Bernardo Chua expands the Reach of OrganoGold

Every morning the majority of people reach for a cup of coffee to start out their day in the perfect way, but how many people actually seek out the healthiest option for their early morning wakeup beverage. The arrival of Bernardo Chua’s OrganoGold brand of healthy coffee items has now made it simple for people around the world to enjoy the benefits of the ganoderma extract included in every packet of coffee produced. OrganoGold offers its customers the chance to sell the product and pass on their own passion for the brand to those around them. The latest territory identified by Bernardo Chua for his coffee and luxury goods brand to move into is Turkey, which is often seen as the home of the coffeehouse.

Bernardo Chua has a long history of being involved in the direct selling industry and bringing success to the companies he has been involved in, particularly within the continent of Asia. OrganoGold has seen a large shift in the way the way Chua has conducted his business, highlighted by his decision to headquarter the product in British Columbia, Canada. The identifying of the country of Turkey as being strategically important for OrganoGold is not surprising, particularly as the country is located in an area that allows access to Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Turkey is often seen as one of the most historically important places in the history of coffee, which is usually regarded as the home of the first coffee house in the world. Bernardo Chua has also been vocal on Facebook in explaining his decision to take his company to Turkey as being driven by the lifestyle of the population, who are seen as active and healthy in the lifestyle commonly led. The inclusion of ganoderma as a major ingredient in the coffee products of OrganoGold sees the product used as an antioxidant and can provide assistance with battling allergies and other health problems. By including ganoderma in the coffee products of his company, Bernardo Chua has continued his long term aim of aiding people from around the world in leading healthier lifestyles.

Betsy DeVos and an Educational World

Betsy DeVos is an authentic All-American charmer. Her husband has the exact same reputation. They deserve these reputations 100 percent, however. People know that they’re among the most sincere human beings around. They mean the things they say. They back the things they say on a daily basis as well. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has served as proof of the couple’s commitment to giving back to the United States and planet for many years. It’s been serving the nation since the late eighties.


Mrs. DeVos works right next to President Donald Trump. That’s part of the reason that so many people all around the nation and planet are well-versed in her actions. She’s a Secretary of Education who gives everything she has to the administration. She believes in the immense power of the United States and its citizens. She believes that the American people can change the face of the planet for good. She wants to be among the individuals who guides the way for positive advancements as well.


The young people of today matter. They’re going to matter more and more as time goes on, too. Since DeVos is a loving mother, she knows that with every single fiber of her being. She adores her adult children. That’s the reason she sees eye to eye with other parents who have intense emotions towards their kids. She’s had so many engaging conversations with American parents who want only the best for their children. She’s dealt with many parents who have lots of disappointments as well. There are parents who feel powerless regarding education and their children. Educational choice is something that DeVos endorses all of the time. She doesn’t agree with the concept of attending schools randomly. Many children reside in communities that determine their futures. That’s because these communities are associated with school districts and schools that have absolutely nothing to do with their aims and educational aspirations.


Charter schools mean a lot to Dick and Betsy. Dick cares so much about charter schools that he actually put in the effort to make one he could label his own. This educational institution is referred to as the West Michigan Aviation Academy. As its name suggests, it’s located in DeVos’ native state of Michigan in lovely Grand Rapids. It’s actually part of the city’s airport. Since it focuses on aviation matters, that location decision makes full sense. The high school students who go to this school want nothing more than to shine in the aviation field.


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Felipe Montoro Jens Suggestions For Improving Brazil’s Infrastructure

Infrastructure is far from a newfangled concept, yet countries still struggle with navigating these affairs. Brazil is one such nation. As reported by the National Confederation of Industry, Brazil deserted nearly 3,000 jobs in 2017 alone. Of those 3,000 projects, 19 percent were infrastructure works. By putting these projects on an indefinite hiatus, Brazil’s economy has grown stagnant. As such, they’re grappling with the hardships of economic turmoil. What’s more, Brazil’s lost $10 billion as a result of their negligence. Though these numbers would galvanize most countries into action, Brazil seems unfazed by the imminent demise of their economy – enter industry specialists. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens, a noted finance industry expert, hopes to be the wake-up call Brazil so desperately needs. Jens’ deep-seated concern for the future of Brazil is in large part why he’s devised solutions to their problems. Among some of his most viable options include reworking micro-planning methods, instituting a “balanced contract system,” training employees, and executing modality. Brazil needs to act fast if they wish to make it out of this fiasco unscathed. Unfortunately, they aren’t showing much initiative. According to the National Confederation of Industry, Brazil often displays these patterns of carelessness, in turn allowing history to repeat itself.

The most concerning aspect of Brazil’s withering economy is that the public sector is wholly responsible for its decline. José Augusto Fernandes, another seasoned industry analyst, claims that Brazil continues to sit idly by as the “losses and failures” of their current operations materialize. No doubt disheartening, Brazil seems to be blatantly dropping the ball. Fortunately, there are many individuals of considerable clout advocating for change. Above all else, Brazil needs to get a handle on their infrastructure before their troubles run amok and wreak havoc on the entire country.



Guilherme Paulus Brazilian Tourism Entrepreneur

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian Business Man. He is the president of a company called GJP Group. The Magazine IstoE Dinheiro has honored him as “Entrepreneur of the Year.” They did this because he is highly regarded in the field of tourism in Brazil. He has also started a company named CVC. It is a tourist agency. He is able to make himself productive in many ways. One way he does this is he always tries to be an optimistic person. Every day he goes over his weekly schedule. He is an advent user of modern communications and technology. He uses it to get access to the information he needs and to help to satisfy his customers needs in an efficient and speedy way. Visit the website to learn more about Guilherme Paulus.

Guilherme Paulus likes to personally travel to the hotels he runs. This gets him up close to the daily happenings at his business. He likes to have personal conversations with employees and customers. He doesn’t let the day to day business just take care of itself. Guilherme Paulus believes that to become a success one has to love what they are doing. One should pay close attention to the customers needs and stay close to the business and don’t just leave it to others to run. He likes to function in more than one business environment. At one time during the 1980’s and 1990’s he focused on increasing charter flights in Brazil. This helped Brazilians get around easier when it came to domestic air travel. He also at one time tried to open up a travel business in France but unfortunately it had only limited success. He believes that investing money is the best way to spend money.

When Guilherme Paulus first got involved in the tourism industry in Brazil it was very limited at the time. His visions helped to bring the present day tourism industry to Brazil. There was international tourism going on at the time but there wasn’t much of a domestic market. Because of his efforts people in Brazil today can explore their country in such a manner that wasn’t possible before Guilherme Paulus. Read Guilherme’s profile at Forbes.

The Illustrious Career Of David McDonald In The Food Industry

Since the early days of the new millennium, OSI Group has maintained a steady growth not only in size but also in the number of products they offer the meat market. David McDonald has without a doubt played a critical role in overseeing the growth of the global conglomerate. He has over the years contributed immensely in the setting up of policies, procedures, and strategies that continue to deliver results to date. David has been a humble servant in the company for more than 30 years where he has risen through the management ranks and today serves as both the president and Chief Operating Officer.

OSI Group has taken its rightful place in the global food marketplace. In the beginning, OSI was referred to as Otto & Sons Co, and it was just a middle-level supplier of meat in the localities of Chicago. After years meeting the needs of most retailers in Chicago, big companies started noticing their worth. McDonald’s chain of restaurant wanted a local supply of meat, and there was no better partner than Otto & Sons. After years of high tides in the partnership, the two companies decided to make new arrangements. Apart from being the regional supplier, OSI also became the primary supplier of meat to all McDonald’s joints in the world.

David McDonald started his escapades in all matters agriculture in their family farm in Iowa. After high school, he joined the Iowa State University from where he would graduate with a degree in animal science. Iowa State as an institution took notice of David’s love for agriculture and even awarded him with the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. The prize is given to scholars who are not only good at academics but also useful in community activities and more so those that are willing to hold on to their characters even after school.

David McDonald is an optimist and believes that a company can achieve success everywhere around the world. Currently, OSI Group is in an expansion quest, and David is leading its entry into the European market. Just the other day, OSI purchased Flagship Europe which is a distributor of meat products in Europe, and Baho Foods which is a significant player in the Dutch meat markets. David McDonald’s career in the food industry has seen him traverse many borders and has created cordial relationships with suppliers, government agencies, and retailers along the way.

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Kimberly Bakker Events Creates Memories To Last A Lifetime


To Kimberly Bakker, her family is incredibly important. At home, she is a loving mother to her young daughter, always mindful of living in the moment. With a large collection of cherished family heirlooms, she is hoping to pass on her appreciation for their family’s heritage.


It should come as no surprise that she then incorporates her passion for family connection into her business. Kimberly Bakker is the owner of Kimberly Bakker Events in Ross, California. As a trained event planner, she leads her team to create truly beautiful experiences for her clients. Attention to detail and delivering the client’s vision is paramount. Kimberly Bakker uses unique pieces and personal effects to establish an emotional connection to each event, in addition to the stunning table settings, lighting, and décor that create a festive ambiance. In addition to the aesthetics, Kimberly Bakker anticipates the host’s needs and ensures the event runs smoothly, maintaining a positive energy throughout. Go To This Page to learn more.


The photos of recent events put on by the company paint a picture of birthdays and bat mitzvahs filled with joy and personal touches. They are truly unique experiences. A party for teens includes a build-your-own candy bar, glowsticks, and an elaborate dance floor. Go To This Page to learn more.


You can see the look of pure elation on the faces of their guests. At a 50th birthday celebration, there is tasteful entertainment coupled with exquisite catering. Kimberly Bakker Events is versatile enough to suit anyone’s event planning needs.


Marketing, Quality Control, and Public Relations Consulting are also available through the company.



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The acquisitions of OSI Food Solutions to strengthen their global reach

OSI Food Solutions was founded by Otto Kolschowski an immigrant from Germany in 1909. The company deals with meat processing located in Aurora, Illinois. The first time it was established it was just a community market and was popular because of their meat being of high quality. Once the company decided that they would deliver the meat patties, it overgrew to become young McDonald franchise.

In 2016 they got the recognition from the British Safety Council by giving OSI Food Solutions the Globe of Honor Award. The reason why they were given the award was because of their excellent management of the risks. The award was so helpful to them in gaining the five-star maximum that the British Safety Council audit scheme has set, from August 2015 to July 2016. To get the stars they proved to the council that they would maintain exceptional environmental management from that floor of the company to the boardrooms.

There is a recent purchase that OSI Food solution made of Baho Food. Baho Food deals with the supply of suitable and accessible foods, deli meats and snacks. They offer their services to different markets. The OSI Food Solution did not disclose the amount that they acquired Baho Food. The CEO and president of OSI Food Solution David G. McDonald said that the reason why they purchased Baho Food was to aid in expansion. The expansion will increase the presence of OSI Food Solutions in Europe.

The other thing that the company acquired was a storage warehouse in Chicago. The facility is 200,000 square feet large owned by Tyson Foods. The other good thing about the facility is that it’s close to another facility of OSI Food Solution. The purchase will offer the company a facility that they can use to continue with the expansion. The acquisition will make it easy for OSI Food Solutions to meet the needs of the clients that are changing every day by making good use of the space.

The last purchase that they made is that of Flagship Food Group. Flagship Europe was involved in the supply of frozen chicken and sous-vide pies. Also, in the market of UK, they supply the dressings, sauces, and mayonnaise. The acquisition of Flagship will be of use to OSI Food Solution because it will broaden the presence that they have in Europe, and that means that they can serve the changing needs of their clients.

How did Sheldon Lavin become the CEO of OSI Industries?

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and CEO of OSI Group, a role he took up about four decades ago. It did not take long for him to take up this position since he had joined the firm in 1975. His role was paramount since he was coming from the banking sector. He was a bank executive investment manager. He joined OSI after seeing the potential the business had. OSI, then known as Otto & Sons had approached the bank looking for funds to carry out business expansion. It is at this point that he played a crucial role in expanding the operations of the business. He facilitated the capitalization of the company such that it met its objectives of local expansion. When they came back in 1975 looking for more funds for international expansion, Sheldon Lavin was added as a partner.

For Mr. Lavin to take up the role of chairman and CEO at OSI Industries, it is the McDonald’s who pushed for it. OSI was one of the main suppliers to the McDonald’s who at the time was doing very well in establishing restaurants all over the country and beyond. McDonald’s needed his full commitment to OSI. With McDonald’s eye an international move at the time, they needed to be sure that their suppliers are also operating optimally. The only way they would be assured of good performance and reliability from OSI was by having Sheldon Lavin as the CEO. His experience in the banking sector was sufficient to manage the operations of the food company effectively.

Under the leadership of Mr. Lavin, the McDonald’s continued doing very well. It followed in the footsteps of the McDonald’s which was rapidly growing at the time. Sheldon was a partner at the company alongside the other two. When one partner returned, he was left with half controlling powers in the food company. In the early 2000s, the other partner left leaving Sheldon Lavin with full control of everything happening in the company.

Sheldon showed commitment to the cause he had taken up since even after the other partners left. He did not give up on what he had started. He was committed to the whole process of making the company the largest in the world. He once told an interviewer that he would have left the company if he knew his dive to make the company great was insufficient. He took this challenge because he knew it would happen.

Ara Chackerian impact on the health sector

Ara Chackerian has spent much of his profession in the health sector; his experience has been able to close the gaps in technology and healthcare amenities. He pursued B.S in marketing from the Florida State University. Besides health, he also enjoys spending his time with environmental and youth development issues. A variety of his work has been based on community efforts. Currently, he serves in multiple positions on the board in the Bay Area. In the environmental issue, the dedication was in a teak farm which produced high yields. Through this farm, he has been able to create a numerous number of job opportunities for the native society. He partnered with Richard Bermudas to do several project developments such as wanting to expand and build more diagnostic radiology facilities to another geographical location.


After conducting a thorough research in technology and treatment, the two partners concluded that TMS had the capability to become a psychiatric facility with proper medication. TMS is a California based unified social health facility provider. The treatment of the patients suffering from depressive disorder raised with a high number making the development worthy. Ara Chackerian love and compassion for the ill ensured TMS had the capability to assist thousands of patients. He believed that with the proper experience and support, creating outpatient healthcare was easy and could serve for a long duration to the community. For more info you can visit



The main objective of Ara Chackerian is to provide health delivery technique that will allow the ill and the doctors to achieve a positive result. Through his partnership with Richard, they have been able to create seven health care attending to the people of San Francisco. He is also following the Digital healthcare, which has been trending. Telemedicine helped the facility apps to have the capability to bring value to the systems of health. In addition, algorithms have the capability to uplift the behavior modifications that can assist the ill. In regard to the provisions, it can evaluate the development in individual health manners. He also partnered with some individuals to co-own PipelineRx which is a countrywide supplier of telepharmacy facilities. To see more checkout


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James Dondero Helps Bring Back The Hippos

Fraudulent people not only attack small businesses and vulnerable people, they also entice large, reputable corporations and management companies. In 2007, Credit Suisse made an appeal to single philanthropic donors as well as large entities like Highland Capital Management to endorse their plan to build on an artificial lake in Nevada. The case was deemed indeed fraudulent, and the jury’s ruling was in favor of Highland Capital Management. After money was received for the financing of this project, Credit Suisse immediately filed for bankruptcy. They were in hopes that this move would allow them to keep the donations, and now feel that the legal system is unfair because it didn’t.


Highland Capital Management was co-founded by James Dondero. He also serves as president, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board. Dondero has more than thirty years of credit market experience. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce. He later received training in finance through a financial program from JP Morgan. James spends most of his long days working to help organizations within the Dallas community, and surrounding areas, where he is a resident. One of the activities was to give money to the Dallas Zoo. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.

For nearly twenty years, the Dallas Zoo had closed down the Hippo Habitat because the last Hippo had died. Many inquiries came in to the zoo requesting them to reopen the habitat. With no funds to do so, the habitat remained closed. The decision was based on the premise that it was no longer needed. Many calls were made, and letters written by people who felt that the Hippo Habitat was needed. They wanted their families, especially the children, to experience watching the larger animals. The zoo listened and addressed all of the concerns. After two decades, they decided to rebuild and modernize the Hippo Habitat. James Dondero donated $1 million dollars to this effort, so that families could enjoy the wonderment of the hippos, and enjoy watching them as they amused visitors with their amazing antics. Follow James on Linkedin.


Western Union + PSI Pay = Joy For United Kingdom Residents

For the longest time, only financial institutions – a drawn-out term that essentially equates to banks – offered financial services to consumers. In order to get a debit card, for example, people had to consult banks like Wells Fargo and Regions. People couldn’t schedule bill payments without having a checking account. In short, consumers couldn’t do anything other than use cash if they wanted to seek out consumer-level financial services to make their lives easier and wallets fatter.


Today, the financial services industry is full of players that are not considered financial institutions. Take, for example, PayPal. In the past, sites like eBay used PayPal to secure payments from customers and pay sellers of such goods. Today, PayPal offers customers prepaid debit cards for a charge of only $4.95 per month; many people prefer PayPal prepaid debit cards because they can’t be overdrawn like checking accounts at traditional banks – those mistakes cost upwards of $30 at almost all banks across the United States.


Consumers in the United Kingdom now can use Western Union to top up digital wallet balances


Digital wallets are a relatively new concept. People put electronic money in them as opposed to cold, hard cash. Electronic money is nothing more than when an entity like PSI Pay accepts a payment from a customer to add money to her ecoPayz digital wallet. PSI-Pay keeps the physical money – let’s say that amount is $100 – and then adds slightly less than $100 onto the account of that customer. The remainder of the $100 is retained by PSI Pay as a fee for the services it provides.


Last month, Western Union made available to consumers throughout the United Kingdom the ability to add money to their PSI Pay digital wallets through digital means. Until this point, people in the United Kingdom could use Western Union’s full line of traditional services, though they could not transfer money using Western Union’s website, its mobile app, the official ecoPayz app, or through any other digital means.


ecoPayz is part of PSI Pay’s network of digital wallets. Now, ecoPayz account holders can send money throughout the world via Western Union. Such integrations didn’t take so long to come about because Western Union and other financial services providers outside of financial institutions weren’t willing to provide them; rather, no digital payment servicer was able to fund such an integration with Western Union.