential to generate significant profits at some point in the future. They have invested heavily in chemicals, infrastructure, healthcare, technology and many other things. They will never simply dive into an investment just because it looks promising. They will never put the money of their clients at risk unless they are convinced that the odds of losing it are very small.

The headquarters of HGGC can now be found in the town of Palo Alto, CA. There was no accident as to why the company is based in that particular city. The men who founded this company felt that being in the heart of Silicon Valley would give the company many unique opportunities to develop close contacts with big tech firms. It turns out that they were right. They have made investments over the years in many large tech companies. This have reaped very substantial profits.

HGGC is the envy of many of their competitors. This is because the company has been successful for over a decade with no signs of slowing down. Many people in the media have wondered aloud how they have been able to maintain their high rate of success where investments are concerned. The bottom line is that they have a stellar track record.

Article About Igor Cornelsen

Igor Corneslen grew up from a humble beginning in Brazil. He attended university to study engineering but later on majored in economics. The sole reason for this was because engineering was too much for him and time consuming. Cornelsen has managed to build a great reputation when it comes to investment. Igor Cornelsen career kicked off as soon as he graduated from Federal University. Cornelsen got employed by Multibanco which was an investment firm at the time. It was normal for banks to hire engineers because they did not have the tools and skills to execute the computing tasks.

On the other hand engineering, students had these skills. Due to his knowledge and expertise, Cornelsen was easily recognized at Multibanco, and a few years later he got appointed to the board of directors. His work at Multibanco was exemplary that in 1976 they appointed Corenlsen to be their CEO. Despite making major accomplishments at Multibanco, Igor Cornelsen left when the bank was acquired by another firm.

Igor went on directly to Unibanco which was also a big investment company. Igor Cornelsen did not last at Unibanco because the firm faced high inflation rates. Igor Cornelsen at this point decided to look for a rare opportunity. He landed a job at Libra Bank PLC which paid its workers in dollars. This was the first time that Cornelsen was being paid in dollars. He worked at the bank for quite some time and over the years became accomplished. When he finally left Libra Bank PLC, he left with some associates that he had known to join another bank. Igor Cornelsen, however, decided to leave employment entirely and begin a firm of his own. This firm was to help people with good investment ideas. Igor Cornelsen is known globally for helping people when it comes to business.

Herbalife Nutrition Encourages Blood Donations to Save Lives

Herbalife Nutrition just made another very generous donation of Herbalife Nutrition Protein Bars to 120 American Red Cross donation centers. Over 280,000 of these nutritious bars will be donated nationwide and the estimated value of this donation is about half a million dollars. Herbalife Nutrition has made this generous donated four years in a row and continues to be a huge supporter of the American Red Cross and their efforts.

Herbalife Nutrition Protein Deluxe Bars are packed full of nutritious ingredients such as protein and carbohydrates so it’s an ideal snack for those who have donated blood. They’re also high in riboflavin and vitamin B6 which helps to boost the red blood cell count. These bars are much more than a nutritious snack but they’re a thank you to all those who have taken time out of their day to make a blood donation.

Herbalife has hosted over 50 blood drives at their own offices as well as its corporate offices in Los Angeles and at its distribution center in Carson Carolina. They also have a blood mobile that they take out to collect blood for donors. All of these efforts combined make it possible to save 25,000 each year.

Herbalife is encouraging to all its employees, customers, and Independent Distributers to donate blood whenever they can either at one of the company’s donation centers or at an American Red Cross blood drive. Herbalife Nutrition has over 8,000 employees and over three million Independent Distributers and millions of loyal customers. In 2015 alone, they have recruited 25,000 blood donors at their location in St. Louis, Missouri.

Their employees try to donate blood as often as they can. George Reveles, Facilities Coordinator for the company, realizes that it is important to donate blood and has needed blood for one of his own family members.

Dr. Dana Ryan, Director of Sport Performance and Education at Herbalife, feels that donating blood is essential and she needed blood transfusion herself. Another employee of the company and blogger said that giving blood is giving life.

There’s been a decline of blood donations over the past years but the need for blood hasn’t decreased. About 43,200 people need blood every single day. Herbalife Nutrition’s also a part of the Missing Types Campaign put on by the American Red Cross. This program is helping to educate teh public on the different types of blood.

Liu Qiangdong

Liu Qiangdong is the CEO of which is a tech company that started in China but is now a globally traded company that is growing constantly. The company started out small as Liu started the company while working for an herbal supplement company only when it was successful enough to quit that job did he start his business ventures full time. When he did go full time he started a separate tech business with retail stores which he opened many of them up in China. But when other companies started to catch on and opened up many other retail stores Liu decided that it was time for him to pull back and focus his efforts on his original business that was internet only. By doing this he was able to grow that first company into the giant that it is today with happen employees and a global reach that is everywhere.

Shervin Pishevar discusses a broad range of topics on 21 Hour Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar is one of the founders of Hyperloop and the chairman. He is also a co-founder and the MD of Sherpa Capital. It is a venture capital and has invested in various companies like Munchery, Uber and Airbnb. He has covered various topics in the 21-hour long tweetstorm. The entrepreneur began posting his thoughts regarding the economy and multiple factors which he thought would play a crucial role. Other investors have always listened to him because in the past he has been making accurate predictions when it comes to the direction of the economy. He is talented when it comes to seeing how things are likely to shape in the future. It is an ability which has made him a guru and people turn to him where they want to understand economic trends. In his tweets, Shervin Pishevar has mentioned some things which many would think they are controversial. But when you logically look at some of his tweets, it is hard to argue. A good example is whereby the investor thinks China will overtake the US in various areas of the economy. Apart from GDP he also believes in some areas like the manufacturing industry and advancement in technology. Shervin Pishevar thinks that the United States stock market is overbought. It means that in the future, it is likely to fall by around six thousand points. By saying this, he is giving a warning to those who may try to get out of stocks. Since the currency has been declining for some time, his prediction could be revolutionary. According to him, it can to as low as $2000 before it can come back. You can follow his prediction to see if they are true. Shervin Pishevar is predicting somewhat of economic shift where he sees a world with great revolution as a country like the United States tries to remain at the top. Although things are not that good for America today, entrepreneurs can still invest. One of his tweets says, “When all the middlemen are irrelevant, we can have an economy that is more perfectly efficient.”

Elena Ford Is Ready For The Thrills And The Challenges In The Ford Motor Company’s Future

The Ford Motor Company, like other automobile makers, is restructuring its short-and-long-term business models. The news that the 116-year-old company is closing factories in Spain, Germany, and in the U.K. shocked people on both sides of the Atlantic. More than 54,000 will be looking for other jobs when the downsizing comes to an end in Europe. Some of those Ford workers will retire, and others will switch professions. Ford has decent global market share, but with the dawn of self-driving and electric cars, the company won’t be the same company Henry Ford built.

Henry Ford built an automobile empire. And his family kept his spirit alive by still owning and making decisions for the company. The Ford family wants to better connect with their new and loyal customers. Some people suggested Ford needs a visual member of the Ford Motor Company during the transformation from gas-powered electric and self-driving trucks, SUV’s, and cars.

Elena Ford, the great-great-granddaughter of Henry Ford, is now Ford’s Chief of Customer Experience Officer. Fifty-two-year-old Elena Ford knows the interworking’s of the Ford Motor Company but she also has global dealer and customer experience history. She’s been the vice president of the global dealer and Ford customer experience division of the company.

Ford is the second largest carmaker in the United States and the fifth largest in the word. In 2017, Ford’s revenue topped $156 billion. But the trade war with China, the Brexit debacle, as well as the 2019 corporate growth projections, calls for serious internal changes. And putting Elena Ford in charge of the global customer experience is a smart move, according to automotive experts. As a Ford, Elena Ford brings 116 years of experience to the job. Making Ford feel more like a big family-type experience will help the company deal with their European and Asian customers

With Elena at the helm, Ford will make every customer feel the positive Ford presence. According to Ford, every aspect of the Ford buying experience will be a smooth one. Elena Ford has the qualifications and the will to make that happen.

Nitin Khanna Sees A Future In Marijuana

The world of tech investing has seen some big transactions lately and Nitin Khanna has been an important part in several of them on a personal level and as the founder and chairman of MergerTech. The boutique technology bank was founded by Nitin Khanna around 10 years ago in 2009 and has shown a record for making successful deals that many people would have never expected. He is well known throughout the Portland area for not only his activities as an entrepreneur and in business, but also for the activism that he takes a part in.

One of the most well-known businesses was the company Saber that he co-founded in 1998 that eventually grew to have 1,200 members of their staff. The Standalone provider of solutions for the government was eventually sold for an impressive $460MM to EDS. He left the company after a year of handling their government business operations after it was sold. The company’s revenue had grown even more at that point and their employee count had reached 1,500.

While Nitin Khanna was with Saber, he had led 8 important transactions for the company. This along with his other experience in business led him to be able to lead MergerTech with impressive results. One of the tech areas that Nitin Khanna has been showing a large amount of interest in marijuana, both on a recreational and medicinal level. There is a lot of potentials that Nitin Khanna sees in the industry that can potentially bring a lot of people a lot of money if done correctly and at the right time. Many suggest that the right time is now.

The industry surrounding marijuana is worth an estimated $100 billion and at this point, everything is moving from the black market into legal revenues that can be taxed and regulated. in 2015, Cure Cannabis Solutions was founded by Nitin Khanna and it has grown to be the largest provider in Oregon of cannabis oil. This includes both individual consumers as well as companies that manufacture edible marijuana products. The businessman predicts that this company will continue to expand within the next year until they have a presence in Canada and California.

Connect with Nitin on Facebook. Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong


Richard Liu is the founder and chief executive officer of the company known as This is one of the largest retail companies based in China. As the founder of the company, Richard Liu is a well-known individual in the business world. As a result he has been requested to sit for an interview. When at a recent interview, Richard talked about his company and its future. He said that he founded the company after running another retail business.

Richard Liu Qiangdong started the company in an effort to address the demand for ecommerce. Richard said that he has been looking to expand the company and improve its delivery process. One of the ways in which the company has looked to improve the delivery process is to make worldwide shipping quicker. This will likely help the company become a top worldwide retailer as a result.

Over the course of his career, Richard Liu is an entrepreneur, a manager and a freelance computer programmer. Before founding in 2004, Richard Liu started up a company that sold optical products to consumers. The business was successful but an outbreak of SARS prevented the business from expanding. This was because customers could not leave their homes. As a result, he looked to come up with a business that can allow consumers to buy products without leaving their home. Therefore, he founded a year after founding his first company.

Prior to starting his own businesses, Richard Liu Qiangdong worked for Japan Life. At this company, he served as the director of business and computers. This position allowed him to use his expertise in computers to help manage the company’s technology department. He was also a freelance computer programmer for a few years after finishing college. Go To This Page for additional information.

This allowed him to provide programming for a number of companies. Richard Liu Qiangdong attended and graduated from two prestigious educational institutions in China such as Renmin University. At this university, he completed a degree in sociology and then attended the China Europe International Business School to further his education. Qiangdong completed a graduate degree in business administration from this school.

In 2017, Richard Liu Qiangdong became an official “Variety 500 Honoree” due to his hard work and service to the world.


Visit him on


Gareth Henry Provides Bursary Fund for Former University

Gareth Henry has achieved success in the finance sector. He has worked in the as senior investment positions in the United Kingdom. The Heriot-Watt alumnus had a first class degree in actuarial maths. Gareth knows the importance of taking one’s education seriously. He believes that going to a good university plays a vital role in one’s success. The course is offered by the university played a critical role in his victory. Through the institution, he got a clear understanding of how investments work. He praises the teaching standards and sound advice that he got from the university. The tutors played a vital role in helping the students know about the careers that suit them. Gareth Henry on Quantitative Investing.

Gareth Henry Bursary fund

There is no doubt that these are some of the reasons that made him decide to give back to his former university. He established a Gareth henry bursary to assist current students with the experience he got while at the university. He not only offers financial support but mentoring for selected students. It is evident that being mentored by Gareth will come in handy for the selected students; it will be excellent career guidance for the students. The university is renowned for providing employable graduates. Most of the graduates are specialist in business, science and engineering courses.

Gareth’s Advice for students

Gareth Henry also believes that students who wish to work in the finance industry will benefit a lot from the actuarial maths course being offers at the university. The course teaches on quantitative modeling. Given that Gareth took the actuarial course and had become successful, it is no doubt that most students have decided to take their course with the seriousness it deserves. Gareth advises that students should not only focus on studies alone. It was essential to have a balance and people should mix a bit of fun. He also encourages students to enjoy the festivals and do the internships over summer.

Gareth’s generosity will go a long way to see the university students become successful after completing their course. Other graduates may also follow in his footsteps and make it big in the finance industry.

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