Dubai is known to be the hub of modern architecture. This can be attributed to the likes of brilliant real estate titans such as one Mr. Hussain Sajwani. He is the founder of DAMAC properties that offers expertise in engineering, construction, architecture and assets. Established in 2002, the company has expanded from Dubai to North Africa, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Sajwani did not begin his journey to becoming a billionaire as a realtor. In 1980, he got into the food business; offering catering services to workers in the energy sector in Abu Dhabi. Being a vibrant entrepreneur, he thrived in the firm.

When the first war of Iraq commenced in 1991, Hussein Sajwani offered food service to the United States Army. This gave him an opportunity to make friends of high ranking. In fact, he credits his expertise in cultivating great friends to the food business. The food company exists to date under DAMAC Holdings.

In 2002, Mr. Sajwani’s knack for business made him realize that real estate was the future. It is then that he established DAMAC properties. Mr. Sajwani had previously developed some mid-market hotels in Deira in line with his food business. However, when he began developing resources under his firm, DAMAC properties, they were a far cry from anything he had done before. Not only did they produce top of the range properties, but they went all out and flair on the marketing strategy. At one point, DAMAC Properties was giving a free Bentley for every luxury apartment purchased.

Hussain Sajwani happens to be a great friend to President Trump. They even celebrated New Year’s Eve together at Mar-a-Lago. Their friendship goes way before he became president as they had collaborated on various businesses including the Trump International Golf Course projects. Mr. Sajwani says that their friendship surpasses the cold business relationship and this was reinforced at the New year’s celebrations when President Trump referred to Mr. Sajwani’s family as a most “beautiful people.”

DAMAC Properties recently gave a donation totaling to AED Two million in a campaign to clothe a million deprived children around the word. While handing over the cheque, Mr. Sajwani highlighted the importance of providing a most conducive environment for every child around the world.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Changing the World for the Better

Many women have opted for a myriad of plastic surgery since the initial popularity of breast augmentation in the 1960s. The field of plastic surgery has grown rapidly, and while boob jobs are still the number one option, there are many other choices, including even breast reductions. In the past, the majority of surgeons doing plastic surgery was predominately male, but that has changed, and Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden has been a good example. She is the head of a practice in Austin and is held in high regard in the medical community and is a popular go-to figure for any comments regarding her field in the Texas area.

This attractive, well-spoken surgeon gained her medical experience in the New York City area and decided to return to her roots in the Austin area. She has an extended family in Austin and recently adopted two boys to allow her the experience of motherhood in her very busy professional career that has left little time for a personal life.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has donated much of her free time to being a spokesperson for medical issues in the Austin, Texas area. She is featured on a recurring television program discussing items medical and social in the Austin area.

Plastic surgery is gaining a foothold in the United States of America among the middle and upper classes. Men, too, are becoming aware of the benefits of plastic surgery. Salesmen, in particular, can benefit from having a flaw free face and a positive physical presence. Our American way of life is very concerned with physical appearances, and those who do not appear beautiful and physically fit are deemed to be inferior. The American culture in this age of social media and reality stars who have no real purpose in life other than looking good, driving supercars and living in gorgeous mansions, has placed too much emphasis on physical beauty.

We are reminded of the female tennis player who had breast reduction surgery and then raced up the WTA rankings at one time flirting with the number one position. Walden and her profession definitely do good as well as making our world a better-looking place.


The Transformation and Dissemination of Online Financial Information

Over the years, many people have developed organizations that have been at the forefront of disseminating accurate and reliable information on Many people have also invested in the financial information sector by undertaking to study different courses. As a result, we have professional personnel in the world of financial management of have been instrumental in the formulation of different types of policies. The policies have been used widely to transform the way people view financial investment and business development at large.

Jim Hunt is a financial advisor and chief executive officer of VTA Publications. He has developed a lot of interest in the financial field and has been seen as one of the best speaker to talk about financial issue. He is known for publishing weekly financial review that has been considered by many people as the true state of financial situation across United States of America. He is very particular on the extent and impact of the recently concluded US presidential election.

In one of her weekly reviews, Jim Hunt talked about why the stock market witnessed turbulence during the campaign period. He states that many financial investors on pulled out of the stock market because they did not know how the election of the current president Donald trump would affect the market. They said that the current president was unpredictable and as such, they were very skeptical in investing in the stock market.

The market has since stabilized and banks have really benefited especially with the current foreign policies that have been put in place. Jim Hunt is very popular on the social media platforms for his free financial management information that he shares freely on He has also developed a YouTube channel that is very active with many views mainly drawn from people interested in getting to understand the stock market.

VTA Publications has been at the center of transforming online readership where many people have visited their website to acquire more financial information. VTA Publications focuses on providing distance learners with courses that have been researched with accurate facts for financial study. Many people can access the material through their website and physically at their offices.

How to Find the Right Hair Care Products

When trying to come up with the right hair products, it is always important to seek professional help. This will help you understand all your hair needs to ensure you come up with the right products which will not be harmful. Keep in mind there are different items for sale and they all serve different purposes when used with your hair. Wen hair is a very reliable line of hair care products which are well-designed to meet all your hair care needs. They are all made from the best natural ingredients to ensure your hair remains nourished, strong and healthy all the time.

These products work best for women and men who have different hair care needs. You can still use these products even if your hair is healthy and strong. In case you have damaged hair, Wen by Chaz will be the best choice for you. They do not interfere with the color in case you hair is dyed but rather fight with the harsh chemicals to restore health to it. These products also helps maintain, comb and style your hair easily without the use of devices such as curling iron. In this way, your hair will always remain strong and healthy since heat devices weakens it and makes it prone to breakages.


Shampoos and conditioners are important hair care products which you can use frequently. Shampoo is highly recommended especially if you spend most of your time outdoors. Your hair collects different types of harmful substances which can cause harm. Cleaning your hair using a shampoo will remove these substances leaving your scalp and hair clean. Conditioners also help strengthen your hair and keep it nourished throughout the day. It is therefore very important to ensure you have these two products to help your hair grow strong and healthy. For more hair care tips, check out Wen hair care’s social pages on Facebook and Twitter!

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Insightful Tips On Successful Investment By Brad Riefler

Brad’s Background

Brad Riefler boasts a vast wealth of experience in the investment industry, having lasted for over three decades. He is currently the CEO of Forefront Capital LLC, a firm he founded back in 2009. The company’s objective is to avail professional advice to forex and commodity traders.

Brad is an alumnus of Bowdoin College, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science. After graduating, he started his first business, Reifler Trading Co. in 1982. The company would go on to be so successful that Refco acquired it in the year 2000.

From 1995 through 2008, Riefler served as CEO of Pali Capital Inc. The institution was primarily focused on the equity market. Under his stewardship, Pali Capital employed over 300 people and extended their services to four continents. Large profits margins of up to $1 billion were also achieved.

As a renowned figure in the business world, Brad has served on many boards as an advisor. Some include the European Investment Bank, Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp., Foresight Research Solutions, among many others.

Tips on how to Invest Successfully

The government bars the majority of Americans from directly investing in commodity and hedge funds. This is a measure undertaken to ensure financial security. However, Brad believes that average people can successfully invest if given the required advice.

He advised that people should avoid investing all of their money in the stock market. The safety of the money should be the priority, not the potential returns.

He further noted that people should seek to know about their investment managers. This enables trust to be built between the two parties, smoothing up the process of business.

Finally, he added that before investing, people should have clear objectives in mind. This will help them decide whether an investment is viable or not. He encouraged investors to allocate more funds to businesses with higher profits.

Forefront Capital LLC is helping average citizens overcome the fears of investing. The SEC is also looking to remove the laws that prohibit the majority from risky investments as people are well-informed nowadays. It is possible that the average person who is currently being overlooked will be able to invest successfully in the near future.

What Fabletics VIP Members Have To Say About The Athletic Fashion Brand

High-profile movie star Kate Hudson launched her fashion brand Fabletics in 2013 and the company continues to attract customers who can’t get enough of the brand’s stylish take on athletic apparel. Following the “athleisure” trend, Fabletics clothing items mix high fashion style with high-tech functionality, allowing customers to look great while enduring the toughest workouts.


The company follows the subscription model. Customers sign up to become VIP members by filling out a simple survey that asks them questions about their style and exercise preferences. Then, each month, Fabletics picks out a new outfit for the subscriber based on their survey answers. The outfit is sent to the subscriber’s door for a flat monthly fee of $49.95, shipping included.


When Teri Hutcheon received her first Fabletics outfit, she was immediately impressed by the quality and style. The clothes last after many intense workouts and washes and the colors don’t fade. She loved the criss-cross detail of the tank top she received and the way that her body looked in the leggings thanks to unique compression technology.


Teri was also impressed by the value. The items are very high in quality for the monthly price. She noted that many competing athletic apparel brands charge $50 for just a pair of leggings alone, while Fabletics will give you an entire workout outfit for the same price.


Joanie and Heather of Krazy Coupon Lady also found the value irresistible. They were drawn in by the special deal for first-time subscribers that provides an entire outfit for only $25. They loved the cute outfits that they received and were hooked.


Joanie and Heather loved the fact that they could easily opt out of the VIP program at any time. They also loved the quality of the items that they received given the affordable price.


It’s safe to say that Fabletics VIP members are hooked. They love the convenience of allowing Fabletics to pick out the outfit for them. Women who spend lots of time adding to their fitness wardrobe especially appreciate this easy way of purchasing new athletic gear.


Clothes aren’t limited to sports bras and leggings. Fabletics offers cute dresses, gym bags that have high-fashion designs and fashionable jackets that are just as functional for a morning jog as they are perfect for a dinner date.


If you love cute, affordable workout gear that uses high quality materials, it’s time to check out the Fabletics website and learn more about their VIP program.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Josh Verne: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Josh Verne believes in vision. According to him, vision is the knowledge and faith which shows few people ways through which other people can never pass without that vision. For a company o business leader to succeed in managing all the events of the enterprise, they must work to attain leadership at what they do. If you want to determine the many ways through which business is led in a business setup, you must first determine to become a beer business leader.


Josh Verne is a United States-based businessman and serial entrepreneur. During his more than 20 years of professional experience, he has worked to found, build, and grow businesses to reach the level of multi-million corporations before selling them. He has also sold more than 20 companies and businesses in the United States. He is also the current leader of This is a multi-lateral business company which has more than 10 million participants in membership.


Josh Verne also believes in good leadership. For this reason, he has developed key points which will assist young people to find their way and succeed in life and business. Let’s have a look at them.


  1. Listen more, speak less

This is one of the simplest and most profound points. An average person has two ears and one mouth. Or this reason, they must use the ears two times as much as they use their mouths. If you speak less and listen more, you will be more informative. As a matter of fact, people will tend to listen more to your words.

Champion for human rights, Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan Human Rights advocate and film producer. He has contributed to the fields of public policy, civil liberties, and individual rights around the globe. He is the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, which is an annual conference that is focused on human rights around the world. He is currently the President of the Human Rights Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to human rights and freedom for all around the world. Thor Halvorssen has a degree from the University of Pennsylvania with both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Political Science and History. He graduated with Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude honors.

Described as a “Champion for the Underdog,” Thor began advocating for human rights when he was just a teenager. He began his advocacy in London when he organized an opposition to the South African apartheid. His father becoming a political prisoner in Venezuela became the catalyst for Thor to devote himself to human rights advocacy full-time.

Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation after his mother was shot in a political protest. His entire family is politically involved and champions for civil and human rights. The foundation is dedicated to freeing political prisoners and spread tolerance and democracy throughout Latin America. Thanks to the foundation, seven prisoners of conscience have been freed. They have also helped in many human and civil rights cases. Thor has written two books on individual rights and the responsibilities of the state regarding human rights.

To compliment his advocacy work, Halvorssen also is a filmmaker and producer. He makes films that can help relate stories about human rights around the world. One of his many films, “Freedom’s Fury,” premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and was co-produced by Hollywood heavyweights, Quentin Tarantino and Lucy Liu. The film tells the story of an uprising that occurred in Hungary against a dictatorship back in 1956.


Sam Tabar is One of The Best Minds in Hedge Fund Management

Does legal qualification have anything to do with financial expertise? This seems absurd until you consider the resume of Sam Tabar. He is a lawyer whose knowledge and expertise in hedge fund management is arguably unparalleled.


Sam Tabar is a licensed attorney who practices law in New York State. He graduated with an MA and BA in law from Oxford University in 2000. He thereafter joined the Columbia Law School for his LLM where he also served as the Associate Editor of Columbia Law School.


In 2001, he became an associate at the prestigious Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP. At Skadden, Sam Tabar counseled clients on the formation and structures of hedge funds, employment issues, private placement memoranda, regulatory and compliance issues, and investment management agreements.

He worked at Skadden until 2004 and then joined the Sparx Group PMA Investment Advisors and after a year’s time, he became its Managing Director and the co-head of Business Development. In this position, Tabar brought more than 2000 investors to the firm. He is also credited for coming up with creating asset raising strategies and product development, generating assets to the tune of $ 1.2 billion.

As the Head of Capital Strategy for Merrill Lynch at the Bank of America, Tabar was instrumental in introducing fund managers to institutional investors such as pensions, family offices, endowments, foundations and funds of funds.

In 2013, Tabar went back to the legal field and became an associate at Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP, focusing his practice on hedge funds, regulatory and compliance issues and fund formation and structure. He later left the firm in 2014.

Investments and Personal Interests

As a capital strategist, Tabar has made some significant investments in THINK, a star-up firm that focuses on empowering women in developing nations in Africa and Asian nations. Away from his jobs, Tabar is interested in traveling and hosting events. He is fluent in both spoken and written English and French.

Undoubtedly, Sam Tabar has enjoyed an incredible career and gained extensive knowledge outside his legal profession. His knowledge and expertise, gained over the long span of his career makes Tabar an authority in matters to do with investments and particularly, hedge fund management.

Arthur Becker Real Estate and Investment Mogul

Arthur Becker admitted to the bar in 1993 and is a member of the York County and Pennsylvania Bar Associations. As a member of a full-service law firm, Becker & Strausbaugh, his team offers personal and professional representation for businesses and individuals alike. Areas of representation include business and corporate law, bankruptcy, child adoptions both nationally and internationally. Other areas of legal representation include collection law, commercial litigation, construction law, employee law, estate administration/planning and real estate transactions.

Becker’s successful legal background ( affords him the experience and knowledge to handle this full range of legal services and represent large litigation involving trusts, powers of attorney and a full range of business and personal situations for his clients.

Arthur Becker has an eye for property investments. According to the NY Times, he recently became the proud owner of three townhouses in the heart of Soho district in New York City on Sullivan Street, (addresses: 30, 40 and 50 Sullivan Street) and would you believe these three townhouses are adjacent to one another tempting the real estate mogul to make ‘The Real Deal’ as quickly as possible. There’s nothing as comfortable as viewing your investment each morning over a cup of coffee out your window in SoHo.

Although these newly built townhouses are not yet completed, the expected move-in date is a mere 90 days away and Becker is quite excited about occupying one of these spacious units. The total square footage of the three units is 6,500 sq. ft. of living space, not including outdoor spacing. These properties have large backyards which offer a richer indoor/outdoor living space in this popular neighborhood.

It is estimated by Bloomberg that Becker’s fortune was originally acquired from his interest in the tech world and reinvestment in New York real estate. Is there no end to Becker’s talent for looking into the future of investments knowing where to reinvest his money to maximize his profits.

Whether you are looking for representation in the legal system or investing in properties for a guaranteed return on your investment, Arthur Becker appears to have the correct answers.